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Lancaster Monday 23/03/15

Posted Monday, 23 March 2015, 11.03am

Weekly Sale of Prime Sheep, Cattle and Breeding Sheep at Lancaster
Prime Hoggs
A larger entry of prime hoggs forward this week sold to continue strong trade, SQQ hoggs averaged 199ppk with an overall average of 196ppk. A lot of heavy hoggs in the market lead to the average being slightly easier than the previous week. Prime hoggs sold to a top of 226ppk for Texels from WM Pye of Tarnwater with standard weight continental hoggs selling easily over the 200ppk mark. Heavy weight hoggs in the early to mid-fifty kilograms sold to the late nineties. Mule hoggs sold to a top of 205ppk with all mules forward averaging 192ppk. More horned lambs in the market today saw Scottish Black faces achieve 206ppk or £86.50 with all horned lambs forward averaging 191ppk.
Cast Sheep
The cast sheep trade continues to be every bit of good with all buyers keen to buy sheep today. Buyers continue to be cautious on over fat sheep but fit sheep are eagerly sought after. Charollais tups from Peter Anderton of Wyre Farm sold to £148. Good continental ewe easily sold over £110 topping at £134 for a couple of Texels from Joe Townley of Mearsbeck. Big mule ewes sold well into the nineties topping at £99 from EE Thornton & Sons of Downlands. An overall average of £92.05 for all cast sheep.
Prime Cattle
A mixed entry of prime bulls topped at 184.5ppk for Limousin bulls from J Airey of Old Croft with others from the same home selling to 177.5ppk. Dairy bred beef bulls saw Limousins sell to 174.5ppk from A & FM Bolland & Sons of Yeat House.
Spring Breeding Sheep Sale
The weekly sale of sheep with lambs at foot saw an entry of 192 forward this week. Once again at Lancaster a buoyant trade throughout with buyers around the ring for all ages and types of sheep and lambs. Majority of the entry forward was older ewes. The trade topped at £212 for four crop continental ewes suckling ¾ Texel lambs from JT & B Fox of Blackwood End with ewes and single lambs from the same home selling to £190. A large proportion of today’s entry was old mule ewes which sold to a top of £192 from TM Townley of Knowsley Farm sucking young Texel twin lambs as others depending on the lambs sold regularly around the £180 mark. Sheep and lambs sold to an average of £64 per head with very few singles forward today.

Prime Hoggs: SUFF: £99 Booth Hall; £97 Cocker House Farm; £93 Hudsbrook Farm. CON: £75 Medlar Hall Farm. MASH: £85 Medlar Hall Farm; £82.50 Cobble Hey Farm. MULE: £91.50 Hudsbrook Farm; £90 North Farm; £86 Medlar Hall Farm. HRN: £86.50 Curwin Hill Farm; £85 Allcocks Farm. CH: £79 Throstle Grove Farm; £78 Stirzakers Farm; £67 Wyre Farm. CHEV: £98 Inverbervie: £94 Hudsbrook Farm; £90 North Farm. TEX: £98 Parks Farm Barn; £98 Moss Side Farm; £97 Cocker House Farm. GRIT: £93.50 Inverbervie. HERD: £63 Lee End Farm; £56 Moss House Farm.
Cast Sheep: MASH: £98 Overdale. MULE: £99 Downlands Farm; £95 Low Kit Brow; £92 Booth Hall. HRN: £92 Meadowside. CH: £148 Wyre Farm. TEX: £134 Mearsbeck Farm; £126 Overdale; £116 Moss Side Farm.
Prime Bulls: FR: 129.5 Yeat House. LIM: 184.5 Old Croft; 174.5 Yeat House.

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