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J36 Thursday 30th July 2015

Posted Thursday, 30 July 2015, 3.46pm

Store Lambs
A rise in numbers forward at the weekly sale saw lambs sell to a top of £59 from BE Wood with Texels to £57.50 and Suffolks to £53.50. A large percentage of medium/long term lambs generally sold £46 - £50 with smaller sorts £38 - £45.

Hill lambs sold to £50.50 for Cheviot x from RI Dixon with Mules £46.50.

Next store lamb sale – Thursday 6th August
Please advise of entries to assist with contacting buyers.

The weekly sale of calves had a smaller entry of 30 forward with the majority being young black and whites which sold to £150 for a 6 week old from RA & E Edmondson of High Barnes with plenty at 3 to 4 weeks selling for between £80 and £105. A Couple of smart six week old Angus bulls from G Cuthbertson of New Hutton sold to £390 and £380. Heifer calves sold to a top of £355 for a Limousin again from RA & E Edmondson of High Barnes.
A strong demand for calves and stirks with 60 – 80 on Thursday 6th August 2015.

STORE LAMBS – Beltex: £59 Hopes Hill. Texel: £57.50 & £53 Halton Park; £52.50 Long Green Head, High Farm; £50.50 Hopes Hill; £49.50 Mint View, Barker Knott. Suff: £53.50 Hoses Farm; £50.50 Redhills Farm; £48.50 Barker Knott; £47.50 Toadpool. Chev: £50.50 Low Newton Farm; £46.50 Gill Foot; £43.50 Howe Farm. Char: £49 School House. Mule: £46.50 Low Newton Farm; £43.50 Scar Sykes.
BULL CALVES – Fr: £150 High Barnes; £105 Warton Grange Farm; £92 Cracalt Farm, Wyke Farm, Middle Bank Farm; £90 Endmoor Farm. AA: £390 Capplerigg. Lim: £300 Wyke Farm; £240 High Barnes, Middle Bank Farm.
HEIFER CALVES – Lim: £355 High Barnes. AA: £210 Wyke Farm.

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