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Lancaster Friday 31st July

Posted Friday, 31 July 2015, 12.41pm

Store Cattle

There was 325 cattle through Lancaster which sold to a 100% clearance. Good quality cattle and cattle near finished in strong demand and good to sell as always. Young cattle trade continues to be good but plainer cattle a slightly easier trade this week. Sixty five cattle sold for £1,200 or more topping at £1,390 for a Limousin steer from D & N Davis of Nateby who also sold Angus steers to £1,370. An impressive pen of six Aberdeen Angus steers from M & E Forshaw & Son of Little Town sold to £1340. Heifers topped at £1,320 for a Trio of Charolais’s from TE & A Galbraith of Crooklands Farm. Purchasers are requested that vendors batch cattle as much as possible and it is in the vendor’s financial benefit to do so.

OTM Cattle

The edge is defiantly of the cast cow trade, with a lot plainer entry of cattle forward at Lancaster. Leaner cows especially taking a big hit today. OTM heifers twice sold to 179.5ppk with best types of well fleshed cows still selling in excess of 140ppk. Decent types of dairy cows regularly sold between 115ppk and 120ppk.

Calves and Stirks

The strong calf trade continues at Lancaster auction with the first calf in the ring a British Blue Heifer SH & LE Birkett of Stubb Hall selling for £415 for a two month old. Plenty of good beef calves forward sold to a strong demand from a busy ring of buyers. British blue bulls topped at £525 from AW & AM Park & Sons of Ellel. A consignment of good quality British Blue 8 week old calves from Kelsall and Wood of Quermore saw bull sell between £420 and £480 with heifers twice selling to £395. Weaned Black and White calves sold to £245 from Cote Farm Partnership whilst six week old good quality rearers sold to £180 from David and Eileen Wallbank of Tills Farm. All black and whites sold to an average of £138.


STORE BULLOCKS – FR: £1080 Fairfield; £1000 Newsham Hall Farm; £990 Rowell Farm. AA: £1370 Cragg Farm; £1340 Little Town Farm; £1320 Cuerdale Hall Farm. SHO: £790 Bouthwaite Farm. GA: £800 Cock Hall Farm. WB: £1170 Squires Gate Farm; £1110 Parrox Hall Farm. LIM: £1390 Cragg Farm; £1290 King Bank Farm; £1280 Godson House Farm. SR: £1070 Godson House Farm; £980 Newsham Hall Farm; £780 Wyre Farm. CH: £1290 Head House; £880 Cobble Hey Farm. HE: £1250 Raw Head; £1130 Bouthwaite Farm; £1120 Windy Hill Farm. SIM: £1260 King Bank Farm. BRB: £1320 Hill Top; £1290 Greenbank Farm; £1240 Squires Gate Farm. MO: £1180 Whitehaven. FKV: £1070 Carlingwha.
STORE HEIFERS – FR: £950 Stirzakers Farm. AA: £1260 Cuerdale Hall Farm; £1160 Windy Hill Farm; £1150 Little Town Farm. SLR: £1060 Brow Foot Farm; £880 Withnell Fold Farm. WB: £800 Parrox Hall Farm; 750 Croft House Fleetwood Road. LIM: £1230 Cragg Farm; £1180 King Bank Farm; £1070 Bar Gap; £970 Bar Gap; £1030 Valley View; £1020 Lodge Farm; £960 Bradley Farm; £900 Brunstow; £830 Brunstow. £770 Brunstow. CHAR: £1320 Crooklands Farm. £1310 Elmridge Farm £1150 Elmridge Farm. £1120 Langthwaite Heights. £1090 Stirzakers Farm; £1020 Stirzakers Farm . £1040 Valley View. £760 Newsham Hall Farm. £650 Cobble Hey Farm. HERE: £1060 RAW Head. £1020 Brow Foot Farm. £970 Bouthwaite Farm. £920 High House Farm. £640 Upper Greenbank. SIM: £1310 Cragg Farm. £1140 Bouthwaite Farm. BRIT BLUE: £1200 Bouthwaite Farm; £1170 Bouthwaite Farm.£1170 Hill Top Farm. £1100; 11 Kimberley Avenue. £1030 Docker Hall Farm. £1030 Hawkrigg End. £840 Cobble Hey Farm. £700 Old Woodhouse. £650 Cobble Hey Farm.

OTM COW – FRI: £149.50 High Snab. £119.50 Allcocks Farm. £117.50 Barrow Greaves. £117.50 Johnson House. £114.50 Barnfield Farm. £114.50 Old Hall Farm. £114.50 Docker Farm. ANG: £149.50 Cragg Farm. GAL: 79.50 Bank House Farm. OTHER: £117.50 Holme Head. HERE: £117.50 Cragg Farm. £104.50 Bar Gap. BRIT BLUE: £151.50 All Cocks Farm. SRW: £117.50 Batty Hill. £104.50 Old Holly Farm. £54.50 Sandvilla. BB: £109.50 Bar Gap.
OTM HEIFER – FRI: £149.50 Barrow Greaves Farm. ANG: £149.50 Post Office Farm. LIM; £194.50 Intack Farm. £119.50 Lambrigg Park Farm.
OTM STEER – CHAR: £129.50 Lambrigg Park Farm.

BULL CALF – FRI: £245 Cote Farm. £225 Cote Farm. £190 Cote Farm. £180 Tills Farm. £165 Tills Farm. £120 Tills Farm. £105 Greenways Farm. £92 Lower Langthwaite Farm. £85 Holly House Farm. £65 Holly House Farm. ANG: £310 Great Eccleston Hall. LIM: £305 New Brows Farm. £250 Cote Farm. BRIT BLUE: £525 Walkers I’th Fields. £480 Lower Langthwaite Farm. £470 Cote Farm. £460 Lower Langthwaite Farm. ££450 Lower Langthwaite Farm. £440 Lower Langthwaite Farm. £420 Lower Langthwaite Farm. £400 Lower Langthwaite Farm. £390 Elm Tree Farm. £315 Lower Langthwaite Farm. SRW: £115 Sandvilla. £105 Sandvilla. £100 Sandvilla. £72 Sandvilla.
HEIFER CALF – ANG: £325 Tills Farm. £220 Great Eccleston Hall. LIM: £400 New Brows Farm. £260 Cote Farm. BRIT BLUE: £415 Stubb Hall Farm. £395 Lower Langthwaite.
BULLOCK STIRK – FRI: £585 Arnside Tower Farm.

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