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Lancaster Friday 20/03/15

Posted Friday, 20 March 2015, 11.04am

Lancaster Friday
Cast/OTM Cattle
An entry of 63 OTM cattle forward sold to an overall average of 118ppk. The OTM trade continue to be every bit as dear at Lancaster with vendors and potential vendors strongly advised not to pass Lancaster with a strong crowd of buyers around the ring. Cull cows sold to a top price of 169ppk or £1354 for a five year old British Blue cow from Philip Halhead on behalf of Norbreck Genetics. Well fleshed beef cows sold between the mid and late 140ppk. Black and White cows topped at 141.5ppk from Gary Atkinson of Cantsfield with other fleshed cows in the 130’s pence per kilo. Black and whites sold to an overall average of 109ppk.
Store Cattle
A plainer entry of store cattle forward in the market with more Holstein steers and a lot of dairy bred cattle. As seen in many store cattle markets up and down the country this week the trade has slightly eased with many finishers slightly cautious over the recent drop in prime cattle although long keep suckler bred cattle sold to a strong trade with people beginning to look for summering cattle. Trade topped at £1350 for Angus steers from SJ Brass of Ingleton with Limousin steers selling to £1330 from BN Greenwood. Heifers sold to a top price of £1290 for a 23 month old Limousin from RA Caton of Low House.
Calves & Stirks
A disappointing entry of calves and stirks at Lancaster with buyers leaving short of requirements. Top price came from David & Eileen Wallbank with an Angus Bull selling to £305. Stirks to £510 for Angus Heifers from B Webber, Wigan. Many more calves needed to meet buyers requirements.
Top Prices
Store Bullocks: FR: £1040 Abbotson Farm; £1030 Stubbins Farm; £1010 Cock Hall Farm. AA: £1350 Church Street; £1250 Low House; £1240 Intack Farm. SHO: £920 Bouthwaite Farm. SLR: £1300 Cock Hall Farm. LIM: £1330 Daniel Fold Farm; £1310 Cock Hall Farm; £1290 Hazleslack Tower Farm. BS: £600 Willow Farm. CH: £1280 Greenlands Farm; £1250 Elmridge Farm; £1210 Billinge Hall Farm. HE: £1200 Manor House Farm; £1020 Leylands Farm; £760 Springfield. SIM: £1160 Billinge Hall Farm; £1120 Oak Head; £1020 Leylands Farm.ST: £1210 Low Foulshaw Farm. BRB: £1270 Abrahams Farm; £1260 Church Street; £1130 Intack Farm. MO: £1090 Thorns Farm; £980 High Green; £790 Ivy Cottage. SRW: £970 Pilling Lane. FKV: £1140 Cragg Farm. BA: £1070 Low Moor Head.
Store Heifers: FR: £680 Fencefoot Farm; £600 Narrow Gate Farm. AA: £1140 Daniel Fold Farm; £1120 Moss View;£1120 Croppers Farm. LIM: £1290 Low House; £1190 Cragg Farm; £1150 Ackenthwaite Farm. CH: £1220 Greenlands Farm; £1070 Corney Hill. HE: £1160 Manor House Farm; £1080 Ivy Barn; £1050 Windy Hull Farm. SIM: £1130 Daniel Fold Farm; £1120 Croppers Farm; £1110 Hilderstone Farm. BRB: £1270 Betts Farm; £1190 Cracalt Farm; £1150 Abrahams Farm.
Cast Cows: FR: 141.5 Abbotson Farm; 137.5 Low Deepslack; 134.5 Heaton Hall Farm. AY: 87.5 Aughton Hall. LIM: 147.5 Holme House Farm; 141.5 Intack Farm; 127.5 Lambrigg Park Farm. CH: 151.5 Greaves Farm. HE: 119.5 Middle Lee Farm. SIM: 144.5 Norbreck Genetics; 144.5 Dunkenshaw Farm; 119.5 Slack Farm. BRB: 169.5 Norbreck Genetics. MO: 144.5 Lane House; 91.5 Ireby Hall.
Cast Steers: CH: 159.5 Lambrigg Park Farm.
Cast Bulls: AA: 91.5 Hiltons Farm.
Heifer Calf: AA: £285 Tills Farm.
Bull Calf: BRB: £305 Tills Farm.
Heifer Stirk: AA: £510 Firtree Cottage. LIM: £425 Middle Lee Farm.

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