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Lancaster Friday 22/5/15

Posted Friday, 22 May 2015, 2.02pm

Store Cattle

A good show of cattle this morning were met by the usual contingent of buyers. All classes sold to a sharper trade, topping at £1280 for a Lim Bullock from Cowell & Moore, Woodplumpton. Other Limousins sold to £1260 from PM & ST Entwistle, Abbeystead. Heifers sold to £1240 from JS & KM Wilson & Son, Natland for a 24month British Blue. Native bred stores sold to a £1140 for Angus Bullocks from M & E Forshaw & Son, Longridge and J Waller, Killington with Angus Heifers to the same price. Friesian bullocks sold to a top of £1100 again from two different vendors, JM & AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe and J Lamb, Old Glasson.

Cast Cows

A good show of 97 cast cows this morning considering the bank holiday weekend approaching. Best cows sold to a good trade, topping at 189.5ppk for a Lim Heifer from LA Booth, Marthwaite. Black and white cows sold to a top of 137.5ppk from HG Mackreth & Sons, Whittington. Black and White heifers sold to 169.5ppk from TW Nelson & Son, Stainton, with the majority of heifers 137-145ppk. A number of bulls forward this morning along with plain cows were unfortunately penalized due to the bank holiday weekend.


A strong trade again for all 40 calves and stirks forward. Rearing calves sold to a top of £375 for a nice 2month old British Blue Bull from Steven Birkett, Nether Kellet. Heifers from the same home sold to £370 for a Charolais. Angus’ to £340 and £300 for a Bull and Heifer respectively from Wallbank Farms. Black and White calves sold to £245 at 6weeks from WN & D Smith & Sons, Cockerham, others to £185 from JM & MH France, Littledale. Best B&W’s £60-£90 to average £94/head. A good run of stirks from Eddy Newsham sold to £620 twice for a Blue bull and heifer at 10months. Charolais heifers from the same home close behind at £610.

STORE BULLOCKS – FR: £1100 Bensons Farm; £1100 Old Glasson; £1050 Benson Hall; £960 Downlands Farm. AA: £1140 Little Town Farm; £1120 Benson Hall; £1100 Windy Hill Farm. SHO: £700 Hawkrigg End. LIM: £1280 Newsham Hall Farm; £1260 Lentworth Farm; £1200 Intack Farm. SIM: £1240 Bensons Farm. BRB: £1110 Benson Hall; £990 Snapewood Farm; £680 Throstle Nest Farm. MO: £1000 Ivy Farm. BA: £1220 Lentworth Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – FR: £900 Masongill; £850 Hallbeck. AA: £1140 Hallbeck; £1040 Billinge Hall Farm; £980 Beckside Farm. LIM: £1170 High House; £1170 Lowgill Farm; £1110 Intack Farm. CH: £1170 Newsham Hall Farm; £1130 Intack Farm; £1120 Cross House Farm. HE: £1070 Bouthwaite Farm; £780 Cross House Farm; £730 Nissan huts. SIM: £1120 Cross House Farm; £950 Beckside Farm. BRB: £1240 High House; £970 Beckside Farm; £960 Billinge Hall Farm. LGH: £880 Croppers Farm. BA: £1110 Intack Farm; £1080 Low Moor Head Farm.
OTM COW – FR: 137.5 Whittington Farm; 134.5 Batty Hill; 134.5 Benson Hall. AY: 124.5 Throstle Nest Farm. LIM: 151.5 Ouzelthorn Farm; 149.5 River View; 139.5 Cringleber. BS: 151.5 Throstle Nest Farm. CH: 117.5 Cringleber. HE: 124.5 Cringleber. SIM: 157.5 Throstle Nest Farm. MO: 129.5 Dale Barns. SRW: 114.5 Birks Farm. NOR: 111.5 Dale Barns. BRB: 127.5 Brunstow. JE: 104.5 Dale Barns.
OTM HEIFER – FR: 169.5 Cockrigg Farm; 144.5 Gibraltar Farm; 144.5 Sellerley Farm. WB: 154.5 Sunderland Bros Farm. LIM: 189.5 The Old Mistle; 167.5 Hazelslack Tower Farm.
OTM BULL – FR: 104.5; 101.5 Batty Hill.
OTM STEER – FR: 154.5 Benson Hall.
BULL CALF – FR: £245 Cocker House Farm; £185 Newhouse Farm; £120 Park Lane Farm. AA: £330 Tills Farm. CH: £365 Stubb Hall Farm. BRB: £375 Stubb Hall Farm; £248 Sandvilla. MO: £200 Sellerley Farm.
HEIFER CALF – AA: £300 Tills Farm; £178 Sandvilla. LIM: £340 Catteralls Farm. CH: £370 Stubb Hall Farm. HE: £195 Nissan Huts. BRB: £355 Catteralls Farm; £240 Stubb Hall Farm.
HEIFER STIRK – FR: £610 Sellerley Farm. AA: £525 Newhouse Farm. CH: £520 Sellerley Farm. HE: £600 Sellerley Farm. BRB: £620 Sellerley Farm.
BULL STIRK – FR: £400 Sellerley Farm. BRB: £620 Sellerley Farm.
BULLOCK STIRK – AA: £340 Marl House.

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