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J36 Tuesday 9th June 2015

Posted Wednesday, 10 June 2015, 11.12am

Prime Lambs sold to £92 twice for Suffolk x from J J & M Metcalfe and D E & S M Moorhouse. Well finished lambs generally £78-£85, with Farm Assured selling at a premium.

Texel x lambs from E J & S Postlethwaite sold to the top price of 210p/kg, closely followed by A E Atkinson & Son at 209p/kg. A market average of 185p/kg saw rise on the week with buyers requesting more lambs to fill orders.

Prime Hoggs sold to £77 from E D Robinson and 183p/kg from B R Butterfield & Son.

The trade for cast sheep was in keeping with national trends, with the prices being less than seen over previous weeks, although many buyers saying the trade for cast sheep was ahead of many local competitors. Lean ewes looked exceptionally dear in comparison to over-fat ewes that buyers where extremely cautious of. A larger entry of 461, and more ewes on the market nationally also contributing to the reduced trade. Cast tups sold to a top of £119 for a Teeswater from DC Miller of Cobble with other large tups selling £110 plus. Beltex ewes sold to £108 with other big continental ewes selling in the nineties and around £100. Mule ewes sold in the seventies.

Breeding Sheep

A good entry of sheep with lambs at foot for the time of year. A good trade from start to finish considering the sheep forward. Mule hoggs sold to £162 for hill bred types from J & T Hunter of Moser Hill, with other pens selling around £160. White faced hoggs sold to a top of £150 from L Farish of Barrow. Very few ewes available today, saw young Texel ewes with Twin lambs sell to £140 from S Penellum of Swinside Farm. A consignment of aged Herdwick ewes with pure Herdwick twins from P Crompton of Greenbank Farm sold to £100, with singles making £85.


The monthly sale of pigs saw 112 forward with more buyers in attendance. Prime pigs were regularly £100 +, topping at £142 from P K & R Woof and £135 from A Routledge. Store pigs sold to £58 from K F Sweeting and weaners £25 for Saddleback from J A Noble.

Top prices

Prime Lambs

Hamp: £73.50 Endmoor Farm. Dors: £73 Warth Sutton. Suff: £92 High House Farm, Orchard House; £89 Cracalt Farm; £88 Garnett Folds; £87.50 Ackenthwaite Farm. Char: £77.50 Garnett Folds. Tex: £88.50 High House Farm; £87.50 Benson Hall; £87 Cantsfield Hall, Garnett Folds; £86.50 Stubb Farm. Berr: £75.50, £75 Patton Mill Farm.

Prime Hoggs

Suff: £82, £72 Overplains; £73 Clawthorpe Lodge. Swale: £66 Moss House Farm; £62.50 Higher Salter. RFell: £63 Moss End Farm. Tex: £77, £70.50 Clawthorpe Lodge; £73 Haveriggs Farm; £70 Moss House Farm. Herd: £71.50 Greenbank Farm; £57 Moss End Farm; £55 Moss House Farm.

Cast Sheep

Suff: £111, £107, £92 Ackenthwaite Farm; £88 Cooilingel Farm. Mash: £75, £71 Cobble Hey Farm. Mule: £78 Ackenthwaite Farm, The Height; £77 Ackenthwaite; £75, £73 Benson Hall. Swale: £50 Moser Hill; £48 The Height. RFell: £90, £80 Boundary Beck; £74, £62 Croft Foot Farm; £62 Patton Mill Farm. Char: £104 Kirket Nook; £94, £83 Cooilingel Farm. Chev: £88 Cooilingel Farm; £76 Strickland Tenement; £69 Green Lane End. Tex: £112 Ackenthwaite Farm; £109, £101, £100 Cooilingel Farm; £100 Beckfoot Farm. Lleyn: £68 Red Lodge. Leic: £90, £87, £82, £78 Boundary Beck. Tees: £119, £110 Cobble Hey Farm. Herd: £54 Moss End Farm, Greenbank Farm. Belt: £108, £103, £94 Cooilingel Farm. Berr: £98, £62 Patton Mill Farm.

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