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Lancaster Monday 30th March

Posted Tuesday, 31 March 2015, 10.57am

Easter Prize Show and Sale of Prime Spring Lambs
Also Prize Show and Sale of Ewes & Shearlings with Lambs at Foot
Prime Hoggs
Lancaster followed national trends at end of the previous week with the prime hogg prices reducing to the previous week. The trade was noticeably back with many pens £3-£4 back on the week with an overall sale average of 186ppk with SQQ hoggs average 188ppk. Better quality lambs still sold in excess of £2 per kilogram topping at 212ppk from Bargh Contractors. A lot of heavier lambs in the market which were harder to sell than seen over previous weeks.
Spring Lambs
The opening sale of spring’s lambs to include the Easter Show attracted 34 lambs forward kindly sponsored Rumenco. The pre-sale show was expertly judged by Michael Lomax who awarded the first prize rosette to John Geldard of Low Foulshaw Farm with a pair Charollais lambs. The opening sale created plenty of interest from buyers with a couple of fresh buyers around the ring looking for spring lambs. The trade topped at £128 for the first prized lambs from to John Geldard of Low Foulshaw Farm with the second prized lambs from Andrew Rowlinson of Low Hall Beck also achieving £128. Spring lambs sold to 306ppk and 303ppk from PW & DW Roskell of Springfield Farm. The average for spring lambs was 269ppk.
Show Results
1st – JA & R Geldard – 51kg Charollais - £128
2nd – AG & GM Rowlinson – 45kg Suffolks - £218
3rd – JA & R Geldard – 48kg Charollais - £126
Cast Sheep
A larger entry of cast sheep forward at Lancaster saw the trade continue to be as strong. Cast rams sold to a top price of £155 for a Texel from DJ Sykes of Clay Gap Farm with Charollais’s from AG Stafford of Birch Croft making £142. Once again fit continental ewes sold easily to and above £120 topping at £134 from Andrew Wilson of Burrow Heights. Mule ewes sold easily into the nineties for powerful fit ewes topping at £97 from Andrew Wilson of Burrow Heights although buyers are over cautious of over fat ewes with all mules averaging £93.
Prime Cattle
The weekly sale of Prime Cattle at Lancaster had an entry of five prime bulls, trade topped at 204.5ppk for a Limousin bull from GA Haston & Son of Lane House. A satisfactory trade was had throughout.
Spring Breeding Sheep Sale
The bad weather over the weekend had taken its toll on many sheep and lamb families looking weathered and not at their best, leaving a few buyers’ very cautious with the poor weather set to continue. The spring show of Ewes and Shearlings with lambs was kindly judged by George Bell of Kirkby Lonsdale and sponsored by Rumenco. The champion rosette was awarded to John Fox of Blackwood End with a pen of 4 crop Texel x ewes sucking ¾ Texel twin lambs selling for £218. The trade was topped at £225 for Texel shearlings suckling strong twin Suffolk lambs from TM Townley of Knowsley Farm. Many older ewes sucking twins sold between £55 and £60 a life. Ewes sucking singles all sold £70 a life plus.
Monday 6th April 2015 - Sale as normal including 64 Families of sheep and lambs entered to date.
Show Results
Mule Shearlings with Twins – Will Alexander, Heather Barn
Mule Ewes with Twins – Joe Townley, Mearsbeck Farm
Continental Shearlings with Twins – John Drinkwater, Conder Mill Farm
Continental Ewes with Twins – John Fox, Blackwood End Farm
Top Prices
Prime Hoggs: SUFF: £90 North Farm; £89 Moss Side Farm; £87 Hall Croft Barn. MULE: £83.50 North Farm; £78.50 Little Fell; £76 Holme House Farm. HRN: £78 Tarnwater Farm; £77 Sowerby Lodge; £73 Holme House Farm. CH: £83.50 Walmsley Fold. CHEV: £79 Low Kit Brow. TEX: £98 Mill House Farm; £92 Parks Farm Barn; £91 Sowerby Lodge. JAC: £75 Hall Croft Barn.
Spring Lambs: SUFF: £128 Low Hall Beck. CH: £128 Low Foulshaw Farm; £118 Springfield Farm. TEX: £110 Springfield Farm; £88 Windmill Farm.
Cast Sheep: SUFF: £120 Hall Croft Barn; £94 Hazleslack Tower Farm; £90 Castle o Trim. CON: £122 Redbank Farm; £100 Newton Villa. MULE: £97 Burrow Heights Farm; £97 Lee End Farm; £94 Redbank Farm. HRN: £88 Stanley Farm; £52 Lots House Farm. CH: £142 Birch Croft. TEX: £155 Clay Gap Farm; £134 Burrow Heights Farm; £128 Walmsley Fold; £124 Redbank Farm.
Prime Bulls: FR: 129.5 Yeat House. AA: 139.5 Lambrigg Farm. LIM: 204.5 Lane House; 194.5 Old Croft. MO: 161.5 Yeat House.

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