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J36 Thursday 6th August 2015

Posted Thursday, 06 August 2015, 2.50pm

The weekly sale of calves and stirks had an entry of 59 forward. Good beef calves continue to sell in excess of £400 but the edge was slightly off the strong trades which have been enjoyed at J36 over past weeks. J36 continues to be the place to sell beef calves as two month old British Blue bulls sold to £450 from V & EJ Chadwick & Sons of St Michaels with British Blue Heifers to £440 from Messrs Sowerby of Appleby. Plenty of beef calves still reaching £400 and no beef calves selling under £300. Black and Whites a similar trade to that of previous weeks but weanlings were slightly back. Better rearing types sold between £120 and £155 with younger calves between £90 and £105. Black & Whites averaged £91.

Store cattle sold to a top price of £1080 for Lim x steers from DJ Clarke with heifers £1000 for Lim x from J Alderson & Son. An entry of predominantly younger cattle saw 9 month old steers sell to £820 and heifers £780. Native bred cattle sold to £870 for British White steers with 8 month old Aberdeen Angus steers £685 and Hereford heifers also £685.

Cast / OTM cattle sold to a top price 139 p/kg for a Lim x cow from JM Case & Son and then a British Blue x from RA & C Benson. Dairy cows peaked at 121p/kg from M Wilson. Top per head was £930 for a British Blue cow from RA & C Benson with dairy cows £864 from Mason/Birkland Barrow. An overall market average of 108p/kg archived with over half the entry being dairy cows.

The weekly sale of store lambs saw a top price of £57 for Texel x from TJ Beaty with others £55 from JH Strickland, Suffoks £54 from JR Bell. Medium lambs generally £48 - £51 with smallest long keep lambs £35 - £42. Please ensure that Ram Lambs are declared at time of sale.
Store lambs are sold every week at NWA J36. Please advise of entries by Friday for the following Thursday sale.

BULL CALVES BRB: £450 Sowerby Lodge; £445 Town Head; £380 Brackenfold; £365 Sunny Bank; £350 Ravens Lodge. Lim: £400 Spout House; £350 Low Audlands. Char: £400 Sowerby Lodge. AA: £375 Sowerby Lodge; £315 Natland Mill Beck. Fr: £220, £210, £160, £150 Ormside Lodge; £155 Far Audlands; £140 Brackenfold; £130 Town Head.
HEIFER CALVES – BRB: £440 Sowerby Lodge. Lim: £400 Spout House; £300 Beck House.
BULL STIRK – AA: £510 The Lodge.
HEIFER STIRK – AA: £530 The Lodge.
STORE BULLOCKS – Lim: £1080 Orphan Crag. Char: £800 Hartrigg. Sim: £820 Todds Farm. AA: £685 Rash Mill.
STRORE HEIFERS – Lim: £1000 Beckfoot Farm; £955 Coolna Marra; £850 Orphan Crag. Hfd: £685 Natland Mill Beck. BRB: £760 Low Audlands.
STORE BULLS – British White: £870 Bellat Howe. Lim: £805 Bannerigg Farm.
CAST COWS – Lim: £139.5p/kg & 129.5p/kg Dendron Farm. BB: 139.5p/kg Gamswell Farm. Blo: £121.5p/kg Low Lowscales Farm. Char: 117.5p/kg Low Lowscales Farm. Hfd: 111.5p/kg Luneside. Fr: 121.5p/kg Ormside; 114.5p/kg Birkland Barrow; 107.5p/kg Far Audlands.
STORE LAMBS – Tex: £57 Long Green Head; £55 Grandy Barn; £52.50 Mint View. Suff: £64 Sunny Brow; £48.50 Grate Farm. Mule: £41 Long Streets; £40.50 Mouse Syke; £40 Beckside Farm.

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