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Lancaster February Dairy Sale 16/2/15

Posted Monday, 16 February 2015, 11.34am

Anniversary Show sees 61 head forward with heifers to £2750.
The 50th Anniversary Dairy Show and Sale at Lancaster saw a strong entry of 61 cows and heifers forward from both local and travelled vendors. A full ring side of buyers gathered in anticipation, from through the North of England and South Wales.
The presale judge John Lawson, Bank End, Cockerham had a strong line-up of cows and heifers in all classes. After much deliberation the Reserve Champion rosette was awarded to lot 48, Saltoke Jeeves Rebecca 158, bred by Ian & Richard Gorst, Hole of Ellel, and show by son Tom Gorst, this Ked Outside Jeeves sired heifer, who took first place in the halter led class, sold giving 32litres, realised a final call of £2150, selling to the judge.
The Champion rosette was award to T Cowell, with lot 63, Whitecarr Alexander Lester, she took the first place rosette in the non-halter led class and just over a month calved, giving 33litres and bred from two generations of VG cows, achieved the top price of the day of £2750, selling to an undisclosed bidder.
In the cow class, taking the first place rosette was Shoreline Seaver Bridget, 12days calved and giving 40litres sold for £1400 to Graham Stephenson, Deansbiggin. Top price cow came from MJ & H Atkinson, Quernmore with Wyredale Shotgun Kathy, with three generations of VG breeding behind her and giving 45litres, she achieved £1680.
In the final class, the best pairs, was awarded to Lots 7 & 8 from the Stardale Herd, Stardale Story Stella 2 and Stardale Alchemy Stella.
On the whole cows and heifers with depth of pedigree and strong lactations supporting them sold well with seven selling in excess of £2000. Strong, milky heifers for the commercial dairy farmer were sort after and regularly achieved £1700-£1980. An average of £1625 for all heifers and £1520 for all cows forward here at Lancaster.
All the Auctioneers and Staff would like to thank both vendors and purchasers for their continued support at the Lancaster Monthly Dairy Sale.
Dairy Results
LOT 63 Whitecarr Alexander Lester £2750 T Cowell
Reserve Champion
LOT 48 Saltoke Jeeves Rebecca £2150 W & C Gorst & Son
Halter-Led Heifer
1st LOT 48 Saltoke Jeeves Rebecca £2150 W & C Gorst & Son
2nd LOT 38 Wyredale Shottle Sylvia £1900 MJ & H Atkinson
3rd LOT 73 Dunnerdale Windbrook Sabrina £1820 WW & D Boow
Non Halter-Led Heifer
1st LOT 63 Whitecarr Alexander Lester £2750 T Cowell
2nd LOT 53 Newcroft Windbrrok Alidus £2350 W & S Airey
3rd LOT 8 Stardale Alchemy Stella £1850 J Burrow & Son
1st LOT 21 Shoreline Seaver Bridget £1400 C & AJ Woodhouse
2nd LOT 37 Wyredale Shotgun Kathy £1680 MJ & H Atkinson
3rd LOT 61 Whitecarr Loader Laura £1480 T Cowell
Best Pair of Heifers
1st LOT 7 Stardale Story Stella £1180
LOT 8 Stardale Alchemy Stella £1850 J Burrow & Son

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