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J36 Thursday 28th May 2015

Posted Thursday, 28 May 2015, 4.16pm

Store Cattle

The sale of Store Cattle saw a top price of £1075 achieved for a Limousin Cross heifer from D Clark, Challon Hall. The entry of mainly yearling cattle saw Limousin steers £965, £955, £950 and heifers £950, £890, £865.

Native Breeds topped at £875 for Aberdeen Angus Heifers with Hereford steers £880 and heifers £800. Young bulls sold to £735 for yearlings from JH Barker.

The next sale of store cattle is Thursday 11th June, catalogue entries by 4th June.

Cast Cows

A smaller show of Cast Cows than previous sales were forward but sold to a full ringside of buyers ensuring all classes of cattle met a strong trade to average 117.5p/kg.

Black & white cows to 141.5p/kg from R J & K R Wilkinson of Levens.

Continental cows to 139.5p/kg, first for a Limousin x cow from T A Chapman & Son of Helsington, selling to Dawn Cumbria and secondly for a Limousin cow from D Nicholson of Blawith, selling to J Bowling.

Calves and Stirks

As seen in the North West this week, a reduced number of calves and stirks forward as many people busy with silage as 54 went under the hammer. Good quality well grown beef calves easily sold £400 plus with a Limousin Bull from TA Chapman and Son of Lane Head Farm selling to £425 and British Blue bulls making £420 from JW & TE Sharpe of Flodder Hall, with British Blue Heifers from the same home selling to £405. Young good types of Continental beef calves sold into the mid £300’s topping at £370 for Limousin heifer from Brian Wilson of Spout House.

Black and whites continue to sell in line with other centres at J36 with calves selling to £92 from Messrs Wilson of Wykes Farm for a 3 week old, with other young rearing types selling easily £70 plus.

A larger entry of 25 stirks attracted plenty of attention with purchasers around the ring for all shapes and sizes with a strong trade throughout. British Blue bullocks sold to £740 from HG Spensley of Barnard Castle with heifers from the same home selling to £640. Black and white steers at 8 month old sold to £505 with four month old black and white steers making £315, all from RH & RA Fawcett of Green Dragon Farm.

Calves and Stirks required weekly, please contact Ian Atkinson for more information 07766 521472

Top prices:

Store Bullocks – AA: £850 Bridge Stone; £795 Audlands Park. LIM: £965 Stribers Farm; £955 Low House; £880 Crabtree Farm; £880 Dendron Farm. HE: £880 £845 Crabtree Farm. BRB: £775 Low Deepslack. BA: £950 Low House.
Store Heifers – AA: £875 Challon Hall Farm; £785 Dendron Farm. LIM: £1075 Challon Hall Farm; £950 Dendron Farm; £890 Old Croft; £865 Bannerigg Farm. HE: £800 £760 Crabtree Farm. BA: £820 £795 Low House.
Store Bulls- LIM: £735 Stribers Farm.
Bull Calf – FR: £95 £80 Elm Tree Farm; £92 Wyke Farm; £85 Hollins Farm; £70 Lupton Hall. LIM: £425 Lane Head; £360 Spout House. BRB: £420 £400 Flodder Hall; £350 £345 £340 Cinder Barrow.
Heifer Calf – LIM: £370 Spout House. BRB: £405 Flodder Hall; £345 Cinder Barrow.
Bull Stirk – FR: £505 £315 Green Dragon Farm; £365 High Foulshaw Farm. LIM: £630 Green Dragon Farm. BRB: £540 High Foulshaw Farm; £445 Mouse Syke. SRW: £425 £370 Mouse Syke.
Heifer Stirk – BRB: £625 Sleatburn Farm.
Bullock Stirk – BRB: £740 Sleatburn Farm.
Cast Cow – FR: 127.5 Beck House; 114.5 Myers Farm; 109.5 Tranthwaite Hall. AY: 119.5 Sunny Bank. AA: 127.5 Gowan Lodge. SHO: 94.5 Low Stennerley. LIM: 139.5 Lane Head Farm; 139.5 Birch Bank; 137.5 Bridge Stone; 137.5 Cragg House.
Cast Heifer – FR: 141.5 High Foulshaw Farm. SRW: 127.5 Far Audlands.
Cast Bull – AA: 119.5 Milton Mill.

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