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J36 Thurday 16th July 2015

Posted Thursday, 16 July 2015, 1.29pm

Store Lambs Peak at £63 (av. £58.78) at the NWA J36 Opening Sale

The opening sale of store lambs at NWA J36 saw all vendors leave more than satisfied with prices achieved being ahead of expectations. The sale opened with a pen of 24 Texel x lambs from MA & JA Winn selling at £61 followed by KD & L Armer who topped the market with a pen of 25 Texel x at £63. Suffolk lambs sold to £60 from TGT & PJ Strickland with others at £58.50 from J & R Bell. Best long keep lambs £62 for Beltex/Char x from JT & A Armitstead with others £58 - £60. A small number of hill lambs forward saw Cheviot Mule wethers £57 with North Country Mules £54.

All lambs sold to a market average of £58.78 ( + £2.48 on 2014).

The next sale of store lambs will be held on Thursday 30th July – entries for catalogue by
Thursday 23rd July please.

Weekly Sale of Rearing Calves

The weekly sale of Calves had a smaller entry than the previous week but a strong trade from start to finish with the majority being black and white. A lot more calves could have easily been sold this week to vendors advantage especially beef calves. The sale topper was a 14 day old Charolais bull calf selling to £460 from R Lawson & Son of Deerslet Farm. British Blue bulls at a month old sold to £390 and £370 from B Mallinson & Son of Ravens Lodge. An entry of mainly young Black and Whites topped at £130 for a six week old from RG & J Clark of Far Audlands with other better types of rearers selling in excess of £100 with rearing calves averaging £87.

STORE LAMBS – Tex: £63 Scar Sykes; £62 & £61 Bouthwaite; £61 High Underbrow; £58 Grate Farm; £57.50 Ghyll Foot, Middleshaw Hall. Suff: £60 Grate Farm; £58.50 Sunny Brow. Char: £49.50 Gyll Foot. Chev: £57 Scar Sykes. Mule: £54 Grate Farm.
BULL CALVES – Char: £460 Deerslet. BRB: £390 & £370 Ravens Lodge. Fr: £130 Far Audlands; £120 Halforth Farm; £105 Lupton Hall; £70 Strickland Hill.

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