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J36 Tuesday 16th June 2015

Posted Wednesday, 17 June 2015, 11.30am

A rise in numbers forward saw over 2,400 sheep penned.

Prime Lambs sold to a top price of £84 for heavy Suffolks from S H & P I Bowes. Well fleshed lambs generally £74 - £78. C I Briggs sold best Texels at 202p/kg with others regularly 180-195p/kg

A bumper entry of 761 Cast sheep forward at J36 this afternoon. Topping the sale was a pair of Texel tups, first in the ring, selling for £130. Ewes sold to a top of £107 for a big Charollais ewe.

Mule ewes to £76 from the Underley Estate, with best sorts in excess of £70/head.

A big show of Horned sheep topped at £59/head for Swaledales from D Mallett, High Loanthwaite, with Rough Fells to £57 from A A & H H Capstick & Sons, Hole House.

Well finished Prime Hoggs were in strong demand, topping at £79 for 3 Texels from S A Hill, The Dell. Suffolks to £67 from J H Atkinson & Partners.

Breeding Sheep saw a top price of £160 achieved for Mule Hoggs with Suffolk Lambs from R G & H Preece. Also at £160 were Aged Mule Ewes with twins from E G Johnson. Hill Ewes sold to £88 for Herdwick Ewes with singles from C Driver.

Top prices

Prime Lambs

Hamp: £69 Endmoor Farm. Dors: £73 Yealand Manor; £69 Warth Sutton. Suff: £84 Harbarrow Farm; £78, £77.50 New Parkside Farm; £77 Crooklands Brow, Hagg Farm. Char: £83, £77.50 Hill Park; £77.50 Floraire, Fairbank Farm; £74.50 Low Foulshaw. Tex: £80.50 Low Foulshaw; £79.50 Highfield; £78.50 Hill Park; £76.50 Cantsfield Hall; £76 Stubb Farm.

Prime Hoggs

Suff: £67 Mosergh Farm. Mule: £65 Cragg View. Swale: £41 High Loanthwaite. Tex: £79 The Dell; £70 Beech House.

Cast Ewes

Dors: £59 Yealand Manor; £53 Marsh House Farm. Suff: £103, £92 Crooklands Brow; £91 Braida Garth; £77 Far Highfield. Mule: £76 Underley Estate; £75 Brown Edge, Scar Close; £73 Low Woodhouse, High Wray. Swale: £59, £52 High Loanthwaite; £57 Woodside; £54 Highfield Farm.. RFell: £57 Hole House; £53 Low Haygarth. SBF: £63, £56 The Hill. Char: £107 Underley Estate; £90 Low Foulshaw; £85, £84 High Green. Chev: £86 Underley Estate; £80 Brown Edge, The Hill; £73 Orchard House. Tex: £101 Beckfoot Farm; £93 Riddings, Hill Park, £91 Red Hills; £87 Far Highfield. Lleyn: £677, £70 Low Foulshaw. Leic: £81 Garnett House; £56 Hollin Hill. Dales: £46 Hollin Hill. Herd: £44 High Biggarsbank; £36 Town Head Farm. Belt: £80 Woodside.

Cast Rams

Swale: £75, £74 The Hill. Chev: £110 The Hill. Tex: £130, £103 The Hill; £127 Deansbiggin; £100 Mosergh Farm. Leic: £113 The Hill; £92 Barrowfield. Herd: £82, £79 The Galleon; £70 Troughton Hall.

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