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J36 Tuesday 10/02/15

Posted Wednesday, 11 February 2015, 11.38am

Pig Sale Report
The monthly sale of pigs saw white prime pigs sell to £120 for Welsh gilts from AJ Horn with others at £102. GOS sold to £80; Land Race £88; Pietrain £80. Weaners sold to £18. Prime pigs: £120, £109, £102. Store pigs: £80, £72, £66. Weaners: £18, £12 Next monthly pig sale will be Tuesday 10th March. Please inform the office of entries prior to the sale to assist staff when contacting buyers.
Prime Sheep Report
North West Auctions held their weekly sale of primestock at J36 on Tuesday with a larger show of 2,153 prime sheep put before a full compliment of buyers.
Hoggs topped at £111 for a single Texel from WT & EM Townley & Son of Higher Westhouse and a top price per kilo of 235.7p/kg. Well fed hoggs once again met a strong trade regularly 200 – 220p/kg. A much larger entry of Hill bred hoggs forward this week with the best 185 – 195p/kg topping at 196.3p/kg for a cracking pen of Scotch Blackface hoggs from Steve Williamson of Ulverston. Even with half the sale being made up of Hill bred sheep, a very pleasing overall average of 187.2p per kilo was achieved.
A larger show of cast sheep were forward with the best ewes once again maintaining the recent high rates topping at £135 per head for 4 Texels. Mule ewes to £114 with the majority of heavy Mules between £92 - £96 with leaner sorts £75 - £80. Some excellent runs of Rough Fell ewes were forward selling to £98 from GH Capstick & Sons with others £85 - £95. However, there were a lot more plain Swaledale ewes around today which were a shade easier on the week.
PRIME HOGGS – Suff: £107 Mansrigg Hall; £92 Tarnside Farm; £91 Maddison; £90.50 The Galleon, Low House Farm. Masham: £86 Mealrigg. Mule: £93 Mealrigg; £84 High Tenement; £82 Howriggs; £80.50 Croft Foot Farm. Swale: £73 The Borrans; £70 Rydal Farm; £67 Higher Salter; £66.50 Nether House Farm. Rough Fell: £82 Birkhaw; £69.50 Millbeck; £66.50 Croft Foot Farm; £66 Boundary Beck. Scotch B/F: £78.50 Green Hill Farm; £75 Cooilingel Farm. Char: £87 Kate Farm. Chev: £82 Green Hill Farm; £78.50 High Arnside Farm; £77 Brow Head. Texel: £111 Burnt House; £99 Mint Close; £97 Stubb Farm, Hutton Roof Hall; £95 Tarnside Farm; £92 Low House Farm; £91 Scroggs Farm. Leicester: £83 Farm Cottage. Grit: £80 Mansrigg Hall. Herdwick: £74 Rydal Farm. Zwart: £76.50 Crooklands Farm. Beltex: £88 The Galleon; £85 Heaton Hall.
CAST SHEEP – Suff: £118 Gowan Bank; £110 Cooilingel Farm; £109 Hall Croft Barn; £108 Yealand Manor. Mule: £114 Mint Close; £96 Mealrigg, High Wray; £95 Scroggs Farm; £94 Millom Castle, Sykes Farm. Swale: £77 Scar Close; £71 Middale Farm; £70 Sykes Farm; £69 Strickland Hill; £66 Rydal Farm. Rough Fell: £98 Birkhaw; £95 Mealrigg; £88 Riddings; £74 High Borrowbridge. Char: £80 Barker Knott. Chev: £70 Crabtree Farm; £67 Howe Farm; £56 High Farm. Texel: £135 Cooilingel Farm; £130 Moor House; £124 Millom Castle; £121 Low Tarn Green. Lleyn: £104 Cooilingel Farm. Leicester: £108 Sykes Farm. Teeswater: £102 Gowan Bank. Herdwick: Cross Hill. Zwart: £102 Milestones Cottage. Beltex: £74 Scroggs Farm. Hamp: £105 Borwick Fold. Dorset: £85 Burnt House. Goat: £73 Lupton High.

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