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J36 Thursday 2nd April 2015

Posted Thursday, 02 April 2015, 10.53am

The sale of Cast/OTM cattle saw 48 forward, selling to a top price of 154p/kg for a well-fleshed Friesian cow from Messrs Wood of Newby, with others 149p/kg for Saler cows from A M S Robinson, Staveley. The market was topped by C Hutchings, Ulpha with a shorthorn cow selling for £1017.
OTM clean cattle sold to 189p/kg (£1013) for a 31 mo Ang steer from D J & P C Sanson, Underbarrow, with others steers 169p/kg (£927). Heifers sold to 159p/kg (£963) for HF from R A & E Edmondson, Levens.
All OTM cows averaged 108p/kg, steers 180p/kg, heifers 121p/kg
Store Cattle
Store cattle peaked at £1145 for a pen of 5 Sim steers from Mrs E Tuer with Lim x £1080 from J E Wightman. Younger steers peaked at £1000 for Lim x from S W Atkinson & Son and D J & E A Park.
Heifers sold to £980, again for Sim x from Mrs Tuer, with J Moorhouse selling Lim x for £985. Best young heifers to £915 for Lim x from J & J Postlethwaite, with others generally £750-£820.
A larger entry of feeding bulls saw M G & H M Capstick sell Stablisers to £890, young Lims £685. Dairy bulls sold to £520 for 8 mo from P W & D Swindlehurst.
Beef Breeding cattle saw BRBx heifers with calves at foot selling to £1900 from J D & M Beck, Longdale.
Thursday 16th April to include dispersal sale of the suckler herd on behalf of D G Underhill.
Calves and Stirks
The weekly sale of calves and stirks at J36 Rural Auction centre had a reduced entry of 38 forward, with many vendors and buyers absent today as they are busy lambing. The reduction in the beef price and general reduced confidence in beef at the moment led to a slightly reduced trade. All types of calves were still eagerly enough sought after, with still plenty of buyers around the ring. Good beef bull calves sold to a top of £395 for British Blues from JW & TE Sharpe of Flodder Hall. British blues from WB Winder & Co made £380 and Limousin calves from Brian Wilson of Spout House made £375. Heifer calves twice topped at £370, firstly from JW & TE Sharpe of Flodder Hall with a British Blue and then a Limousin from Brian Wilson of Spout House. Strong beef calves, between 4 – 6 weeks, were still achieving £300 plus. Black and whites sold to a top of £150 for strong calves from HJ Robinson & Son of Elm Tree, with others making £140. Young British Friesian types sold to £95 and £80 from WB Winder & Co., with all Black and Whites forward averaging £71.82.
A small entry of stirks sold to £605 and £600 for seven month old British Blue steers from JR Armistead of Sedbergh, with all stirks forward achieving their value.
Top prices:
Store Bullocks: Lim: £1080 Crabtree; £1000 Capplerigg; £1000, £965, £920 £905 Hollin Hall Farm; £880 Crabtree Farm. Sim: £1145 Common Farm. BrB: £800 Lawsons Farm.
Store Heifers: Slr: £860 New Hall. Lim: £985 Broughton House; £955, £895 Crabtree Farm; £915 Bramaskew. Char: £720 Lawsons Farm. Here: £890 Common Farm. Sim: £980, £910 Common Farm. BrB: £735 Lawsons Farm.
Store Bulls: Fr: £520 Tranthwaite Hall; £505 Pyes Bridge. Lim: £685 Bramaskew. Stab: £890 Park House Farm.
Cow & Calf: BrB: £1900, £1350 Town Foot..
Cast Cows: Fr: 154.5p, 119.5p Longlands Farm; 124.5p Endmoor Farm; 117.5p Moss House Farm; 114.5p School Hill; 109.5p Tranthwaite Hall, Myers Farm. Ayr: 111.5p, 84.5p Sunny Bank. Ang: 121.5p Singleton Park, Natland Mill Beck. Sho: 137.5p Hazel Head Farm. Gal: 91.5p School Hill. Slr: 149.5p, 139.5, 134.5p, 129.5p New Hall. Lim: 139.5p Turner Hall; 129.5p, 127.5p, 124.5p Singleton Park. Mon: 117.5p Wall End Farm.
Cast Hfrs: Fr: 159.5p, 129.5p High Barns; 144.5p Carter House. BrB: 124.5p Low Newton Farm. Blo: 124.5p Crabtree Farm
Cast Steers: Ang: 189.5p Scarfoot. BrB: 169.5p Crabtree Farm.
Cast Bulls: Fr: 91.5p Halforth.
Bull Calves: Fr: £150, £140, £100 Elm Tree; £100 Ravens Lodge; £95, £80 Wall End Farm. Ang: £290 Natland Mill Beck. Lim: £375 Spout House. Luing: £240 Sunny Bank. BrB: £395, £350 Flodder Hall; £380 Wall End Farm; £350 Hagg Farm; £330 Ravens Lodge.
Heifer Calves: Ang: £260 Wraysholme Tower. Lim: £370 Spout House. BrB: £370, £350, £340 Flodder Hall.
Steer Stirks: BrB: £605, £600 Whinney Haw; £535 Wall End Farm; £425 Borwick Fold Farm. Sho: £335 Borwick Fold Farm.

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