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Lancaster Friday 24th April

Posted Friday, 24 April 2015, 4.33pm

Store Cattle

A lesser entry of store cattle forward this morning with vendors holding off ready for Grass Day next week. Trade was sharper this week, with buyers seeming keener to purchase all classes, contrary to the down turn in dead weight prices. Opening the sale was a cow and calf selling to £1250. Trade topped at £1300 on three occasions this morning, with Angus and Limousin bullocks from L Parsons & Son, Cowell & Moore and GR Bargh & Co. Heifers topped at £1180 from SJ Brass, Ingleton, with a nice pen of 24month Limousins. Native bred heifers sold to £1090 from I & ME Askew, New Hutton with a 23month Angus. Friesian bullocks sold to £1000 from James Lamb, Old Glasson and L Parsons & Son, Low Levens. A nice run of summering cattle from JS Nickson sold to £1070 for Limousin bullocks and Lim heifers to £960.
Show and Sale of Stores next week for the Annual Grass Day Sale, entries by Monday 27th 5pm please.

Cast Cows

A good entry of 91 cast cows this morning, with plenty of quality forward were met by a flying trade. EW & RM Towers, Hornby sold a cast Fleckvieh heifer to 179.5ppk while also at this top price was a cast Lim steer from TW Nelson & Son, Stainton. Cast cows topped only 2 pence behind at 177.5ppk with a Lim cow from J & M Cockett, Ingleton. Dairy cows sold to 145.5ppk from JS & KM Wilson, Natland, this heavy weight cow also achieved the top price of the day, totalling £1237. Dairy cows averaged 117.5ppk with an overall average for all OTMs forward being 126ppk.

Calves & Stirks

A nice entry of calves this morning were met by a flying trade. The sale was made up of mainly black and whites, topping at £165 from WN & D Smith, Cockerham at 8weeks old. Best B&W’s well in advance of £115. With younger sorts £60-£98. Plain calves a fraction easier yet still dearer than previous weeks. Overall average of £83/head. Continental and native bred calves short of buyer’s requirements, however, a nice run of month old blues from Richard & Johnny Hoggarth sold to £340 for heifers and £325 for Bulls. Hereford heifers realised £270 from Steve Mason, Birkland Barrow. A run of seven 5-6month stirks from A Shepherd, sold to £540 for Blue heifers and £595 for Blue Bulls.

STORE BULLOCKS – FR: £1000 Low Levens; £1000 Old Glasson; £880 Newsham Hall Farm. AA: £1300 Low Levens; £1210 2 Church Street; £1200 High Green. LIM: £1300 Newsham Hall Farm; £1300 1 Rye Close; £1290 Old Woodhouse. CH: £1280 Intack Farm; £1200 High Green. SIM: £1200 1 Rye Close. BRB: £1140 Greenlands Farm; £1130 Hall Croft Barn. MO: £1130 Fanny House Farm; £1130 Old Glasson. FKV: £930 Carlingwha. BLO: £1280 Intack Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – AA: £1090 Raw Head; £1080 Bouthwaite Farm; £1040 Windy Hill Farm. LIM: £1180 2 Church Street; £1170 High House Farm; £1120 Greenlands Farm. CH: £1150 Intack Farm; £1040 Greenlands Farm; £980 Brown Edge. HERE: £530 Field House. BRB: £1160 Hall Croft Barn; £1090 Pasture House Farm; £1080 Kirkland Hall Farm. MO: £700 Yeat House. BLO: £960 Ivy Farm; £900 Harrison House Farm.
CAST COW - FR: 145.5 High House; 144.5 Holme House Farm; 141.5 Lathwaite Farm. AA: 141.5 Mosergh Farm; 139.5 Black Bull Cottage; 117.5 Burnt House. SHO: 114.5 Deep Clough. LIM: 177.5 Foredales Farm; 141.5 Mosergh Farm; 141.5 Thrang. BS: 139.5 Stubb Hall Farm; 137.5 High House. CH: 154.5 Brown Edge. NOR: 147.5 Birks Farm. FKV: 149.5 Holme Head. BLO: 151.5 Dunkenshaw Farm. BRB: 149.5 Bank Field Far; 147.5 High House; 137.5 Dunkenshaw Farm.
CAST HEIFER – FRI: 137.5 Gilbraltar Farm. FKV: 179.5 Holme Head.
CAST STEER – FRI: - 134.5 Cockrigg Farm; 114.5 Croft House. LIM: 179.5 Cockrigg Farm.
BULL CALF – FRI: £165 Cocker House Farm; £158 Tills Farm; £115 Lawsons Farm. AA: £250 Tills Farm; £150 Blackwood End. BRB: £335 Birks Farm; £325 Manor House Farm.
HEIFER CALF – BRB: £340 Manor House Farm. HERE: £270 Birkland Barrow. AA: £215 Manor House Farm.
BULL STIRK – BRB: £595 Muffys Platt Farm.
HEIFER STIRK –BRB: £540 Muffys Platt Farm.

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