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Lancaster Friday 19th June 2015

Posted Friday, 19 June 2015, 5.00pm

Lancaster's Weekly Sale of Store Cattle, Calves & Stirks, Cast/Feeding Cows, OTM & Clean Cattle


Trade for all classes of store cattle was sharper this week, topping at £1400. Firstly, from M Shepherd & Sons with a pair of 25 month old Blue Bullocks and secondly from Barlow Bros with a Simmental Bullock at 24 months old. Blue heifers sold to a top of £1240 for a pen of four at 24 months from JS & KM Wilson, Helsington. Native bred stores to £1290 for a pair of Hereford Bullocks from J & F Nutter and £1260 for Angus Bullocks from H Hesketh. A big Friesian from J Lamb, Old Glasson sold to £1290. A run of nice yearling cattle from J & E Nuttall sold to £840 for 11month Hereford Bullocks and £830 for 12month Angus Bullocks.

It was good to see a larger show of 104 cast cows put before a full ringside of buyers. Topping the sale was F & IM Potter, Grayrigg with Limouisin and Charolais Heifers, both realising 199.5ppk. Top price per head came from M Crowe & Son, Grange over Sands, with a Limousin bull totalling £1390.50. Again all classes sharper this morning, with black and white cows selling to a top of 159.5ppk from Cote Farm Partnership and OTM Heifers to 174.5ppk from JH Towers & Son, Tunstall. Friesian cows averaged 123.2ppk with an overall average of 136.14ppk.

A big entry of 83 calves and stirks this morning at Lancaster. Trade for all classes was fast, with black and whites especially above and beyond vendor’s expectations, topping at £230 for an 8 week old from WN & D Smith & Son, Cockerham. Best Friesian calves regularly £140-£190 with younger rearing calves dearer than expected £65-£85 and plainer sorts £32-£50. Overall average of £128/head. Best continental calves in short supply, with blue heifers to £365 from TD & V Whitaker, Winmarleigh. And month old blues from J Hoggarth & Son, Slyne to £295. Native bred calves saw Angus Bulls from Wallbank Farms Ltd, to £425 at only 6weeks, and Herefords to £350 for 10week old bulls.

A good run of stirks sold to £645 on four occasions for Blue heifers from A Shepherd, Pilling and Blue bulls from I Atkinson & Son, Warton and WD & RD Walmsley & Son, Cockerham. Black and White stirks sold to £280 at 5 months from I Atkinson & Son.


STORE BULLOCKSFR: £1290 Old Glasson, £1060 Moss Croft; £970 Rowell Farm. AA: £1260 Middle Grange Farm; £1250 Low Levens; £1250 Cock Hall Farm. SLR: £1230 Cross House Farm. LIM: £1280 Moss Croft; £1260 Middle Grange Farm; £1190 Bradlow Farm. BS: £880 Moss Croft. CH: £900 Fell End Farm. HE: £1290 Manor House Farm; £840 Low Bendrigg Farm. SIM: £1400 Littlewood Hall Farm; £1090 Ballacutchel. BRB: £1400 Pasture House Farm; £1340 Green Close. BAZ: £1260 Middle Grange Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – FR: £740 Crook Farm. AA: £1140 Bouthwaite Farm; £1120 High House; £1100 Forton Bank Farm. MRI: £920 Littlewood Hall Farm. LIM: £1260 Cross House Farm; £1230 High House; £1210 Cross House Farm. BS: £1180 High House. CH: £1170 High House. SIM: £1080 Bouthwaite Farm; £990 Ballacutchel. ST: £1040 Rowell Farm. BRB: £1390 High House; £1190 Throstle Grove Farm; £1190 Pasture House Farm.
OTM COW – FR: 159.5ppk Cote Farm; 144.5ppk Gardners Farm; 144.5ppk Espford Farm. AA: 141.5ppk Low Woodedge Farm; 134.5ppk Ballacutchel. SHO: 134.5ppk Broad Oak. LIM: 177.5ppk Mill Bank; 164.5ppk Beckfoot Farm. CH: 159.5ppk Larbreck Hill Farm. HE: 149.5ppk Larbreck Hill Farm. SIM: 164.5ppk Ballacutchel. MO: 137.5ppk Lane House. BA: 117.5ppk Sowermire.
OTM HEIFER – FR: 174.5ppk Tunstall Hall; 167.5ppk Berryholme; 151.5ppk Sandvilla. AA: 139.5ppk Broad Oak. LIM: 199.5ppk Lambrigg Park Farm. CH: 199.5ppk Lambrigg Park Farm. BRB: 149.5ppk Marsh House Farm.
OTM STEER – AA: 184.5ppk Throstle Grove Farm. LIM: 157.5ppk Showley Hall Farm. CH: 159.5ppk Lambrigg Park Farm.
OTM BULL – LIM: 169.5ppk Ballacutchel. SIM: 157.5ppkBallacutchel. BB: 149.5ppk Ballacutchel.
BULL CALF – FR: £230 Cocker House Farm; £212 Green Dragon Farm. AA: £425 Tills Farm. HE: £350 Longwood House. BRB: £340 Arnside Tower Farm; £295 Manor House Farm.
HEIFER CALF – LIM: £355 Green Dragon Farm. HE: £340 Longwood House. BRB: £365 Park Lane Farm; £320 North Farm.
HEIFER STIRK – BRB: £645 Muffys Platt Farm.
BULL STIRK – FR: £280 Boon Town Farm. BRB: £645 Boon Town Farm.

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