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J36 Tuesday 24/02/15

Posted Tuesday, 24 February 2015, 11.26am

A much lighter show of Prime hoggs and Cast Sheep were forward than normal and put before a full ringside of buyers with well-fed hoggs, once again, selling at a fast pace.
Hoggs topped at £96 for a pair of Texel x from B & R Barnes and a top price of 222.6p/kg for Texel x from MW & MR Black. Well-fed hoggs regularly 195-205p/k. Horned lambs were to 194.7p/kg with plenty 185-190p/kg with, once again, large proportion of the show of hoggs being hill bred. A very strong overall average of 192.91p/kg was achieved.
All Classes of Cast Sheep sold to a very strong trade topping at £135 for a pen of Charollais ewes from JA & R Geldard & Sons of Levens. Masham ewes to £109 from RF Morphet and Mule ewes to £104 from CI Briggs. Rough Fell ewes, once again, topping the horned ewes at £98 from Amy Harrison of Kentmere.
More numbers are required each week for a full ringside of buyers.

PRIME HOGGS – Suff: £90 The Galleon; £84.50 Ninezergh, Halton Park; £84 Fellside Farm; £83 Arnside Tower. Masham: £62 Mosergh Farm. Mule: £82 Red Scar; £80 Fellside Farm, Low Greenriggs; £77 Brow Head, Hartrigg; £76 Yoad Pot. Swale: £77 Arklid Farm; £75 Yoad Pot; £66 Nether House Farm. Rough Fell: £74 Boundary Beck, Moors Farm; £71 Millbeck. Char: £85 Mint Close, Lane Ends Farm; £80 Cautley Farm. Chev: £96 Gilsmere Farm; £80 Brow Head. Texel: £95 Low Chapel Farm, Red Scar; £94 Mint Close, Scroggs Farm; £92 Lane Ends Farm; £90 High Wray Farm. Lleyn: £83 Low Foulshaw Farm.
CAST SHEEP – Suff: £118 Ninezergh, Lambrigg Head; £110 Brow Head; £108 Woodside. Masham: £109 Far Highfield. Dorset: £60 Brow Head. Mule: £104 High Wray Farm; £101 Cooper House; £100 Low Chapel Farm, Lambrigg Head; £99 Hill Top; £98 Patton Hall, Hallbeck. Swale: £69 Nether House Farm; £63 High Greenside; £58 Hazel Head Farm. Rough Fell: £98 Boundary Beck; £96 Lambrigg Head; £80 Mowbray. Scotch: £72 Cooilingel. Char: £135 Low Foulshaw Farm; £100 Far Highfield. Chev: £100 Gilsmere; £70 High Arnside. Texel: £124 Far Highfield; £118 Storth End; £114 Lambrigg Head; £108 Marsh House Farm, Orphan Crag Barn. Lleyn: £70 Marsh House Farm. Leic: £114 Hazel Head; £110 Marsh House Farm. Herdwick: £64 Cross Hill Cottage. Jacob: £56 Farleton House. Goat: £60 Cockin.

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