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Lancaster Friday 17/7/15

Posted Friday, 17 July 2015, 5.10pm

Store Cattle

The weekly sale of store cattle at Lancaster had an entry of over 250 forward with all types selling to a very strong trade. Younger cattle and grazing cattle especially good to sell with an abundance of grass at the moment. Suckler bred yearling Limousin bulls sold to £1080 with steers selling to £870 JA & KJ Allen of St Annes Farm. 10 month old Charolais steers from Richard Roskell of Springfield House sold to £790 and £730. Short keep and strong cattle always good to sell and needed at Lancaster. GR & A Foy of Parkside Farm topped the trade selling Simmental steers to £1,470 and £1,420. A trio of British Blue steers from JD & GM Bracken of Greenlands sold to £1,450.
A special entry of Cows and Calves from Ted Parker of Marsh House. Older Simmental cows with one month old Simmental bull calves sold to £1,580 and £1,500.

OTM Cattle

The start of the school holidays has meant that cows have taken a few pence per kilo hit but Lancaster trade exceeded many local centres this week and defiantly the place to sell OTM cattle. The trade topped at 154.5ppk for an OTM Friesian heifer from WN & D Smith & Sons of Cocker House who sold others to 149.5ppk. Well fleshed good beef cows sold in excess of 140ppk topping at 147.5ppk from AR Edmondson of Ulverston. Dairy cows topped at 144.5ppk from Martin Ayrton of Cockerham with fit dairy cows selling around the 130ppk with plainer types generally 110ppk – 115ppk and lean cows in excess of 100ppk.

Rearing Calves and Stirks

A bustling crowd of buyers and onlookers this morning, with buyers for all 92 calves and stirks forward. Topping the calf trade was S & IA Robinson, Burton in Lonsdale with a cracking run of 4 Blue Bulls selling to between £515 & £460, with two breaking the £500 barrier. All Blue Bulls forward averaged £464. Angus calves to £440 from the same home. Montbelliardes to £205 from JR Pye, Hatters Farm. Black and White calves a better trade today with 12week old sorts to £322 from G & ME Woodhouse & Son. Stronger young calves to £172 from Drinkall Bros, best black and whites in excess of £130 with younger types £85-£112 dependant on colour and cover. Overall average of £97/head for all black and whites forward.
Stirks sold to a top of £615 for a pair of 7m Blue Heifers from TE & MM Kidd, Booth Hall. Blue Bulls to £585 from A Shepherd, Muffy Platts. Black and White stirks were the trade of the day with a trio from Messers Kidd, realising £540 at 7months.

Top Prices

COWS & CALVES – SIM: £1580; £1500; £1320 Marsh House Farm.

STORE BULLOCKS – FR: £1140 Old Glasson, £1090 Carlingwha; £1070 Spital Farm. AA: £1300 Billinge Hall; £1290 Cock Hall Farm; £1280 Orchard Heys Farm. MRI: £1140 Littlewood Hall. LIM: £1370 Billinge Hall; £1360 Cock Hall Farm; £1350 Greenbank Farm. BS: £970 Woodlands. CH: £1310 Woodlands; £1160 Greenbank Farm; £790 Springfield Farm. HE: £1230 New Parkside Farm; £1050 Windy Hill Farm; £860 Sandhole Farm. SIM: £1470 Parkside Farm. BRB: £1450 Greenlands Farm; £1360 Moss Head; £1310 Woodlands. MO: £1040 High Green; £960 Ivy Farm. NOR: £1090 Ellers Farm. FKV: £1100 Carlingwha.

STORE HEIFER – AA: £1200 Park Farm; £1160 Jolley Fold Farm; £1150 New Parkside Farm. WB: £970 Windy Hill Farm. LIM: £1160 Jolley Fold Farm; £1140 Greenlands Farm; £1100 Bradley Farm. CH: £1160 Jolley Fold Farm. HE: £940 Windy Hill Farm; £780 Longwood House. BRB: £1320 Pasture House Farm; £1240 Park Farm; £1160 Jolley Fold Farm.
BULL – LIM: £1080 St Annes Farm.

CAST COW – FR: 144.5 Bambers Farm; 134.5 Arnside Tower Farm; 129.5 Downlands Farm. AA: 134.5 Marl House. CON: 99.5 Gateside Farm. MRI: 131.5 Village Farm. LIM: 147.5 Hawkswell Farm; 141.5 Moss Head; 139.5 Oak Head Farm. HE: 114.5 Gateside Farm. MO: 137.5 Priory Farm; 121.5 Lane House. SRW: 129.5 Holme Head; 114.5 Low Sizergh Farm.
CAST HEIFER – FR: 154.5 Cocker House Farm.
CAST STEER – FR 134.5 Gibsons Farm.

HEIFER CALF – AA: £340 Tunstall Hall; £170 Sandvilla. LIM: £460 Tunstall Hall. BRB: £615 Booth Hall; £390 Longber Farm; £270 North Farm.

BULL CALF – BRB: £515 Longber Farm; £365 North Farm. AA: £440 Longber Farm; £360 Tunstall Hall. FR: £322 Boldens Farm; £172 Catshaw Hall Farm. MO: £205 Hatters Farm. SRW: £102 Sandvilla.

BULL STIRK – AA: £495 Redfields. BRB: £585 Muffys Platt Farm; £560 Redfields. MO: £470 Muffys Platt Farm. FR: £570 Booth Hall

HEIFER STIRK – AA: £485 Redfields; £455 Muffys Platt Farm. LIM: £550 Booth Hall; £530 Redfields; £460 Muffys Platt Farm. BRB: £565 North Farm; £500 Redfields; £460 Muffys Platt Farm.

BULLOCK STIRK – FR: £355 Docker Hall Farm.

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