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Lancaster Monday 27/04/15

Posted Monday, 27 April 2015, 4.32pm

Spring Lambs

Trade for spring lambs is still being held back by the number of hoggs coming forward. An entry of 114 this morning sold to a top of 223ppk for a pen of 5 smart 39kg lambs from Andy Wilson, Scotforth or £96/head for a single 49kg lamb form Tony Birkett, Carnforth. Best lambs 217-229ppk, with buyers looking for lambs between 39-42kg. SQQ average of 210ppk.

Prime Hoggs

Another good show of hoggs for the time of year with just short of 600 forward. Again plenty of heavy lambs forward, as is being seen across the country. Topping the sale was AG Butler with a pen of Texel lambs at 40kg realising 198ppk. Best hoggs achieved 173-183ppk with an SQQ average of 172ppk. Mules sold to a top of £76.50 at 44kg from James Fryars, Kirkham. There was an increased entry of horned hoggs this morning, selling to a top of £74.50 for a pen of 10 42kg Rough Fells from Barker Farms, Cockerham. Swales to £72.50 from AG Butler, Hambleton.

Cast Sheep

Trade for cast sheep wasn’t as fast as has been seen in previous weeks, but in line with other centres. TM Townley, Knowsley, sold a Texel tup to realise the top price of the day of £136. Ewes to £118 on two occasions for both Texels and Suffolks. Mules to £96 from ST Birkett, Carnforth to average £83/head. Horned sheep to £66 from Steven Park, Aughton and Cheviots to £77 from WI & H Gorst, Littledale.

Prime Bulls

More bulls forward this morning, with 11 passing through the ring. Top price per kilo came from DW & NM Alderson with a Limousin realising 181.5ppk. Top price per head came from JM & AG Swarbrick with a Simmental achieving £1196/head. Montbeliardes to 169.5ppk from GA Haston & Son, Galgate.

Breeding Sheep

An entry of 48 families forward this morning were met by a full complement of buyers. Buyers still looking for ewes with stronger lambs as well as younger replacement ewes. Trade reflective of the current prime stock trade, easing slightly to average £54.50/life. Full mouthed mule ewes sucking strong Texel lambs sold to £182/family from Bryan Carter, Ellel. Broken mouthed continental ewes to £172/family from J Burr, Quernmore.


Prime Spring Lambs - SUFF: £96 Hall Croft Barn; £89 Brown Edge; £89 Cocker House Farm. CH: £84 £83 Springfield Farm. TEX: £92.50 Wyre Farm; £91 Burrow Heights Farm; £89.50 Springfield Farm.
Prime Hoggs - SUFF: £80 Parks Farm Barn; £78.50 5 Maddison Avenue; £78 High Tenant. MULE: £76.50 Medlar Hall Farm; £75 North Farm; £74.50 Fell End Farm. HRN: £74.50 Hillam House Farm; £72.50 Parks Farm Barn; £70 Medlar Hall Farm. CH: £74 Throstle Grove Farm; £66 Low Kit Brow. CHEV: £78 Parks Farm Barn; £78 Weavers Farm. TEX: £85 Middle Ridge Farm; £85 Medlar Hall Farm; £81.50 Hudsbrook Farm. LEI: £74 Hudsbrook Farm. GRIT: £80 Medlar Hall Farm. HERD: £73.50 Fell End Farm; £71 Medlar Hall Farm.
Cast Sheep – SUFF: £118 Church Weyr; £102 Knowsley Farm. MULE: £96 Hall Croft Barn; £89 Friars Moss; £84 Knowsley Farm. HRN: £66 Highfield Farm. CH: £122 Inverbervie. CHEV: £100 Cragg Farm; £72 Cock Hall Farm. TEX: £136 Knowsley Farm; £118 Sycamores; £112 Lundholme Farm.
Prime Bulls – FRI: 139.5 Yeat House. AA: 161.5 Nateby Hall Farm. LIM: 181.5 High Green; 177.5 Yeat House. SR: 151.5 Yeat House. SIM: 174.5 Bensons Farm. BRB: 174.5 Benson Farm. MO: 169.5 Lane House.

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