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J36 - Thursday 14th May 2015

Posted Thursday, 14 May 2015, 3.24pm

Store Cattle

An entry of breeding cattle sold to a good trade for the cattle that where forward. Simmental heifers suckling Limousin bull calves sold to a top of £1580 from Chris Alty of Warton with others achieving £1500 and £1480. Native bred Red Polled cows x with Red Polled heifer calves sold to £1,000.
Store cattle trade saw yearling suckler bred cattle sell to a strong trade with older plainer cattle slightly harder to place. Yearling steers from JA & KJ Allen of St Annes sold to £1080 with grazing steers from TE & A Galbraith selling to £1070. Yearling suckler steers better sorts selling over £1,000 and others over £900. A consignment of heifers from R & E Rayson sold to £1070 for a trio of Bazadaise. Yearling heifers sold between £850 and £900. Bulls sold to a top of £1,035 from MG & HM Capstick of Park House Farm for Stabilisers with others selling to £925.

Cast Cows

Once again an increased ringside of buyers ensured that all classes of Cast Cows met a strong trade. Cows topped at 157.5p/kg for a Limousin cow from Messrs R H M & S Boyren of Colton. Black and white cows topped at 129.5p/kg from R Packham & Sons of Docker with Cast Cows averaging 119.34p/kg

Calves and Stirks

A nice entry of 47 calves at the weekly sale at J36 today, were met by a ringside of active buyers bidding eagerly for all breeds and ages. A top sale price of £390 for rearing calves came from WR Clarke & Partners, Yealand Redmayne with a nice month old Blue Bull. Black and white calves sold to £160 at 6weeks from DJ & S Stainton, Howgill. Best black and whites £90+ with younger rearing types £32-£68 dependant on shape and size.
A run of stirks sold to £625 for a Blue bullock from Messers Mallinson, Levens and Blue heifers from the same home to £590. Black and white stirks sold to £255 for a trio of 4 months old from Messers Butterfield

Top prices:
STORE BULLOCKS: FR: £795 Arklid Farm; £630 Birks Farm. AA: £785 Whinney Haw. LIM: £1080 St Annes Farm; £1070 Crooklands Farm; £985 Dendron Farm. BS: £450 Middle Bank Farm. CH: £950 Fell House; £845 Barker Knott. SIM: £810 Whinney Haw. ST: £970 Oxenholme Farm. BRB: £1055 Greenwood Haw; £840 Cracalt Farm; £600 Middle Bank Farm. LNGH: £730 Meathop Court. BA: £660 Meathop Court.
STORE HEIFERS: AA: £840 Helm Bank; £830 Middle Birkby Farm. LIM: £950 Kirkby Hall; £935 Scroggs Farm; £915 Green Lane End Farm. CH: £865 Crooklands Farm; £860 Low Longmire; £810 Helm Bank. ST: £805 Oxenholme Farm; £660 Helm Bank. BAZ: £1070 Fairbank Farm. BA: £600 Meathop Court.
STORE BULLS: LIM: £825 Coniston Hall Farm; £715 Carter House. CH: £785 High Low Wood. ST: £1035 Park House Farm. BRB: £550 Whinney Haw.
CAST COWS: FR: 129.5 Docker Hall; 119.5 Endmoor Farm; 119.5 Myers Farm. AA: 127.5 Bowston Hall; 121.5 The Height. SHO: 104.5 School House. LIM: 157.5 Hill Park; 137.5 High Wray Farm; 134.5 Blades Farm; 129.5 Singleton Park. HE: 119.5 Lane Ends Farm. SIM: 127.5 Singleton Park. BRB: 154.5 Bowston Hall. MO: 127.5 Green Lane End Farm. BA: 121.5 The Height. BRB: 144.5 Greenwood Haw.
CAST HEIFERS: FR: 139.5 Elm Tree Farm; 124.5 Lupton Hall; 114.5 Toadpool Farm. LIM: 141.5 Bowston Hall. MO: 119.5 Green Lane End Farm.
CAST STEERS: LIM: 147.5; 134.5 Fell House.
PRIME HEIFERS: FR: 149.5; 144.5 Bridge End Farm

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