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J36 Thursday 19/3/15

Posted Friday, 20 March 2015, 11.05am

NWA J36 held it’s early spring show of store cattle which saw Mr Robert Mason of Preston judging, who had a good entry of cattle before him in the show classes.
The championship rosette was awarded to N A & J Temple, showing a BrB bullock, which later sold for £1070.
Reserve champion was a Lim x bullock from J G & P H Thompson, which achieved £1145
Store & Breeding Cattle
Older cattle sold to £1310 for 22 mo Lim x bullocks from J & M E Bateman, with others at £1250.
Yearlings sold to £1145 for Lim x from J G & P H Thompson with 10 mo Char x from J F Benson at £1120.
Heifers peaked at £1170 for Sim x from A Denney, with others at £1140, £1130 from J A Chapman. Yearling heifers sold to £1040 for BrBx from T Ayrton & Sons.
Native breeds sold to £1060 for Hereford x from West Berwick Farm, with a run of Ang x (8mo) from R G Robinson, reaching £800.
A reduced number of young bulls saw best sucklers £845 for Lim x from R I Dixon.
Beef Breeding Cattle saw cows and calves sell to £1400 from J A Middleton. Buyers now looking for replacement stock saw bulling heifers regularly £1100 +.
Thursday 16th April to include dispersal sale of the suckler herd on behalf of D G Underhill.
Show Results
Judge – Mr Robert Mason
Class 1 – Store Heifer
1st J G & P H Thompson, Poppy Farm - £940 to Messrs Wilcock
2nd S G Benson, Horrace Farm - £880 to R Mason
3rd T Ayrton & Sons, Yates Farm - £1040 to G Foster
Class 2 – Store Bullock
1st N A & J Temple, Black Hall Farm - £1070 to D Barker
2nd J G & P H Thompson, Poppy Farm - £1145 to D Moorhouse
3rd S G Benson, Horrace Farm - £990 to J Bowling
Cast Cows & Clean Cattle
A full ringside of buyers competed strongly for all classes of cows forward.
Continental cows once again met a very strong trade, topping at 194.5p/kg for Limousin x from G H Jones of Far Sawrey and to £1150, again for a Limousin cow from W G Wilkinson of Coniston.
A much plainer show of black and white cows about, but with well fleshed cattle still selling well to 124.5p/kg from W Garnett & Son of Milnthorpe and also from R A & E Edmondson of Levens, both purchased by Dawn Cumbria.
Overall cows averaged 116.53p/kg
The weekly sale of calves had a reduced entry of 29 with many farmers busy lambing and many not calving at the moment. Beef calves sold away nicely, topping at £450 from RJ & KR Wilkinson of High Foulshaw, for British Blue bulls. Others selling to £360 from JW & D Robinson & Sons of Hollins Farm. Heifer calves sold to a top of £390 from E Tuer of Common Farm, with a Simmental heifer at two months old. Younger Limousin heifers topped at £340 from Brian Wilson of Spout House. Black and White weaned calves sold to £185 from RA & E Edmondson of High Barnes with rearing calves selling to £95 from TK Robinson & Sons of Greaves Farm. Others to £88. All Black and whites averaged £69. Only a handful of stirks forward, selling to a top of £500 for an Angus steer from RG Robinson of Ellers Farm. Three to Four month old British Friesian bulls from Messrs Williamson of Colby sold to £340 and £310.
Please note the monthly sale of Stirks Thursday 26th March.
Entries to Ian Atkinson ASAP 07766521472
Top prices:
Store Bullocks: Fr: £765 Moor Farm. Ang: £800, £770 Ellers Farm. Lim: £1310 Lowgill Farm; £1250, £1180, £1140 Crooklands Farm; £1145 Poppy Farm; £1115 Hollin Hall Farm; £1110 Top Thorn Farm. Char: £1120 Skelwith Fold Farm; £1080, £930 Thrang. Here: £1060 West Berwick Farm. Sim: £925 Riddings. Stab: £1060 Kit Crag; £960 West Berwick Farm. BrB: £1070, £950 Black Hall Farm; £1025 Arklid Farm; £995, £990 Horrace Farm. Blo: £1000, £870 Causeway Farm.
Store Heifers: Ang: £820 Bowston Hall; £780 Hawkrigg. Lim: £1140, £1130 North Lodge; £1105 Birks Farm; £1105, £1095 Cockrigg Farm; £1030 Lowgill Farm; £1005 Kirkby Hall. Char: £915 West Berwick Farm; £885 Thrang; £860 Skelwith Fold Farm; £840 Hartrigg. Sim: £1170 Johnscales Farm; £985, £920 Low Fell End. Stab: £1090, £910 Kit Crag. BrB: £1050 Kit Crag; £1040 Yates Farm.
Store Bulls: Ang: £780 Low Newton Farm. Lim: £845 Low Newton Farm. Blo: £795 Steps Farm.
Cow & Calf: BrB: £1400 Armerdale House.
Cast Cows: Fr: 149.5p Greaves Farm; 124.5p Ackenthwaite Farm, High Barns. Ang: 154.5p, 151.5p Ellers Farm; 144.5p Causeway Farm. Sho: 109.5p, 99.5p Strickley. Lim: 194.5p Fold Farm; 171.5p Tilberthwaite; 144.5p Burney End; 134.5p Ghyll Farm. Sim: 147.5p Bannerigg Farm. BrB: 154.5p Low Newton Farm; 127.5p Bannerigg Farm. SRW: 131.5p Hawkrigg.
Bull Calves: Fr: £185, £140 High Barns; £95, £88 Greaves Farm. Lim: £340 Spout House; £260 Hagg Farm. BrB: £450 High Foulshaw; £360 HollinsFarm; £310 Hagg Farm.
Heifer Calves: Lim: £340 Spout House; £270 Town House; £255 Beck House. Sim: £390 Common Farm. BrB: £275 School House; £270 Beck House; £245 Hagg Farm.
Bull Stirks: Fr: £340, £310 The Howes.
Hfr Stirks: Ang: £410 Ellers Farm.
Str Stirks: Ang: 500 Ellers Farm.

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