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J36 Tuesday 12/05/15

Posted Tuesday, 12 May 2015, 3.25pm

Breeding Sheep

A new market record of £400 for Mule Hoggs with Lambs at Foot.
North West Auctions held there weekly sale of sheep with Lambs at Foot which included the Annual Show and sale of Hoggs with Lambs at Foot. Which included the Annual Show and Sale of Hoggs with Lambs at Foot, the show was judged by Mr Phillip Elliott of Penrith. After judging the two classes of Hoggs the Judge awarded the Champion Rosette to an outstanding pen of Mule Hoggs with single Texel lambs at foot from Messrs Winter of Clickham Farm, Appleby and these went onto sell for £400 an outfit to Messrs Holt of Lancaster.
The second prize winners from Messrs Sowerby of Terry’s Farm went onto sell for £248 to Messrs TH Gibson and Son of Kendal.
A fantastic run of 80 Hoggs with Lambs at Foot from Alan Edmondson of Ulverston topped at £215 an Outfit and his run of Hoggs averaged just short of £100 a life.
The best quality Continental Hoggs proved good to sell however plainer Hoggs were harder to place the First Prize Hogs from Mr Tony Chapman of Kendal sold to £210 an outfit to Mr P. Elliot.
Once again a strong show of Commercial Sheep were forward being made up of predominately older ewes and with fresh faces stood ringside all classes sold to a very competitive trade.

Today's Show & Sale was very Kindly Sponsored by the YORKSHIRE BANK

1st Winter Brothers
2nd G Sowerby
3rd Winter Brothers
1st J A Chapman
2nd R Holmes
3rd A & B Thompson
Winter Brothers
Hoggs & Lambs – SUFF: £150 Moss End Farm. MULE: £400 Clickham Hall; £248 Terry’s Farm; £215 Hawkswell Farm. TEX: £210 North Lodge; £195 Grayrigg Foot; £185 The Green. BEL: £208 North Lodge.
Ewes & Lamb – MULE: £162 Mouse Syke; £155 Leighton House; £148 Stoneyhead Hall. SWAL: £118 Hazel Head Farm. CHEV: £145 Coupland Beck Farm. TEX: £170 School House; £168 Stoneyhead Hall. GRIT: £170 Leighton House.
Also on Tuesday the 12th May North West Auctions held there weekly sale of Primestock of J36.
An entry of 181 New Seasons lambs were forward. All classes and weight were competitively bid for selling to £91.50 or a top price per kg of 231.1p/kg with Lambs. 38-40kg being the easiest to sell with heavier lambs being harder to place.
Prime Hoggs - A very mixed show of Hoggs were forward topping at £91.50 for a pen of Texel Hoggs from Messrs Thompson of Samelesbury. Good meated Hoggs were good to sell whilst leaner grass fed sorts met with more caution.
Cast Sheep - Once again a strong show of Cast Sheep were forward and with extra buyers stood ringside all classes sold to a strong trade with Mule ewes and Plain ewes seeing a sharp rise on the week. Ewes topped at £135 for Texel’s from JC Dunning of Orton, Mules to £119 from TE & J Wadsworth + Son of Sedgwick and horned sheep to £100 for Swaledales from Messrs Drinkall of Over Wyresdale.
Prime Lambs – DORS: £83.50 Warth Sutton. SUFF: £88 Hawkrigg End; £86 Ackenthwaite Farm; £83 Hallbeck. CH: £85 Moss House Farm. TEX: £91.50 Ackenthwaite Farm; £86 Brown Edge; £85.50 Moss House Farm.
Prime Hoggs – SUFF: £81 Ackenthwaite Farm; £78.50 Clawthorpe Lodge; £78 Brow Head. MASH: £76 Low Audlands. MULE: £82 Brow Head; £80 Roacher Hall. SWAL: £76.50 Holme House; £72 Low Hall; £71 Burton Hill. RGH: £82 Killington Drive. CHEV: £81 Roacher Hall. TEX: £91.50 Roacher Hall; £89 Birds Park Farm. TEES: £81.50 Holme House. HERD: £75.50 Boundary Beck; £73.50 The Galleon.
Cast Ewes – RYE: £119 Viewpoint. HAMP: £82 Millness Hall. DORS: £86 Warth Sutton Farm. SUFF: £118 Borrans Farm; £108 Walnut Hill; £97 Brookside. MASH: £101 Killington Drive; £96 Low Audlands. MULE- £119 Raines Hall; £107 Low Chapel Farm; £99 Moss House Farm. SWAL: £100 Catshaw Hall Farm; £78 Middle Sadghyll; £77 Lodge Farm. RGH: £94 Killington Drive; £80 Steps Farm. CHEV: £90 School House; £77 Coupland Beck Farm; £76 Low Haygarth Farm. TEX: £135 Low Chapel Farm; £131 Eskew Beck; £124 Benson Hall. LEI: £117 Orphan Crag Barn. DALES: £62 Low Audlands; £61 Holme House. GRIT: £58 Moss End Farm. TEES: £105 Low Audlands. HERD: £79 Crossings Cottage; £75 Middle Fell.

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