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Lancaster Friday 21/8/15

Posted Friday, 21 August 2015, 3.45pm

Store Cattle

The weekly sale of Store cattle at Lancaster continues to get in excess of 300 cattle forward weekly. There was less quality cattle forward this week with more plainer and mixed bred cattle forward. There was more buyers in attendance with a couple of fresh faces around the ring but the edge was slightly off the trade today. The trade topped at £1,420 from GR & A Foy of Parkside Farm for a British Blue steer which was closely followed a trio of Limousin steers from Robin and Margaret Dodgson of Kilburn House selling to £1,400. A smart pair of 26 month old British Blue heifers from Messers Carruthers of Red Scar selling to £1,330.

OTM Cattle

The weekly sale of OTM and cast cows at Lancaster had an entry of 85 forward. The edge was slightly of the meaty and plain cows with steaking cows a better trade then seen over previous weeks. OTM heifers sold to a top of 151.5ppkfor a Friesian from ME Wannop and Sons of Heaton Hall with other OTM Friesian selling between 135ppk and 150ppk. Heavy weight beef cows sold into the late 120’s with better black and whites selling between 110ppk and 115ppk. the OTM cattle sold to an overall average of 103ppk.

Calves and Stirks

A bigger entry of calves and stirks this morning, with 85 forward. A couple of regular buyers missing ring side led to a slightly easier trade than seen in previous weeks, however, best calves sold to full value with Blue Bulls to £490 for an 8week old from S & IA Robinson, Longber, to average £380. Blue heifers to £305 from Cote Farm Partnership. Native bred calves to £315 for an Angus from TM Townley, Knowsley. Stronger Black and Whites sold well, with John & Edward Fox top of the tree at £165. Nice rearing calves £60-£82 with younger sorts a toucher cheaper. Stirks sold to a top of £560 from A Shepherd with a 6month Blue Bull. A run of Angus from Kelsall & Wood sold to £500 for Bulls and £445 for Heifers.

Top Prices

STORE CATTLE – BRB: £1420 Parkside Farm; £1330 Gibraltar Farm; £1260 Yew Tree Farm. LIM: £1400 Kilburn House; £1360 Dunningwell Farm; £1310 Middle Grange Farm. CH: £1340 Holmgarth; £1190 Whitehaven; £1050 Deansbiggin. SIM: £1210 The Bungalow; £1200 Parkside Farm; £1110 Ellers Farm. AA: £1180 Challon Hall Farm; £1180 New Ridge Farm; £1160 Ellers Farm. MO: £1170 Fanny House Farm; £1030 Bradley Farm. AY: £1140 Cock Hall Farm. HE: £1090 Billinge Hall Farm.FR: £1040 Benson Hall; £980 Whitehaven; £950 Whinney Garth. BA: £1020 Low Fold. SHO: £960 Cock Hall Farm. SLR: £880 Withnell Fold Farm. BS: £720 Withnell Fold Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – BRB: £1330 Red Scar; £1270 Milton Moor Farm; £1090 Greenways Farm; £1090 Cracalt Farm. LIM: £1220 Little Fell Farm; £1070 King Bank Farm; £1060 Lodge Farm. AA: £1200 Milton Moor Farm; £1160 Hill Top; £1030 Underhelm Farm. HE: £1070 Bull Bank Farm; £970 Thornton Barn Farm. CH: £990 Lee End Farm. SIM: £960 Lee End Farm; £950 Kate Farm.

CAST COW – LIM: 129.5 Claughton Hall Farm. ST: 129.5 Low Foulshaw Farm. MO: 124.5 Ireby Hall; 104.5 Johnson House. SIM: 124.5 Kate Farm. FR: 119.5 Chapel House; 114.5 Clawthorpe Lodge; 114.5 Arnside Tower Farm.

CAST HEIFER – FR: 151.5 Heaton Hall Farm; 149.5 Sunderland Brows Farm; 149.5 New Brows Farm. BRB: 137.5 Midge Hall Farm.

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £405 Lower Langthwaite Farm; £305 Cote Farm; £290 Arnside Tower Farm.LIM: £400 Booth Hall. HE: £300 Longwood House. AA: £290 Lower Langthwaite Farm.

BULL CALF – BRB: £490 Longber Farm; £405 Arnside Tower; £355 Arnside Tower Farm. LIM: £410 Longber Farm; £280 Cote Farm. HE: £348 Birkland Barrow; £310 Billinge Hall; £300 Longwood House. AA: £315 Knowsley Farm; £265 Tills Farm. MO: £285 Birkland Barrow. CON: £280 Longwood House. FR: £165 Blackwood End; £155 Tills Farm; £105 Lower Langthwaite Farm.

BULL STIRK: £500 Lower Langthwaite Farm. LIM: £450 Booth Hall. BRB: £560 Muffys Platt Farm. MO: £415 Muffys Platt Farm.

HEIFER STIRK: £445 Lower Langthwaite Farm.

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