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Lancaster Friday 14th August

Posted Friday, 14 August 2015, 12.05pm

Store Cattle

The good trade for store cattle continues at Lancaster with a good quality entry of cattle forward. The trade topped at £1,510 for a 28 month old Limousin steer from David Moorhouse of Natland. A couple of smart Limousin steers sold to £1,490 from M S Dugdale & Son. An impressive 19 steers sold in excess of £1,300 with plenty of short keep cattle easily selling in excess of £1,200 as all steers forward sold to an average of £1,043. Angus heifers sold to a top of £1,220 from M & E Forshaw & Son of Little Town. Vendors are advised to continue forwarding cattle to Lancaster as buyers are looking for all types of cattle from rearing cattle to cattle nearly finished.

OTM Cattle

A better quality entry of OTM Cattle and cast cows forward met a stronger trade then previous week. Meaty cows noticeably a better trade selling ten pence per kilogram better than the previous week. Beef type cows sold to a top of 141.5ppk with a Simmental from MA & JA Winn of High Underbarrow Farm. Plenty of beef cows sold 130ppk plus, as better dairy cows sold into the late 120’s pence per kilogram. Dairy cows sold to an average of 99ppk with an overall sale average of 104ppk.

Rearing Calves & Stirks

A busy morning in the calf ring this morning, with 71 passing through the ring. All calves sold to full value, topping trade in the calves was regular vendor David and Eileen Wallbank, with a smart Blue Bull realising £500 at only 42days. Blue heifers sold to £380 from J, CH & JG Bland, Arnside Tower. A nice run of Angus from JH Towers & Son, Tunstall saw Bulls sell to £385 and heifers to £360. Friesians sold to £152 again from David and Eileen Wallbank, best calves over £100 with nice rearing sorts £70-£90, younger plainer calves £40-£55.

Stirks sold to a top of £625 for a 4month Charollais. Blue heifers sold to £615 from Phil Wood, Scotforth, Blue bulls to £600 from the same good home. A run of Angus’ Bulls at 4months from TE & MM Kidd sold to £540. 


OTM COW: FRI: 129.50 Greaves Farm; 127.50 Holmes Farm; 127.50 Cocker House Farm; 124.50 Low Levens; 121.50 Tills Farm; 121.50 Park Millom Castle. ANG: 107.50 Bodkin Cottage. SHO: 119.50 Stirzaker House. LIM: 139.50 Lane Head Farm; 137.50 Hall Croft Farm; SIM: 141.50 High Underbrow Farm; 127.50 Throstle Nest Farm. MON: 109.50 Lane House. BB: 129.50 Lane Head Farm.

OTM HFR: FRI: 154.50 Cocker House Farm; 114.50 Ravenscar; 111.50 Holmes Farm.

CAST BULL: FRI: 94.50 Stirzakers.

HFR CALF: ANG: £360 TUNSTALL Farm; £290 Billinge Hall Farm; BRIT BLUE: £380 Arnside Tower Farm.

BULL CALF: BRIT BLUE: £500 Tills Farm; £460 Arnside. FRI: £152 Tills Farm; £130 Catshaw Hall Farm; £125 Arnside Tower Farm; £72 North Farm; £70 Lower Brow Top. ANG: £410 Cobble Hey Farm; £385 Tunstall Hall; £300 Knowsley Farm. LIM: £245 North Farm. Tower Farm. MON: £280 Hatters Farm.

BULL STIRK: FRI: £305 Booth Hall. ANG: £600 Westwood. LIM: £540 Booth Hall. CHAR: £625 Westwood. BRIT BLUE: £485 Lower Langthwaite Farm.

HFR STIRK: ANG: £515 Lower Langthwaite Farm; £360 Cobble Hey Farm. BRIT BLUE: £615 Lower Langthwaite Farm; £350 Cobble Hey Farm.

STR STIRK: FRI: £125 Knowsley Farm. ANG: £580 Lower Langthwaite Farm. BRIT BLUE: £600 Lower Langthwaite Farm.

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