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J36 Thursday 30th April 2015

Posted Thursday, 30 April 2015, 4.29pm

North West Auctions held their fortnightly sale of Cast Cows at J36 where a show made up predominately Black & White Cows were put to an increased ringside of buyers. Black and White cows topped at 134.5p/kg from RE & JA Clark of Endmoor purchased by Mr L Fell. Good meated cows regularly 115 to 125p/kg. A lot more lean plain cows forward today regularly being 85-95p/kg. A definite shortage of good continental cattle today but those forward were good to sell, topping at 184.5p/kg for a Limousin Cow from CF Hoggarth & Son of Burneside. Overall Cast Cows averaged 115.63p/kg.
Despite the inclement weather for the time of year and the ever on going drop in prime cattle prices a huge ringside of buyers were present for the Annual Grass Day Prize Show & Sale of Store Cattle and the quality of cattle did not disappoint with all classes being good to sell, especially the smarter end of yearling Bullocks and Heifers but there was something for everybody.
The weekly sale of calves and stirks attracted an entry of 66 selling to a firm trade attracting buyers from far and wide. British Blue bull calves were in strong demand selling to £470 and £450 from JW & TE Sharpe of Flodder Hall. Angus bull calves sold to £422 from V & EJ Chadwick & Sons of Sowerby Lodge at 8 weeks old. All types of beef calves wanted by buyers from young calves ideal for multi suckling cows to well grown beef calves. Black and white bull calves sold to a top of £200 from RA & E Edmondson of High Barnes with other best types of rearing calves selling in excess of £110 with plainer rearing types £60 - £90.

A larger entry of stirks in the market this week met a strong trade. Eight month old montbeliarde steers sold to £625 from Andrew Pratt of Sedbergh who also sold British blue heifer and steers to £590. Black and white steers at 7 month old sold to £405 from the same home.

The Pre-sale show of cattle was very ably judged by Mr Geoff Bell of Appleby who used his expertise to judge the six classes cattle put before him before having the very difficult task of awarding his overall Champion and Reserve Rosettes, but after a lot of very careful deliberation he went on to award the Championship Rosette and the Roger Griffiths memorial Rose Bowl to a very shapely 12 month old Blonde Cross Bullock from Stephen Hill of Bolten-le-Sands and the Reserve Champion Rosette to a Yearling Limousin Bullock from JG & PH Thompson of Poppy Farm.

Show Results

Limousin Heifer
1st TMW & H Hodgson, Arklid £980
2nd JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm £990
3rd GC & GW Taylor, Farm £855
British Blue Heifer
1st RH & C Ayrton, Ouzlethorn Farm, £960
Any Other Breed Heifer
1st SA Hill, The Dell £1130
2nd SJ & NS Wood, Causeway Farm £955
Limousin Bullock
1st JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm £1180
2nd JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm £1120
3rd TMW & H Hodgson, Arklid £1090
British Blue Bullock
1st SA Hill, The Dell £1180
2nd RH & C Ayrton, Ouzlethorn £1070
3rd RH & C Ayrton, Ouzlethorn £1060
Any Other Breed Bullock
1st SJ & NS Wood, Causeway £1100
2nd SJ & NS Wood, Causeway £1100
3rd SA Hill, The Dell £1070
Champion – British Blue Bullock from SA Hill, The Dell
Reserve Champion – Limousin Bullock from JH & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm
Throughout the sale there were some fantastic runs of cattle and with buyers returning year after year knowing they will be able to put together some tremendous cattle ideal to turnout for summer grazing. There was also a lot interest from buyers looking to purchase good heifers for breeding purposes.
Top Prices
Cast Cows – Fri 135.5 Far Audland, 129.5 Warton Grange Farm, 127.5 Wyke Farm, Greaves Farm. Ayr 114.54 Sunny Bank. Ang 121.5 Low Hundhowe. Sho 114.5, 111.5 Strickley. Gal 114.5 Long Green Head. Luing 131.5 High House Farm, 117.5 Poole Bank Farm. Lim 184.5 Low Hundhowe, 157.5 Stubb Farm, 154.5 Poppy Farm, 149.5 Ashstead. Char 144.5 Greaves Farm. Here 139.5 Lane Ends Farm, 114.5 Low Hundhowe. Sim 119.5 Low Woodedge Farm.
Store Bullock – Fri £770 Buck Bank Farm, £715 Hal Farm, £715 Buck Bank Farm. Ang £875 Bank Ground, £860, £800 Low Stannerley, £750 Marl House. Sho £850 Kirkby Hall. Lim £1255, £1230, £1195 Stubb Farm, £1180 Poppy Farm, £1140 Levens Hall. Char £1095 Barker Knott, £1000 Dawson Fold, £985 Eskmeals, £920 Hartrigg. Here £935 West Plain Farm, £895 Crabtree Farm, £880 West Plain Farm, £860 High Biggarsbank. Sim £1175 Brow Head, £1085 Brow Head, £1020, £1000 High House Farm. Stab £770, £765 West Berrick Farm, £720 Old School House. Brb £1180 The Dell, £1090 Capplethwaite, £1070, £1060 Ouzelthorn. FKV £985, £955 Carlingwha. Blo £1100 Causeway Farm. £1070 The Dell, £1045 Poppu Farm, £995 Causeway Farm.
Store Heifer – Ang £845 Bank Ground, £830 Middle Birkby Farm, £750 Low Fell End, £720 Bank Ground. Lim £1250, £1240 Lane Head Farm, £1200 Cockrigg, £1180 Lane Head, £1150 North Lodge. Char £980 Bowkerstead Farm, £920 Dawson Fold, £900 Mountain View, £900 Barker Knott. Here £685, £665 Gowan Bank Farm. Sim £870 Brow Head, £820 Low Fell End. Brb £1065 High Biggarsbank, £1030 Capplethwaite Hall, £960 Ouzlethorn Farm, £940 Garnett House. Blo £1130 The Dell, £955 Causeway Farm, £950 Capplethwaite, £880 Millbeck Bungalow.
Store Bull – Lim £975, £945, £895 Fold Farm. Chra £885 Mint Close. Stab £920 Park House Farm.
Bull Calf – Brb £470, £450 Flodder Hall, £370 Sowerby Lodge. Ang £422 Sowerby Lodge. Lim £290 Birks Farm.
Heifer Calf – Brb £410, £370 Flodder Hall. Ang £360 Sowerby Lodge. Lim £280 Birks Farm.
Heifer Stirk – Brb £590 Buck Bank Farm. Ang £510 Orphan Crag Barn. Lim £392 Borwick Fold Farm.
Bullock Stirk – Mon £625 Buck Bank Farm. Brb £590 Buck Bank Farm. Ang £580 Orphan Crag. Fri £405 Buck Bank Farm.

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