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Lancaster Friday 13/03/15

Posted Friday, 13 March 2015, 11.10am

Store Cattle

A continued strong trade for all shapes and sizes of store cattle at Lancaster. Plenty of well grown cattle in the market carrying flesh sold to a top price of £1450 for a Charolais from David Moorhouse of High House Farm with Limousin steers from the same home selling to £1420. An impressive pen of five Angus steers from Neil Davis sold to £1380. Heifers sold to a top of £1220 for a couple of British blues from J & M Cottam of Hill Top. Black and White steers sold to a top price of £1190 from GR & B Mason of Hillock Farm. Black and white steers sold to an average of £861. Young store cattle continue to be in high demand at Lancaster with all breeds and types needed to meet the ever strong demand from buyers. All steers forward sold to a market average of £1041 with heifers averaging £927.

Cast/OTM Cattle

A shortage of cattle forward to meet the requirements of a ring full of active buyers with all classes of cattle selling well. Cast cows once again selling to a firm trade maybe a fraction back on previous weeks. Cows twice sold to a top price of 154.5ppk, Limousins from EJ Ward & Sons of Intack Farm and Friesians from A Kirkby & Co of Gulf Farm with other meaty cows selling in the late 130’s. A shortage of meaty cows in the market saw cows out of the parlour selling 120ppk plus. An overall average of 116ppk with black and whites averaging 117ppk. OTM steers sold to a top price of 204.5ppk for British Blues from David Moorhouse of High House Farm.
Calves and Stirks

The weekly sale of Calves and stirks attract 41 this week with an abundance of buyers around the ring. Beef calves continue to be in strong demand with all ages of calves eagerly sought after. A run of British blue calves from Stephen Robinson of Longber sold to a top of £445 for a bull with others to £442. British blue heifer calves from the same home twice sold to £405. Native bred cattle always meets a strong demand at Lancaster, Hereford bulls calves from Drinkall Bros of Catshaw sold to £385. Black and white bull calves sold to a mixed trade. Young rearing calves were in strong demand selling anywhere between £50 and £70 with older calves nearer weaning selling between £80 and £110 with best types from WN & D Smith & Sons of Cocker House achieving £172. A smaller entry of stirks this week saw Limousin heifers from David Whitaker of Little Fell sell to £490 at 6 months old. An entry of Black and White bells from E Newsham of Sellerley Farm between 6 and 8 month old sold for £440 and £400.
Top Prices

STORE STEERS – FR: £1190 Hillock Farm; £1140 Intack Farm; £1080 Cragg Farm; £1070 Downlands Farm; £960 Hallbeck; £920 Sunb Snape Farm; £840 Turnover Farm. AA: £1380 Cragg Farm; £1330 Little Fell Farm; £1260 Lower Langthwaite Farm; £1240 Barn Owl Farm; £1210 New Parkside Farm; £1180 Church Farm; £1170 Woodside Farm; £1100 Isle of Skye Farm; £1080 Woodside Farm. SLR: £1350 Cragg Farm. MRI: £1110 Staffords Farm. WB: £1070 Church Farm. LIM: £1420 High House Farm; £1350 Ackentheaite Farm & Lentworth Farm; £1310 Old Woodhouse; £1240 Intack Farm; £1200 High House; £1180 Fellside Farm; £1140 Sykes Fold Farm; £1090 Downlands Farm. CHAR: £1450 High House Farm; £1340 Aughton Hall; £1220 Elmridge Farm. HE: £1260 Ivy Barn; £1170 Windy Hill Farm. SIM: £1360 Littlewood Hall Farm; £1310 Hilderstone Farm; £1300 Clawthorpe Lodge; £1060 Park House Farm. ST: £1240 Low Foulshaw Farm. BB: £1380 Rye Close; £1370 Millstones; £1330 Hill Top; £1050 Cobble Hey Farm. MON: £1330 Hillock Farm; £1150 Ireby Hall; £1020 Fanny House Farm. BAZ: £800 Springfield. SRW: £950 Fanny House Farm. NOR: £1100 Fanny House; £900 Intack Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – AA: £1200 Stirzakers Farm; £1160 Woodside Farm & Windy Hill Farm; £1150 Nightfield Gate; £1120 Park Farm. SHO: £700 Aughton Hall. WB: £840 Millstones. LIM: £1200 Ackenthwaite Farm; £890 Cobble Hey Farm. CH: £1090 Longstripes Farm; £1020 Stirzakers Farm. HE: £1120 Windy Hill Farm. SIM: £890 Park House Farm. ST: £870 Low Foulshaw. BB: £1220 Hill Top; 1190 Ivy Barn; £1100 Church Farm; £890 Cobble Hey Farm.
STORE BULLS – LIM: £900 High House Farm.
CAST COWS – FR: 154.5p/kg Gulf Farm; 144.5p/kg Hallbeck; 139.5p/kg Manor House Farm & Kiln Hall; 137.5p/kg Holme House; 134.5p/kg North Farm. LIM: 154.5p/kg Intack Farm. MON: 139.5p/kg Holmehead Farm. BB: 124.5p/kg Goose Green
CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 171.5p/kg Berryholme; 169.5p/kg Waterscales. LIM: 149.5p/kg Lambrigg Park Farm. CH: 149.5p/kg Lambrigg Park Farm. MON: 144.5p/kg Ireby Hall.
CAST STEERS – CH: 159.5p/kg Lambrigg Park Farm. BB: 204.5p/kg High House Farm.
CAST BULL – Fr: 119.5p/kg Linghaw Farm. SHO: 164.5p/kg Goose Green. LIM: 127.5p/kg Lambrigg Head Farm & Downlands Farm.
HEIFER CALVES – AA: £272 Cocker House Farm; £170 Birkland Barrow. LIM: £390 Longber Farm. BB: £405 Longber Farm.
BULL CALVES – FR: £172 Cocker House Farm; £110 Newhouse Farm; £108 Tills Farm; £100 Hatters Farm. AYR: £40 Caw House Farm. AA: £250 Birkland Barrow. HE: £385 Catshaw Hall Farm; £350 Birkland Barrow. BB: £445 Longber Farm; £375 Norbreck Farm.
BULL STIRKS – FR: £440 Sellerley Farm. LIM: £320 Little Fell Farm.
HEIFER STIRKS – AA: £300 Nissan Huts. LIM: £490 Little Fell Farm

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