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Lancaster Monday 27th July

Posted Monday, 27 July 2015, 4.10pm

Spring Lambs

The lamb trade continues to show little signs of improving with prices in keeping with other centres up and down the country as an overall average of 144ppk was achieved at Lancaster. A larger proportion of hill bred and none farm assured lambs in the market today also having an effect on the overall market average. Generally 39kg – 43kg continental farm assured lambs sold between £18 and £22 above the weight.

Cast Sheep

A larger entry of cast sheep in the market today with over 200 passing through the ring. Texel tups sold to a top of £117 from John Taylor of Lots House Farm. Cast ewes topped at £91 for a couple of Charollais’s from A & E Clarkson of Cock Hall. Mule ewes sold into the late fifties with better ewes selling over £60, topping at £63 from Andy Wilson of Burrow Height. Swaledale ewes sold to £50 from JS & S Atkinson of Sykes Farm.

Prime Beef

Half a dozen bulls forward today saw British blue bulls out of dairy sell to a top of 197.5ppk from
E & N Wright & Sons of Allcocks Farm with others selling in the 180ppk. Black and whites sold to 161.5ppk from the same home.

Top Prices

PRIME LAMBS – TEX: £74 Friars Moss; £72 Moorbottom Farm; £71.50 Rye Close.CON: £66 Ivy Bank Farm; £57.50 Upper Greenbank; £55.50 Botton Hall Farm. SUFF: £65 Rye Close; £62 North Farm; £61 Oak Head Farm.CH: £63 Oak Head Farm; £62.50 Low Bendrigg Farm; £62.50 The Dingle. MULE: £57.50 Ouzelthorn Farm; £53.50 Highfield Farm; £52.50 Low Moor Head Farm. RYE: £56.50 Sykes Farm. HAMP: £55.50 Lower Highfield; £51.50 Upper Greenbank.

CAST SHEEP – TEX: £117 Lots House Farm; £91 Cock Hall Farm; £82 Burns House Farm. SUFF: £89 Greenbank Farm House; £79 Parks Farm Barn. MULE: £63 Burrow Heights Farm; £60 South Road; £60 Beckside. HRN: £51 Botton Hall Farm. SWAL: £50 Sykes Farm.

PRIME BULLS – FR: 161.5 Allcocks Farm. BRB: 197.6 Allcocks Farm; 187.5 Northwoods Farm.

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