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Lancaster Friday 28/08/2015

Posted Friday, 28 August 2015, 4.56pm

Cast Cows

A good show of 100 cows this morning met by a full ringside of buyers. Meaty cows were 10pence dearer on the week. Topping trade this morning was D & DW Prickett, Farleton with a Blue cow realising 179.5ppk. Top gross came from Wallbank Farms Ltd with a Black and White heifer totalling £1165.50. Black and white cows sold to a top of 149.5ppk from DJ, A & L Sutcliffe, Winmarleigh.

Store Cattle

A big show of store cattle today with 471 forward, with a ringside of regular and returning buyers present. Opening the sale was a couple of cows and calves, selling to £1100. A big difference in price between non-farm assured and farm assured cattle, vendors are urged to consider Farm Assurance. Cattle with plenty of flesh and cover were a good trade, topping at £1340 for a Blue Bullock from TE, JS & SA Carruthers, Underbarrow. Limousins closely followed, selling to £1330 for a 27month bullock from JA & LR Wilson, Millom. Continental heifers sold to £1320 for a Blonde from W & J Parkinson, Garstang. Native bred cattle sold to a top of £1300 for a 26month Angus bullock from CE & MA Hewitt, Forton Bank. Friesian cattle sold to £1090 from PA & D Slater, Barnacre, Black and White cattle on the whole, dearer on the week. Buyers are paying a premium for groups of cattle and are requesting that cattle are batched together where possible.


Sixty Six calves forward this morning, topping at £450 for a 12 week Blue from G & ME Woodhouse, Ellel. Angus bulls to £342 from Wallbank Farms Ltd. Limousins to £330 from Allan & Sam Bargh. Montbelliarde calves sold to £255 from JR Pye Hatters Farm. Friesian calves dearer on the week, topping at £240 for a smart 8 week old calf from WN & D Smith & Sons, Cocker House. Well grown calves £138-£155 with smaller fleshier sorts £60-£95. Black and Whites averaged £88/head.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS – FRI: £1090 Slack Farm; £1090 Holme Head; £1030 184 Kirkham Road.AYR: £270 Platt Fold Farm. ANG: £1300 Forton Bank Farm; £1280 Daniel Fold Farm; £1260 Godson House Farm. SHO: £850 Greenways Farm. CON: £1160 Holmgarth. LIM: £1330 Dunnlingwell Farm. SD: £1130 23 Market Street. OTHER: £1230 Cock Hall Farm;£1220 Godson House Farm. CHAR: £1310 Daniel Fold Farm; £1250 Crooklands Farm; £1160 Ashmead Farm. HERE: £1070 Stoney Fold Farm; £1020 Billinge Hall Farm. SIM: £1320 Forton Bank Farm; £1230 Dainel Fold Farm; £920 Lower Langthwaite Farm. STAB: £1038 Ivy Cottage. BRIT BLUE: £1340 Red Scar; £1300 Middle Garage Farm; £1290 Gibraltar Farm. MON: £1150 Cock Hall Farm; £1020 Bull Bank Farm; £1000 Birch Croft. LNGH: £760 Greenways Farm. NOR: £930 Holme Head. FKV: £1120 Carlingwha; £1090 Holme Head. BLO: £1230 Holmgarth; £1200 Cross House. BB: £800 Ballacutchel Farms ltd.

STORE HEIFERS – FRI: £820 Holly Cross Farm; £770 Myerscough Hall; £720 Kendal Hill. ANG: £1120 Manor House Farm; £1070 King Bank Farm; £1020 Lower Landthwaite Farm. GAL: £620 Mount Murray. LIM: £1180 Cross House Farm; £1160 Mee Farm; £1130 Nether Hall Farm. OTHER: £1040 King Bank Farm; £750 Walkers I’th Fields. CHAR: £1220 Crooklands Farm; £1150 Mee Farm; £1080 23 Market Street. HERE: £1090 Windy Hill Farm; £970 Stoney Fold Farm. SIM: £1170 Windy Hill Farm. BRIT BLUE: £1290 Manor House Farm; £1120 Abbotson Farm. BAZ: £700 Borwick Fold Farm. BLO: £1320 Cross House Farm. BB: £700 Mount Murray.

CAST COWS – FRI: £149.5 Throstle Nest Farm; £139.5 Mount Murray. ANG: £164.5 Nether Hall. LIM: £127.5 Barbon Fell. B/SWISS: £79.5 Fairfield Farm. CHAR: £129.5 Mount Murray. SIM: £129.5 Mount Murray; £127.5 Moss House Farm. BRIT BLUE: £179.5 Farleton House. MON: £109.5 Ireby Hall. BLO: £147.5 Winder Roeburndale; £114.5 Mount Murray. JER/GUE: £54.5 Mount Murray.

OTM HEIFERS: FRI: £157.5 Tills Farm; £149.5 Oxenforth Green Farm; £149.5 Tunstall Hall. OTHER: £107.5 Manor House Farm.

CAST STEER – FRI: £124.5 Clawthorpe Lodge. ANG: £129.5 Whinney Garth. SD: £154.5 23 Market Street.

BULL CALF – FRI: £240 Cocker House Farm; £155 Brantbeck Farm; £155 Cocker house Farm. ANG: £342 Tills Farm; £295 Hatters Farm; £282 Knowsley Farm. LIM: £330 North Farm. BRIT BLUE: £450 Boldens farm; £438 Birks Farm; £348 Arnside Farm. Mon: £255 Hatters Farm.

HEIFER CALF – ANG: £280 Billinge Hall Farm; £240 Hatters Farm. LIM: £200 North Farm. BRIT BLUE: £328 Arnside Tower Farm.

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