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J36 Thursday 25th June 2015

Posted Thursday, 25 June 2015, 2.58pm

The second sale of beef breeding cattle saw a top price of £1950 achieved twice for British Blue heifers with Limousin Bull calves at foot from Messrs Case of Barrow in Furness who also sold Angus x heifers with calves at £1600. Limousin x heifers with AA x calves sold to £1650 from HW Robinson & Son of Gatebeck. Cows with calves sold to £1550 for a Luing with Sim x heifer calf from PM Simpson of Troutbeck, other older cows with calves sold for £1100 - £1350. A pair of smart black Limousin x bulling heifers sold at £1180 again from Messrs Case with Blue x heifers a £1020.

An entry of mainly younger store cattle were put before an active ringside of buyers with several returning faces keen to make purchases. A top price of £1075 was achieved for a run of 10 month old Limousin steers from DJ & MJ Hoggarth who also sold others at £1070, followed by N Cooper & Sons at £1005. Other Continentals reached £865 for 7 month old Charolais x steers from NJ Strickland & Son, Whinfell. Native breed steers sold to £885 for Hereford x from JE Wightman and £795 for a run of 10 month old Saler x steers from D N Smith.

Heifers forward all under 12 months old selling to £880 for British Blue x from N Cooper & Sons followed by JA Airey selling Limousin x at £845.

Next Sale of Store Cattle is Thursday 9th July – entries for catalogue requested by Thursday 2nd July.

A strong trade from start to finish for all types of calves and stirks with calves selling to prices in excess of other local centres, vendors and potential vendors are strongly advised to forward their calves to J36 for full financial benefit.

The trade topped at £500 for an 8 week old British Blue bull from R & J Dodgson of Cracalt Farm. Once again some good consignments of Calves with six to eight week old British Blue bulls and heifers from JW & TE Sharpe of Flodder Hall selling to £445 and averaging £441.25. Another strong consignment of 4 to 6 week old Limousin bull and heifer calves from Brian Wilson of Spout House sold to a top of £455 for bulls and the consignment averaged £425. British Blue bulls sold to an average of £446.25 and heifers £427 with Limousin bulls averaging £393 and heifers £390. Young beef calves met a strong demand with good sorts easily over £300. Once again Black and Whites eagerly sought after selling to a top of £195 from J & O Galbraith & Son of Endmoor with other well grown calves £120 plus. A larger proportion of young calves forward sold easily between £50 and £80.

A larger number of stirks in the market today. Black and White young bull stirks from M Wilson of Appleby sold between £210 and £245 at 4 to 5 month old. Stronger British Blue and Hereford stirks sold around the £600 mark from HG Spensley & Son of Barnard Castle.

An increased ringside ensured all cattle met a truly phenomenal trade to average 133.26p/kg. Black & White cows topped at 149.5p/kg from RJ Holden of Broughton-in-Furness selling to Mr L Fell of Settle. Plenty of good meated cows 130-140p/kg. Continental cows sold to a fantastic trade toppng at 174.5p/kg for a Limousin x cow from RHM & S Boyren of Colton with Messrs Boyren’s run of cows averaging 167.32p/kg. Plenty of Continental cows full of flesh selling in excess of 150p/kg. The top price per head on the day was for an 8 year old stock bull from Messrs Winder of Ravenstonedale grossing £1,513.66.

Many more cows could have been sold to advantage. The next sale will be on Thursday 9th July, but don’t forget, if you are caught under Six Day Standstill Rules or under TB Restrictions, we always have Deadweight options available for all classes of stock. Please contact us for more details.

An entry of 3 bulling heifers sold to £790. The next Fortnightly Sale (9th July) will include the Summer Show of New Calved Cows & Heifers. Please advise Will on 07976 646035 of any entries as soon as possible.

STORE STEERSLIM: £1075 Old Hall; £1005 Troughton Hall; £840 Stribers Farm. CHAR: £865 The Borrans; £780 Fell House. HERE: £885 Crabtree Farm. SLR: £795 Fell House.
STORE HEIFERS – BRB: £880 Troughton Hall. LIM: £845 Old Croft; £740 Troughton Hall; £730 Stribers Farm; £680 Longlands Farm.
BREEDING CATTLEFR Cow with Twin LIM Bull & Heifer Calves £1480 Midtown Farm. AA Heifer & LIM Heifer Calf £1600 Walnut Hill. AA Heifer with AA Bull Calf £1580 High Bracken Hall. BRB Heifers with LIM Bull Calves £1950. LIM Heifer with AA Bull Calf £1650 High Bracken Hall. SLR Cow with LIM Bull Calf £1280 Stribers Farm. LUING Cow with SIM Heifer Calf £1550 Poole Bank Farm.
LIM In-calf Heifer £1060 Longlands Farm.
LIM Bulling Heifers £1180 Walnut Hill; £1000 Helm Croft. BRB Bulling Heifers £1020 Walnut Hill.
BULL CALVESBRB: £500 Cracalt Farm; £445 & £440 Flodder Hall; £400 Hollins Farm. AA: £360 Hollins Farm. LIM: £455 & £430 Spout House; £335 Espford; £320 Audlands Park. FKV: £260 Far Audlands. FR: £250 Espford; £195 Endmoor Farm; £165 Elm Tree Farm; £160 Rakesmoor Farm.
HEIFER CALVES LIM: £390 Spout House. BRB: £440 Flodder Hall; £430 West Hall; £415 Cloudside.
BULL STIRKSBRB: £460 Helm Croft. FR: £350 Clarke House Farm; £245 Ormside Lodge. LIM: £240 Clarke House Farm.
HEIFER STIRKSHERE: £600 Sleatburn Farm. CHAR: £525 Fell House.
STEER STIRKSBRB: £605 & £600 Sleatburn Farm. LIM: £370 Clark House Farm. FR: £275 Almar Cottage.
CAST COWS – FR: 149.5p/kg Syke House; £141.5p/kg Kiln Hall; Far Audlands. SHORT: 117.5p/kg Castle Howe. LIM: 174.5p/kg Hill Park; 159.5p/kg Greenside Farm; 159.5p/kg Ashstead; 154.5p/kg Helm Croft. SIM: 147.5p/kg Low Fell. STAB: 144.5p/kg Helm Croft. MONT: 139.5p/kg Low Sizergh. DEV: 119.5p/kg Stribers Farm. BRB: 167.5p/kg Hill Park.
CAST HEIFERS – FR: 159.5p/kg Greaves Farm; 154.5p/kg Kiln Hall; 149.5p/kg Stubb Place. CONT: 131.5p/kg High House Farm.
CAST BULLS – LIM: 159.5p/kg Greenside Farm. AA: 131.5p/kg Syke House Farm; 121.5p/kg Capplerigg.

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