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J36 Tuesday 11th August 2015

Posted Tuesday, 11 August 2015, 5.17pm

The monthly sale of pigs saw several new customers in attendance with a wide variety of pigs once again on offer. Best prime pigs sold to £125 from AJ Horn with others £100-£112. Store pigs sold to £65 for Pietrain Cross from Rourke Farms with others £48-£62. Very few weaners forward selling to £18 for younger sorts.

Prices of Interest
Prime Pigs (White) £125, £111, £106, £100
Prime Pigs (Coloured) £95, £82, £76
Store Pigs £65, £61, £60, £56
Weaners £18, £17, £12

Please advise entries for the next pig sale which is Tuesday 8th September.

The weekly sale of Prime Lambs saw a full ringside of buyers competing for all types but showing caution towards under finished and Non-Farm Assured Lambs. Best Lambs sold to 178p/kg for Texel Cross from J & D Chapman and £75.50 from W Kipling. Most lambs generally £20-£25 over weight averaging 150p/kg, this being ahead of other local centres. Hill lambs sold to £65 (151p/kg) for Mules. Light lambs in short supply with more 32kg-36kg required each week provided they are meated.

The weekly sale of cast ewes saw a similar number on offer with just shy of 500 forward. A lot more leaner ewes forward today with a lot less big Continental ewes through the ring. Heavier Continental ewes sold between £83 and £90 topping at £97 from Messrs Boyren of Hill Park. Heavier Mule ewes sold to £72 from J,BL & I Ellis of Hawkrigg End with other meaty Mule ewes selling in the late sixties and lean, plainer sorts in the fifties. Less big fit quality horned ewes forward today. Meatier Swaledale ewes sold to £59 from Fishwick Bros of Middle Sadghyll with fit Swaledales selling between £40 and £47 with plain ewes in the thirties.

PRIME LAMBS – TEX: £75.50 Mid Town House; £71 Greenwood Haw; £72 Clawthorpe Lodge; £71.50 Wray Farm; £70.50 Nook Farm. SUFF: £71 Greenwood Haw; £70 Milstones Cottage; £70 Hill Park; £69 Smithy Green Farm; £70.50 Swainshead Hall Farm; £69 Low Woodedge Farm; £68.50 Swainshead Hall Farm. MULE: £65 Yarslber; £61.50 Cooper House. CH: £64.50 Kate Farm; £60 Lodge Bank Farm. CHEV: £57.50 The Park.
CAST SHEEPTEX: £97 Hill Park; £90 Highfield; £86 Fourwinds; £84 Moss End Farm; £81 Matson Ground. SUFF: £83 & £80 Thwaitrigg End; £63 Burton Hill. MULE: £72 Hawkrigg End; £67 Green Lane End; £66 Raw Head, Borrans Farm. CHEV: £70 Low Tarn Green. R.F: £64 Moss End Farm. LLEYN: £46 Gaitbarrow. SWALE: £59 Middle Sadghyll; £47 Holme House; £46 Thursgill. ZWART: £46 Crook Hall.

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