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J36 Tuesday 28th July 2015

Posted Tuesday, 28 July 2015, 2.54pm

The weekly sale of prime sheep saw 1,508 prime lambs forward selling to values in line with the national trend, albeit at a disappointing level.

Lambs sold to £76 for heavy Texel x from DM & D Cook with others £75 from JN & DJ Bowes. Standard lambs to £65.50 from JG & BJ Escolme and £64 from DE & SM Moorhouse. Light lambs to £61 from D Faraday. Hill lambs now starting to come forward in greater numbers with Masham £57 and Mules £55. Best lambs achieving 160p - 175p/kg with well finished first cross lambs 140p – 150p/kg dependant on weight.

An overall market average of 139p/kg was achieved along with 100% clearance.

The Cast Ewe trade was noticeably better at J36 today with buyers expressing more interest. More ewes of all types could easily have been sold with the majority of pens being £8-£10 better than the previous week.

Texel tups sold to a top of £111 from G & W Penny of Marsh Grange Farm. Continental ewes sold to a top of £99 for Charollais ewes from PW Rhodes of Floraire with others selling in the late eighties and into the nineties. Cheviot ewes topped at £80 from RW Nicholson of Lupton. Mule ewes sold towards seventy pounds with leaner sorts looking dearer especially compared to fat ewes which buyers are especially cautious of, Mules averaged £61. Horned ewes a lot better to sell this week, Rough Fell ewes sold to £67 with the better types selling for £55 plus. Swaledales sold to £61 from Gordon Rawsthorne of Scargill with fit Swaledales £50 plus. Straight ewes sold around the £40 with pens of feeding ewes selling better £25 and £32.

PRIME LAMBS – Texel: £76 & £73.50 Smithy Green Farm; £75 Low Bundrigg; £65.50 Low Stanger Thwaite. Suffolk: £72 Smithy Green Farm; £69 Dunningwell Farm; £66 Arnside Tower; £64.50 Broomfield Farm, Lawsons Farm. Char: £62.50 Low Bendrigg Farm; £60 Myers Farm; £59 Floraire. Masham: £57 Steps Farm. Mule: £55 Kingsdale Head; £54 High Borrowbridge; £53.50 Mosergh Farm. Beltex: £65.50 Kingsdale Head; £61 Stubb Farm
CAST SHEEP – Char: £99 & £94 Floraire. Texel: £111 & £91 (rams) Marsh Grange; £80 Gilsmere Farm, Town End Farm; £76 Borwick Fold Farm; £70 Stubb Farm, Middleshaw Hall. Chev: £80 Green Lane End; £76 Marsh Grange. Mule: £69 Town End, Smithy Green, Cantsfield Hall. Rough Fell: £67 Marsh Grange; £62 Hole House. Swale: £61 Scargill Farm; £53 Eskew Beck. Leicester: £69 Preston Patrick Hall. Herdwick: £31 Borwick Fold Farm.

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