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J36 Thursday 23rd July 2015

Posted Thursday, 23 July 2015, 3.45pm

J36 Sale of Rearing Calves, Stirks, Cast/OTM’s, Beef Breeding & Store Cattle

The only people leaving disappointed today was the buyers that had not be able to fulfil their requirements with an entry of 78 forward and a ring full of buyers, as many again could have easily been sold to vendors’ advantage. Vendors strongly urged to forward their calves to J36. Plenty of good quality for buyers to choose from and compliments must go to vendors for the quality of calves produced. All beef calves in strong demand topping at £510 and £500 for six week old British Blue bull calves from Dennis Cottam of Hagg Farm. British Blue bulls sold to an average of £441. Limousin weanling bull calves topped at £520 from TK Robinson & Son of Greaves Farm with milk Limousin bull calves making £450 from Brian Wilson of Spout House. Native bred bull’s always good to sell at North West Auctions topping at £400 for a Hereford from R & EA Gardner of Barrowfield with Angus calves selling to £385 from Matthew Robinson of Holmescales. Heifer calves topped at £470 for a smart two month old Hereford from Messrs Moss of Congleton. Limousin heifers topped at £450 from Brian Wilson of Spout House with best types of heifers easily selling in excess of £400. A strong Black and White trade for the calves forward today topping at £175 from the Inman family of Strickland Hill and others to £170 from Messrs Sowerby, Town Head of Appleby. Well grown rearing types easily selling in excess of £140 with young rearing types selling £70 plus.

A consignment of 4 to 5 month old British Blue heifer stirks from Messrs Sowerby, Town Head of Appleby, achieved a top of £565 and all selling over £515. More stirks required to meet demand.

Next Calf Sale will be on Thursday 30th July – please contact Ian on 07766 521472 with entries/enquiries.

Store & Breeding Cattle
The fortnightly sale of cattle saw a competitive ringside of buyers for all classes of stock. The sale of beef breeding cattle topped at £1420 for Limousin x cows with young Limousin x calves at foot from JH Barker with others at £1380 twice. Store cattle sold to £1050 for pure Limousin heifers from DJ & MJ Hoggarth, Ulpha with others at £960. A run of British Blue x heifers from A Taylor & Sons sold to £935 with Hereford x heifers at £910. Steers sold to £980 for pure Limousin yearlings again from DJ & MJ Hoggarth with Hereford x to £920 & British Blue x to £910. A larger entry of dairy bred steers sold to a top price of £975 for Swedish Red & White with Holstein Friesians to £720 and British Friesians to £700.

The Next Fortnightly Sale of Store & Breeding Cattle is Thursday 6th August. Please advise of entries in good time to assist with advertising.

Cast Cows & OTM’s
Cast Cows & OTM cattle sold to a top price of 147p/k (£982) for Limousin x cows from JL Bird, Grange Over-Sands with dairy cows reaching 134p/kg from P Knowles, New Hutton and £784 from JM Barton & Son, Lupton. An overall average of 115p/kg was achieved with 60% of the entry being dairy cattle and in mainly out of parlour condition.
Next Sale Thursday 6th August.

BULL CALVES – Lim: £520 Greaves Farm; £450 Spout House; £365 Strickley. BRB: £510 & £500 Hagg Farm; £440 Flodder Hall; £430 Beck House; £420 Brackenfold; £370 Beck Side. Hfd: £400 Barrowfield. AA: £385 & £380 Holmescales; £230 Strickley. Shorthorn: £200 Strickley. Fr: £175 Strickland Hill; £170 Town Head; £160 Holmescales; £155 Greaves Farm, Beck Side; £138 Brackenfold.
HEIFER CALVES – Hfd: £470 Willowshaw. Lim: £450 & £440 Spout House; £420 Willowshaw; £290 & £275 Strickley. Sim: £440 Common Farm. BRB: £430 Town Foot; £420 & £400 Flodder Hall; £400 & £390 School House; £385 Brackenfold. AA: £320 & £310 Holmescales.
HEIFER STIRKS – BRB: £565, £555 & £520 Town Head.
STORE BULLOCKS – Lim: £980 Old Hall; £755 Low Nook. Hfd: £920 Birkland Barrow; £860 Todds Farm. BRB: £910 Low Nook. SRW: £975 Birkland Barrow. British White: £820 Bellart Howe. Short: £790 High Farm. Blo: £715 Granby. Fr: £720 Woodside; £700 Carter House.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £1050 & £960 Old Hall; £840 Old Croft. Hfd: £910 Birkland Barrow. BRB: £935 (x3) & £890 (x4) Hope Stead. Blo: £790 Granby. Sim: £765 Todds Farm.
BREEDING CATTLE – Lim Cow & Calf: £1420 & £1380 Stribers Farm. BRB Cow & Calf: £1300 & £1280 Town Foot. Mont Cow & Calf: £1300 Birkland Barrow. AA Cow & Calf: £1250 Stribers Farm.
CAST COWS – Lim: 147.5p/kg West Plain Farm. Fr: 134.5 & 129.5p/kg Cragg Farm; 117.5p/kg Bridge End Farm; 114.5p/kg Beck House; 109.5p/kg Lupton Hall, Lower Hawthwaite. BB: 129.5p/kg Hall Croft; 124.5p/kg West Plain Farm. Shorthorn: 121.5p/kg Fell House; 117.5p/kg Strickley. AA: 114.5p/kg Crosscrake Farm.
CAST BULL – Lim: 91.5p/kg Borwick Fold.

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