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J36 Autumn Show & Sale of Store Cattle - Thursday 17th September

Posted Thursday, 17 September 2015, 2.43pm

Caption: The Champion animal with vendor, Mr Gorst

Store Cattle

The Autumn Show and Sale of Store Cattle attracted buyers from throughout the northern counties and Midlands, all keen to secure stock from this noted area.

The pre-sale show was judged by Mr Geoff Birkbeck, who had an outstanding entry of cattle before him in all 8 classes.

The Championship rosette was awarded to the first prize British Blue steer from T W Gorst, Gilpin Farm, which later sold for £1,280 purchased by F & B Smith.

Reserve Champion was a Lim x heifer from D J Clarke, Orphan Crag, achieving £1,100.

The sale topped at £1,390 for a Lim x steer from M J Shepherd, Gaskell House, who also topped the heifer sale at £1,385. Strong continental cattle were regularly £1180-£1250, with yearlings £950-£1120.

Native breeds forward in greater numbers with Angus x to £1135, Hereford x to £1095, Shorthorn to £1045.

All vendors must be complimented on the quality of cattle forward at the sale.

Show results

Limousin Heifer

1st & Reserve Champion D J Clarke, Orphan Crag, sold for £1100 to D Barker

2nd F I & M E Little, Helm Croft, sold for £1150 to M E Metcalfe

3rd P W Clarke, Woodside Farm, sold for £1150 to F Pooley

British Blue Heifer

1st M A & J A Winn, High Underbrow, sold for £1340 to F Pooley

2nd T W Gorst, Gilpin Farm, sold for £1070 to F & B Smith

3rd F I & M E Little, Helm Croft, sold for £1000 to M E Metcalfe

Any other breed Heifers

1st M A & J A Winn, High Underbrow, sold for £1070 to D A Wilcock

2nd F I & M E Little, Helm Croft, sold for £1150 to F Pooley

3rd M J Shepherd, Gaskell House, sold for £1385 to D Barker

Limousin Bullocks

1st G H Jones, Fold Farm, sold for £1220 to D E & S M Moorhouse

2nd T,L,B & J Knowles, High Borrowbridge, sold for £1150 to F & B Smith

3rd J G & P H Thompson, Poppy Farm, sold for £1150 to F & B Smith

British Blue Bullock

1st & Champion T W Gorst, Gilpin Farm, sold for £1280 to F & B Smith

2nd P D & P J Ellis, Moss Head, sold for £1375 to F Pooley

3rd M A & J A Winn, High Underbrow, solf for £1285 to J Bowling

Any other breed Bullock

1st M J Shepherd, Gaskell House, sold for £1380 to T L Fell

2nd C I Briggs, High Wray, sold for £1200 to D E & S M Moorhouse

3rd P & S A Edmondson, Low Barrows Green, sold for £1190 to D Barker

Best pair by any other breed bull – T W Gorst

Best pair by Limousin bull – S Benson

Next sale of cattle – Thursday 1st October, to include Annual Show & Sale of 500 Suckled Calves.

Beef Breeding Cattle

Beef Breeding Cattle saw Lim heifers with Lim bull calves at foot sell to £1,320 from R Holmes, who also sold 2nd calved Galloway cows with bull calves to £1,100. A Stabiliser cow with bull calf sold at £1,250 from R J & K R Wilkinson.

Calves and Stirks - A Record Entry of Calves and Stirks

A record entry of 141 Calves and Stirks at J36 Rural Auction. It was fantastic to see so many calves and vendors forward for the sale. The trade saw young rearing Black and Whites in strong demand and good to sell with strong beef calves wanted and eagerly bid for with younger types that tend to be a very strong trade at J36 slightly easier trade than normal.

Beef heifer calves with cow making potential where keenly sought after today sold to a top of £430 from W & S Airey of West Hall for a British blue with others to £395 from PW & D Swindlehust of Tranthwaite Hall. Top quality beef bull calves in short supply sold to a top of £385 from M & C Booth of Hartrigg with a Charolais. A big entry of Black and Whites topped at £120 from Willowshaw Farm with better young rearing calves selling between £60 and £90 regularly.

A better quality entry of stirks then seen over previous months saw British Blue bulls at 5 month old sold to from FN Wilson & Partners of Low House Farm. Limousin heifers sold to £660 at six months old from D Penellum of Coolna Marra. Black and White bull stirks sold to £285 at six months old for a pair with all black and white stirks ranging between 3 and 6 months old averaging £208.


Two Dairy Cows forward, saw a pedigree Holstein, 10 days calved, giving 19L from

Messrs Haygarth realise £1260. More are needed at the fortnightly sales.

Store Sheep

The weekly sale of Store Lambs saw best bunches of shorter keep lambs sell to £54.50, with others £52-£54. Medium keep lambs £48-£51. Mules sold to £53.50, with hill lambs selling to £38 for Rough Fells.

Sale of Store Lambs next week at 11 am. - anticipated entry of 3,000. Please enter your lambs for the catalogue by Monday 21st September.

Top Prices:

Store Bullocks: Lim: £1390 Gaskell House; £1245 Fold Farm; £1230 Marsh Farm; £1225 Lane Head Farm; £1220 Dendron Farm. Baz: £1380 Gaskell House. BrB: £1375 Moss Head; £1290 Well Head Farm; £1285 High Underbrow; £1280 Gilpin Farm; £1190 Red Scar. Blo: £1290, £1165, £1160 Nook Farm; £1120 Gaskell House; £1075 Orphan Crag Barn. Char: £1225, £1190 Low Barrows Green; £1200 Low Woodhouse, High Wray Farm. Stab: £1175, £1140, £990 Kit Crag; £960 Causeway Farm. Ang: £1135 Lane Farm; £1100, £1095 Challon Hall Farm; £1100 Brow Top. Here: £1095, £1080, £1020, £930 West Plain Farm. Sim: £1040 Riddings. Fr: £860 Marsh Farm.

Store Heifers: Baz: £1385, £1190 Gaskell House. Lim: £1380, £1145 High Underbrow; £1330 Crooklands Farm; £1190 Helm Croft; £1150 Woodside Farm. BrB: £1340, £1070 High Underbrow; £1120 Lockbank Farm; £1070 Gilpin Farm; £1020 Marsh Farm. Char: £1280 Dawson Fold; £1125, £1100, £1030 Crooklands Farm; £1120 Low Barrows Green. Sim: £1250 Marsh Farm. Blo: £1150 Helm Croft; £1100, £1065 Nook Farm; £1050 High Underbrow.Ang: £1050 Lockbank Farm; £1005 Moss Head; £880 Lane Farm.

Bull Calves: Char: £385 Hartrigg. Lim: £370 Spout House; £340 Wraysholme Tower; £295 Halforth Farm. BrB: £370 Willowshaw Farm; £360, £305 Elm Tree Farm; £300 Wraysholme Tower; £265 School House. Sim: £330, £315, £210 Beckside. Ang: £200 The Lodge. FR: £120 Willowshaw Farm; £105 Beck Side; £98 Cracalt, High Foulshaw Farm. SH: £70, £65 Strickley.

Heifer Calves: BrB: £430, £370 West Hall; £395, £340 Tranthwaite Hall; £350 Brackenfold. Lim: £310, £300 Spout House; £220 Halforth Farm. Sim: £275, £220 Beck Side. Ang: £255, £245, £210 Beckside; £250 Elm Tree

Bull Stirks: BrB: £760 Low House Farm. Stab: £380 High Foulshaw. FR: £285, £235, £230 Moss House Farm; £230 Ormside Lodge

Heifer Stirks: Lim: £660 Coolna Marra.

Steer Stirks: Sim: £620 Swinside Farm. Lim: £480 Coolna Marra.

OTM: Beef SH: 181.5p The Grange. FR: 139.5p, 121.5p Lupton Hall; 124.5p Beckside; 117.5p Orphan Crag; 109.5p Far Audlands, Tranthwaite Hall, Bridge End Farm. Blo: 141.5p Causeway Farm. Lim: 164.5p, 157.5p Summerlands; 157.5p Gaskell House; 141.5p Greenwood Haw; 139.5p Low House. Ang: 127.5p, 117.5p Bank Ground; 117.5p Cooper House; 109.5p Garnett House. LongH: 119.5p Granby Road. Mon: 101.5p Green Lane End Farm. Char: 107.5p Low Barrows Green.

Store Lambs: Tex: £54.50, £53.50 Stonethwaite Farm; £54.50, £54 Head House. Suff: £53.50, £48.50, £47 Tarn Foot; £49.50 Cragg House Farm. Mule: £53.50, £50 Low Mansriggs; £46.50 Boundary Beck. RghFell: £38 Bridge Stone; £37 Ellergill, Wath Farm.


J36 Autumn Store Cattle Champion from TW Gosrt, Gilpin Farm.

Posted by North West Auctions on Thursday, 17 September 2015
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