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Breeding Ewes & Gimmer Shearlings - Saturday 22nd August

Posted Saturday, 22 August 2015, 5.01pm

The opening sale of Breeding Sheep at NWA J36 commenced with a catalogued entry of 4181 ewes and shearlings which attracted buyers from throughout the Northern Counties, Midlands and Wales.

The great annual Show and Sale of Mule Shearlings at J36 Rural Auction centre saw a strong line up of 10 pens out for show in front of the judges Richard and Jonathan Frankland of Rathmel. The first prize rosette for a pen of 10 Mule Shearlings was awarded to Philip and Denise Elliot of Penrith who also won the JT Nelson Memorial Shield. The Elliot family also won £500 kindly donated by the Kendal NEMSA branch for winning the first prized pen of shearlings that had been purchased from the Kendal NEMSA Gimmer Lamb sale the previous year. The Kendal branch will continue to donate this prize each year. To be eligible for this prize buyers must purchase Gimmer Lambs at the sale held on Saturday 12th September and then bring them back as Gimmer Shearlings and win the Mule Shearling class.

The trade generally was strong considering current prime lamb prices with majority vendors leaving pleased with their trade. The day’s trade topped at £190 for the champion pen from Philip and Denise Elliot of Penrith. Many top pens sold £140 plus with bonnier sheep selling into the £150s. Purchasers where looking to buy well grown strong shearlings and were prepared to pay a premium for shearlings that had lambed and been vaccinated for abortion. Smaller shearlings were harder to place then previous years. The overall Mule gimmer shearlings average was £125.

A good show of continental shearlings were put before a ring side of buyers, topping the trade in the Texel section was a pen of 10 from SG Benson, Horrace Farm at £162. Followed by the first prize pen from Sue Cunliffe at £140. Suffolk shearlings sold to £180 & £165 from PJ & EA Wharton, High Hall.

The sale started with breeding ewes which sold to a strong trade throughout with buyers showing preference towards stronger well bodied sheep.

A top price of £142 was achieved for the champion pen of 2 crop mule ewes from F & SA Edmondson, purchased by the judge Mr R Frankland. Also at £142 was a pen of 1 crop Mule ewes from M Benson and £140 for 2 crop Mules from FI & ME Little. Older Ewes sold to £115 for 3 crop Mules from J Shepherd & Son. FM correct ewes sold to £124 for Char X from TL & S Cross who sold others to £112.

All ewes sold averaged £108 with a large portion of 3 crop+ ewes forward.

North West Auctions would like to thank the judges Richard & Jonathan Frankland and Michael Park for giving their time and to the sponsors Townson Tractors and JG Animal Health for their continued support.

Prices to note

1 Crop Mules, £124, £118, £115, £108
2 Crop Mules, £142, £140, £136 (x2), £132, £128
3 Crop Mules, £115, £112(x5), £108
Aged Mules, £102, £100, £96, £80
2 Crop Continentals, £128, £126, £120, £116
Aged Continentals, £129, £106, £90, £88, £76

Show Results

Continental Shearlings

1st S Cunliffe
2nd S Cunliffe
3rd JA Chapman

Mule Ewes

1st F & SA Edmondson
2nd FI & ME Little
3rd M Benson

Mule Shearlings

1st PJ Elliott
2nd D Waine
3rd  D Waine


1st D Wharton


PJ Elloitt

JT Nelson Memorial Shield awarded to
PJ Elliott

Derek Cleasby Memorial Trophy awarded to
F & SA Edmondson

Champion Pen of Mule Shearlings sold by Philip and Denise Elliott of Bank House Farm, Mungrisedale, Penrith, sold to Frankland Farms, Rathmell for £190 per head.

The Champion pen were bought out of the Kendal Branch of NEMSA sale last September from several vendors.

Full sale report to follow. 

Breeding Ewes & Gimmer Shearlings 2015 j36

1st Prize Mule Shearlings from PJ Elliot, Bank House.

Posted by North West Auctions on Saturday, 22 August 2015

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