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J36 Tuesday 14th July 2015

Posted Wednesday, 15 July 2015, 12.10pm


Prime Lambs
The weekly sale of prime lambs saw a ringside of 13 buyers in attendance with several new and returning faces which resulted in all classes of lambs selling ahead of vendors’ expectations and the quoted average of the previous day with SQQ lambs averaging 160ppk. A top price of £83.50 was achieved for a pen of Texel x lambs from D Dixon, Grayrigg selling to Westmorland Ltd with others at £83 from E Dodgson, Kendal. Heavy lambs experienced keen bidding generally achieving £22 - £26 over weight. Texel x lambs from TE & J Wadsworth & Son topped the market at 184p per kilo with a further 15 pens over 180p per kilo. The first draw of Mule lambs now coming forward selling to £66 from R I Dixon and 164p/kg from J & AJ Coates & Son. An overall market average of 158p/kg was achieved for lambs ranging from 33kg-54kg.

Cast Sheep
A reduced entry of 532 ewes forward compared to the previous week with additional buyers around the ring. A solid trade throughout with a lot of smaller hill bred ewes forward. Buyers continue to be cautious of over fat ewes with lean and fit ewes in strong demand. Strong continental ewes sold in excess of £90 with Charollais ewes topping at £109 from S Middleton of Dale View. Mule ewes sold to a top of £76 from MJ Waller of Carlingwha with strong Mules selling in excess of £70 and all Mules averaging £65. Cheviot ewes in strong demand, selling to a top of £93 from J Allonby & Son of Green Head.

Top prices
£83.50 Grayrigg Foot, £83 Spital Farm; £78 Hawkrigg End; £77.50 Topthorn Farm. Beltex: £74 Birks Farm; £73.50 Green Head. Char: £76 Dale View; £72.50 Gibraltar Farm; £67 Baycliffe. Chev: £64.50 Low Newton Farm. Suff: £74 Chapel House; £72.50 Hawkrigg End, Low Stanger Thwaite; £71.50 Station Hotel; £70 Lane Ends Farm, Topthorn Farm. Dorset: £73.50 Tree Tops. Lleyn: £67 Low Foulshaw. Cont: £67 Abbey Drive. Mule: £66 Low Newton Farm; £62.50 Braida Garth.
CAST EWES – Char: £109 Dale View; £93 Woodside; £87 Gilpin Farm. Suff: £100 RiggThwaite; £98 Bull Bank Farm; £92 Cleatop Farm; £83. Texel: £102 (ram) Cleatop Farm; £94 Trees Farm; £89 Middleshaw Hall; £87 Long Streets. Beltex: £81 (ram) Cleatop Farm; £80 Trees Farm. Mule: £76 Carlingwha; £74 Rigg Thwaite; £73 Low Newton Farm. Chev: £93 Green Head; £80 Moss House Farm; £75 Woodside. Leicester: £84 Havera; £82 Gilpin Farm; £81 Long Streets Farm. LLeyn: £71 Low Foulshaw Farm. Zwart: £62 Rigg Thwaite. Rough Fell: £73 (ram) Riddings; £54 High Green; £50 Riddings, The Park. Swale: £43 The Borrans. Herdwick: £40 Moss House Farm.


The monthly sale of pigs saw 114 forward with several new and returning customers. Prime pigs experienced the keenest bidding selling to £176 for a trio of prime Pietrain x gilts from PK & R Woof with others £151 from B & D Willison and £149 from R Strong. Prime pigs generally £92 - £145. Store pigs sold to £66 for best 12 week old white pigs from KF Sweeting with others £51 & £46. Weaners sold to £41 from DE Metcalfe with weaners regularly selling for between £18 - £30.

Next Pig Sale – Tuesday 11th August with another good entry required to meet buyers demand.


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