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J36 Tuesday 24/03/15

Posted Tuesday, 24 March 2015, 11.01am

North West Auctions held their weekly sale of prime sheep at J36 on Tuesday where an entry of 1250 prime hoggs and cast sheep were sold.
A lot more hoggs have hit the markets nationally and trade would be a little easier on the week especially for the heavy weight hoggs and there was a large proportion in that category forward today. Hoggs topped at £96 per head for Suffolks from Mr G Riley of Bolton-le-Sands and a top price per kilo of 204p/kg for a pen of Cheviot hoggs from JC Dunning of Orton which were purchased by Riley Bros., of Dunnockshaw.
Considering there was a very mixed show of hoggs and a lot of heavy hoggs forward we still achieved an average of 185.72p/kg.
Cast Sheep
All classes of sheep met a fantastic trade with ewes topping £138 on several occasions and a top price on the day of £148 for a Texel ram from D & J & A Freeman of Troutbeck. Mule ewes peaked at £118 for a pen full from TL & S Cross of Westhouse and Horned sheep sold to £96 for Rough Fell ewes from Birkhaw Farm, Howgill.
PRIME HOGGS – Suff: £96 Maddison Avenue; £90 Southfield Farm; £88 Hillam House; £87.50 Tarnside Farm. Masham: £82 Mealrigg. Mule: £87 Tarnside Farm, Little Eccleston Hall, Heaton Hall; £86.50 Hillam Farm. Swale: £79 Holme House; £75.50 High Loanthwaite. Rough Fell: £74.50 The Galleon; £70 Low Fold. Scotch B/F: £83 Tarnside Farm. Char: £88.50 Hillam Farm; £84.50 Yealand Manor; £83 Low House; £80.50 Flodder Hall. Chev: £81.50 Low Chapel Farm. Texel: £94 Greaves Farm; £90 Barrow House; £89.50 Hillam House Farm; £88.50 Helm Croft; £88 Heaton Hall, Lynacres, Lane House Farm. Lleyn: £80 Low Foulshaw Farrm. Herdwick: £80 Hill Top; £75 High Loanthwaite.
CAST EWES – Dorset: £84 Brow Head. Suff: £118 Trees Farm; £115 Low House, Maddison Avenue; £102 Lundholme Farm. Masham: £113 Lundholme Farm. Mule: £118 Trees Farm; £116 Barrow House Farm; £110 Borwick Fold; £109 Hill Top Farm. Swale: £72 Helm Croft; £71 Cooper House; £70 Higher Salter. Rough Fell: £96 Birkhaw; £93 Mealrigg; £82 Lundholme Farm. Char: £138 Low Foulshaw Farm; £130 Trees Farm. Chev: £96 Ivy Cottage. Texel: £134 Farleton House; £132 Ivy Cottage; £128 Barrow House Farm; £124 High Foulshaw Farm; £120 Gibraltar Farm, The Park. Lleyn: £126 Cragg Farm. Leicester: £126 Brown Edge; £112 Castle Syke. Herdwick: £72 High Loanthwaite; £68 Tongue House. Zwart: £120 Wild Duck Hall. Beltex: £138 Heaton Hall; £128 Trees Farm.
CAST RAMS – Texel: £148 Town End Farm; £112 Ewelock Bank; £108 Borrans Farm. Leicester: £106 Helm Croft. Zwart: £126 Wild Duck Hall.
Weekly Sale of Sheep with Lambs at Foot
Sheep & lambs sold to full value topping at £65 per life for ewes with Texel lambs at Foot with others at £64 & £62 per life. Many buyers are now enquiring about sheep & lambs. Please advise the office of entries to assist contacting buyers.

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