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Lancaster Monday 11th May

Posted Monday, 11 May 2015, 3.44pm

Monday Prime Stock sale & Spring Show of Hoggs with Lambs

Prime Hoggs

The prime hogg trade followed national trend and was brighter at Lancaster with buyers keener to purchase hoggs especially hoggs between 39kg and 44kg. a reduced entry this week as numbers begin to slightly dry up with better types selling 190ppk plus topping at 197ppk from AG Butler of Parks Barn with Texel Hoggs. Heavy weight hoggs sold to a top price of £94 from T & E Burrows of Throstle Grove Farm with other heavy hoggs easily selling towards £90.

Spring Lambs

A bumper entry of just short of 400 spring lambs in Lancaster today. Better quality lambs sold in excess of 210ppk topping at 221ppk from G & D Ball of Great Eccleston with white faced lambs easily selling over 200ppk. More interest expected in the coming weeks for prime lambs as many companies being to change over to lambs from hoggs.

Cast Sheep

A nice entry of predominately fit ewes this morning sold to an active ringside of buyers. Trade topped at £125 for a Continental ewe from RD Lambert, Out Rawcliffe, closely followed by James Burr with a Mule ewe at £118. Horned sheep sold to £80 for a pair of Swales from JS & S Atkinson, Sykes Farm. All classes a strong trade, to average £89.53.

Spring Breeding Sheep Sale

The spring show of Hoggs with lambs at foot was kindly judged by Joe Townley of Mearsbeck. A nice quantity of Hoggs forward saw the continental class of five hoggs with single lambs won by David and Sam France of Over Wyresdale with a pen of big hoggs. The pen of five mule gimmer hoggs suckling single lambs was won by Nick Townley of Burnt House.
Hoggs and lambs sold to a strong trade with all vendors going away satisfied. The sale twice topped at £192 firstly for the third prized pen of Continental hoggs from Brian Carter of Ellel and the third prized hoggs from Nick Townley also achieving £192. Both first prized pens sold to £190 with other pens of Mule and Continental hoggs selling between £180 and £190 regularly. A few older sheep forward saw mule shearlings with single lambs sell to £185 from John Huddleston of Annasghyll and older Texel ewes with young Texels lambs from E parker selling to £180.

Prime Spring Lambs – HAMP: £71 Cock Hall Farm. SUFF: £96 Station Hotel; £85 Conder Green Farm; £83.50 Highfield Farm. CH: £84.50 Burrow Heights Farm; £83 Jacksons Farm; £82.50 Springfield Farm. TEX: £90 Tarnwater Farm; £88.50 The Dingle; £86.50 Birch Croft.

Prime Hoggs – SUFF: £89 The Dingle; £79 Parks Farm Barn; £73 Post Office Farm. CONT: £80 Medlar Hall Farm. MULE: £84 Medlar Hall Farm; £82 Little Fell; £82 Ingrave Farm. HRN: £77 Parks Farm Barn; £74 Medlar Hall Farm; £72 Ingrave Farm. CH: £86.50 Ingrave Farm; £82.50 Throstle Grove Farm; £72 Medlar Hall Farm. TEX: £94 Throstle Grove Farm; £89 The Dingle; £88 Parks Farm Barn.

Cast Sheep – CONT: £102 Burrow Heights Farm; £100 The Dingle; £89 Annasghyl. MULE: £118 Little Fell; £110 Knowsley Farm; £97 Tarnwater Farm. HRN: £80 Sykes Farm. TEX: £125 Jacksons Farm; £100 Todds Farm; £97 Low Hall Beck.
Prime Bulls – MON: 179.5 Lane House.
Spring Show of Hoggs with Lambs at Foot
1st WT & EM Townley £190
2nd T Ayrton & Son £185
3rd WT & EM Townley £192
1st D France £190
2nd WT & EM Townley £170
3rd B & S Carter £192

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