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Lancaster 06/03/15

Posted Friday, 06 March 2015, 11.13am

Lancaster Friday
Store Cattle
A mixed entry forward in quality and age with all types eagerly bid for. Good quality short keep steers continue to sell very well topping at £1530 from H Chapman & Son of Millbeck with 22 – 24 month olds with others from the same home realising £1470. Native bred cattle always in strong demand at Lancaster saw Angus steers top at £1450 from O Butler of Barn Owl Farm. Younger native bred cattle always in very strong demand with many vendors looking to refill there sheds and people now beginning to plan ahead ready for grass day. An impressive 26 cattle sold for £1300 or more. Heifers sold to a top of £1290 from G Johnson of Jubilee Farm. Black and white steers sold to a top of £1090 from RC Billington & Son of Stubbins Farm. Steers sold to an average of £1045 with heifers averaging £968.
Cast/OTM Cattle
Once again plenty of buyers around the Cast cow ring at Lancaster with the trade a little easier than been over the previous weeks but still a very good trade with vendors leaving well satisfied with the prices achieved. Over 80% of the OTM cattle forward where Black and whites selling to a market average of 129ppk with cast cows averaging 122ppk. Black and White cows sold to 141.5ppk with fit cows selling in the late 130’s averaging 113ppk. Beef cows sold to a top of 169.5ppk from TC Altham of Mill Bank. OTM steers and heifers continue to sell very well at Lancaster with British blue steers selling to a top of 219.5ppk with Montbeliarde steers selling to 179.5ppk with an average of 175ppk of OTM steers. OTM heifers saw Swedish red heifers sell to 171.5ppk with black and whites topping at 169.5ppk with all OTM dairy heifers averaging 145ppk.
Rearing Calves & Stirks
A smaller show of calves this morning selling to full value. Calves sold to £335 & £320 for Hereford Heifers at 5weeks from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale. Quality of calves was worse than last week with Blue Bulls selling to £320 from Bill Rhodes, Galgate. Friesian calves sold to full value, with 7week old bulls selling to £158 again from Messers Drinkall. Others at £135 from JM & MH France, Littledale. Black and White calves averaged a pleasing £88/head. A ringside of buyers require more calves to fill orders. Stirks forward in better numbers with trade a fraction easier on the week, yet still remaining strong. Phill Wood of Quernmore topped the sale with Limousin heifers selling to £570. Angus Heifers from the same home to £560 and Angus bulls to £535 from Clive & Liam Baxter, Middleton. Younger Angus & Blue bulls at 4/5month sold between £430 and £460.
Top Prices
STORE STEERS – FR: £1090 Stubbins Farm; £1010 Downlands Farm; £920 Snub Snape Farm; £880 Fleets Farm; £870 Masongill Hall; £850 Turnover Hall; £820 Sykes Farm. AA: £1450 Barn Owl Farm; £1350 Little Fell Farm; £1220 Windy Hill; £1210 Mount Pleasant Farm; £1200 Squires Gate Farm; £1180 Scotch Green Farm; £1090 Stanah House Farm; £1070 Eskewbeck; £1060 Hillam Farm. SHO: £1030 High House Farm. WB: £770 Whinmore Fold Farm. LIM: £1530 Millbeck Farm; £1300 High House Farm; 1280 Oak Head Farm; £1260 Danial Fold Farm; £1220 Downlands Farm; £1140 Hazelslack Tower Farm & Lynwood; £1030 Middle Ridge Farm. SD: £1180 Scotch Green Farm. CHAR: £1290 Oak Head Farm. HE: £1370 Little Fell Farm; £1180 Billinge Hall Farm; 1170 Windy Hill Farm. SIM: £1320 Hilderstone Farm; £1230 Hazelslack Tower Farm. ST: £1260 Low Foulshaw. BB: £1530 Millbeck Farm; £1300 High House Farm; £1090 Hazelslack Tower Farm & Billinge Hall Farm. MON: £940 High House Farm. BAZ: £1530 Millbeck; £1260 Oak Head Farm. SRW: £1000 Walkers I’th Fields. BLO: £1470 Millbeck Farm; £1430 Daniel Fold Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – AA: £1180 Rowell Farm; £960 Wyre Farm; £940 Roseacre Hall; £890 Newhouse Farm; £870 Singleton Grange Farm; £860 Hawkrigg. LIM: £1180 Rowell Farm; £1160 Intack Farm; £1140 High House Farm; £1080 Burnt House Farm. CH: £1160 Intack Farm. SIM: £750 Croft House. ST: £1100 Low Foulshaw Farm. BB: £ 1290 Jubilee Farm; £1240 Rowell Farm; £1160 Pasture House Farm; £940 Hawkrigg. SRW: £900 Walkers I’TH Fields. BLO: £1110 Intack Farm.
STORE BULLS – LIM: £1190 Little Fell Farm.
CAST COWS – FR: 141.5p/kg Catshaw Hall Farm & Bank End Farm; 137.5p/kg Berryholme & Tunsteads Farm; 134.5p/kg Holme Head & Bainsbank Farm; 129.5p/kg Mealbank Farm & Cote Farm. AA: 141.5P/KG Cringleber. SHO: 117.5p/kg Barnfield Farm. LIM: 169.5p/kg Mill Bank; 134.5p/kg Cringleber. CH: 129.5p/kg Slate Farm. SIM: 141.5p/kg Cringleber. BAZ: 141.5p/kg Yarlsbere. SRW: 139.5p/kg Holme Head. BLO: 137.5p/kg Cringleber. BB: 147.5P/KG Cringleber.
CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 169.5p/kg Moss House Farm; 159.5p/kg Strickland Hill. SRW: 171.5p/kg Walkers I’th Fields.
CAST STEERS – Fr: 159.5p/kg Barnn Owl Farm. CH: 131.5p/kg Slate Farm. BB: 219.5p/kg Jubilee Farm. Mon: 179.5p/kg Barn Owl Farm.
CAST BULL – Lim: 169.5p/kg Wesham. BAZ: 139.5p/kg Oak Head Farm.
HEIFER CALVES – AA: £155 Birkland Barrow. HE: £335 Catshaw Hall Farm; £195 Birkland Barrow. BB: £255 Boldens Farm.
BULL CALVES – FR: £158 Catshaw Hall Farm; £135 Newhouse Farm. AA: £172 Stirk Hey Farm. BB: £342 Boldens Farm; £320 Barrow Greaves Farm.
BULL STIRKS – AA: £535 New Brows Farm; £460 Wilson House Farm. Lim: £545 Lower Langthwaite Farm. BB: £565 Lower Langthwaite Farm; £450 Wilson House Farm.
HEIFER STIRKS – AA: £560 Lower Langthwaite Farm. LIM: £570 Lower Langthwaite Farm.
STEER STIRK – AA: £500 The Barn. SRW: £305 Farmdale Road.

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