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J36 Tuesday 19/05/15

Posted Tuesday, 19 May 2015, 2.07pm

Monthly Sale of Pigs

With seventy pigs forward at J36, trade was well in excess of expectations with prime pigs up to £162 for a pair of nice Pietrain gilts from Messrs PK & R Woof, followed by £152 for 2 from AJ & ME Saggers other leading prices £140, £118 and £110. Sows were up to £65 for an in pig Berkshire. Weaners were sought after with a pen of 11 selling to £58 per head from K F Sweeting followed by £52 and £50. More could have been sold.
Next Month's Sale of Pigs will be on Tuesday 9th June.

Weekly Sale of Breeding & Prime Sheep

Breeding Sheep

A strong entry of over 550 head of sheep with lambs or 236 families. A selective trade for Hoggs with well grown hoggs suckling their lambs well selling to equally as strong a trade if not slightly better than previously topping at £200 for a pen of ten bonny Mule hoggs from G & KM Atkinson of Colby with Texel hoggs from the same home selling to £185 who also sold Texel shearlings with singles to £175. Texel Hoggs sold to a top price of £190 twice both times from Tony Chapman of North Lodge Farm. A large amount of ewes with lambs including a large number of hill bred Cheviot and Herdwick ewes and Lambs. Strong Continental ewes and lambs sold around £170 topping at £178 from JA Noble of Penrith. Rough Fell ewes with Texel twins sold to £155.

Spring Lambs

The trade at J36 followed national trends with many meat companies yet to change over from hoggs to lambs or getting enough without having to venture to markets, although many companies have promised a presence in J36 next week as they look to change over onto lambs. A larger show then the previous week of 502 with many lambs forward being Suffolks out of Mules selling in the mid seventies. White faced lambs commanded more interest selling into the eighties.

Prime Hoggs

Many vendors coming to the end of their hoggs, meaty well finished sorts still in strong demand and eagerly bid for by buyers with meated hoggs selling in the 180ppk bracket with hill bred hoggs and heavy weights selling in the 170ppk.

Cast Sheep

The cast sheep trade continues to be very strong at J36 with big Continental and Suffolk ewes selling over £120 topping at £133 for a couple of Charollais ewes from TL & S Cross of Trees Farm with other Continental ewes selling over £100. The trade for Mule ewes saw bigger ewes selling in the mid to late nineties with big leaner Mules selling into late eighties with all averaging £83. Horned sheep topped at £108 for Rough tups from John Cook with Swaledale ewes selling to £80 & big Horned ewes in the seventies.


SPRING LAMBS – Hampshire: £72 Endmoor Farm. Suff: £81 Low Barrows Green; £80 Trees Farm; £79 Top Thorn Farm. Texel: £84.50 Low Barrows Green; £80 High House; £79.50 Red Lodge; £79 Endmoor Farm.

PRIME HOGGS – Suff: £67 Blea Tarn; £60 Thwaitrigg. Mule: £74.50 Thwaitrigg; £65 Leakses Farm, Hill Top Farm; £64 Dillicar. Swale: £62 Leakses Farm; £56 Black Bull Farm. Rough Fell: £73 Howe Farm; £70.50 Thwaitrigg. Horned: £63 Keerfalls Forest Farm. Scotch B/F: £70 Thwaitrigg. Char: £71.50 Kingsland. Chev: £75 Woodhouse Farm; £71 Brow Head. Texel: £83 Black Bull Farm; £76 Thwaitrigg; £75 Bouthwaite. Herdwick: £58 Tongue House. Beltex: £77.50 Moorland Cottage.

CAST SHEEP – Suff: £124 Hall Croft Barn; £115 (ram) Hodgson Green Farm; £112 Trees Farm; £104 Broomfield Farm; £97 Far Higfield Farm. Mule: £97 Laverock Bridge, Lambrigg Head Farm; £96 Red Lodge, Hodgson Green Farm; £94 High Wray Farm, Broomfield Farm. Swale: £80 Castle Syke, Fellside Farm; £77 Scar Sykes Farm. Rough Fell: £108 Moss Howe Farm. Scotch B/F: £79 Audlands Park; £72 Beckside Farm. Char: £133 Trees Farm; £125 Kingsland. Chev: £93 High Farm; £81 (ram) Black

Bull Farm; £79 Keerfalls Forest Farm. Texel: £127 Spital Farm; £118 High Farm; £113 Audlands Park. Lleyn: £85 Broad Oak. Tees: £72 Keerfalls Forest Farm. Herdwick: £56 High Low Wood. Leic: £113 (ram) Whelpside Farm.

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