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J36 Tuesday 2nd June

Posted Tuesday, 02 June 2015, 5.58pm

Prime Lambs

The Weekly Sale of prime sheep saw a rise in numbers forward with lambs selling to an overall average of 181p/kg. Well finished and three quarter bred lambs were keenly competed for selling to a top price of £96 for Texel x from TW Nelson & Son and 195p/kg for Texel x from TE & A Galbraith with most generally 180-190p/kg. Buyers perhaps showing caution towards under finished lambs

Prime Hoggs

Prime hoggs now drawing to an end selling to £89 (173p/kg).

Cast Sheep

The cast sheep trade saw buyers very cautious of over-fat ewes, with lean ewes and plain ewes looking very dear in comparison. Big continental and Suffolk tups sold in excess of £130 topping at £141 for a Suffolk from MA & JA Winn of Burneside. Big cull ewes saw a slightly easier trade as more come available on the market. Continental ewes selling regularly in and around £100 with all Texel ewes averaging £87. Mule ewes sold to £94 from S Park of Highfield Farm, with other pens of big fit mule ewes in the mid-eighties. Rough Fell ewes sold to £81 with Swales selling to £69, with fitter Swales selling in the sixties.

Sheep with Lambs at Foot

The weekly sale of sheep with lambs, mainly comprised of Hoggs with lambs at foot and hill bred ewes. As many people come to the end of their consignments of sheep for the year, Mule hoggs sold to £160, three times from J & T Hunter of Moser Hill. Aged Cheviot ewes suckling twins sold to £120 from William Paterson of Appleby.

Top prices

Prime Lambs - Hamp: £75.50, £74.50 Endmoor Farm. Dors: £70, £69 Beckside Barn. Suff: £87.50, £81 Strickland Hill; £84 Lane Ends Farm; £82.50 Lodge Farm, Cracalt Farm; £81.50 Oak Tree Farm. Char: £85.50 High Green; £80 Cockrigg Farm; £79.50, £79 Gibraltar Farm. Tex: £96, £80 Cockrigg Farm; £83.50 High Underbrow; £83 Crook o Lune Farm; £80 Low Groves Farm. Belt: £85, £82.50 Stubb Farm.

Prime Hoggs - Mule: £50 The Blands. Swale: £51 The Blands, Brown Edge. RFell: £62 Hole House; £54 High Green. Char: £66 Low Audlands; £59 Dale View, Tongue House Farm. Tex: £89 Brow Head; £86 Low Tarn Green; £79 Low Woodhouse. Herd: £54 Tongue House Farm.

Cast Sheep - Hamp: £74 Town End Farm. Dors: £76 Crooklands Farm. Suff: £96 Poppy Farm; £73 Ackenthwaite Farm; £69 Jackson Ground, Scroggs Farm. Mule: £94, £84 Highfield Farm; £86 Crooklands Farm; £85 Tottlebank; £84, £82 Hollins Farm. Swale: £69 Low Newton Farm; £68 Woodside Farm; £64 High Green. RFell: £81 High Green; £78, £73 Crabtree Farm, £78 Gateside Farm. SBF: £79 Bank House Farm. Char: £78 Gateside Farm. Chev: £94, £90 Poppy Farm; £87 Beckfoot Farm; £84 Underley Estate; £82 Coupland Beck Farm. Tex: £100 Hallbeck, Low Tarn Green; £99 Sandham Farm, Low Tarn Green; £98 Orphan Crag Barn; £96 The Borrans. Leic: £99 Oak Tree Farm; £92 Tongue House Farm; £86 Town End Farm. Herd: £61 Overmere. Zwart: £94, £91 Jackson Ground.

Cast Rams - Suff: £141, £91 High Underbrow. Chev: £129, £121 Troughton Hall. Tex: £138 Bank House Farm; £134 Gateside Farm; £132 Carlingwha; £120 High Underbrow. Leic: £117 Tongue House Farm.

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