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J36 Thursday 19/2/15 2nd Anniversary Sale

Posted Friday, 20 February 2015, 11.32am

North West Auctions held their Second Anniversary Show and Sale at J36 on Thursday.
Beef Breeding Cattle
The sale commenced with Beef Breeding cattle which included a herd dispersal from the late Mr W E Parker of Thwaite Farm, Howgill. Cows and calves were to £1980 and In-Calf cows to £1300. A full pedigree Limousin bull from the same home sold to £2,450.
Store Cattle
A packed ringside of customers gathered, which included several new faces to J36 for the sale of Store Cattle. The sale was made up of, predominantly, young, 10-12 mo summering cattle, which, once again, met a tremendous trade. There was also a great show of stronger bullocks and heifers forward, which saw Limousin bullocks sell to £1,400 from J & M E Bateman of Lowgill. Heifers were to £1180 for a Limousin from Mr J A Chapman.
The anniversary show of Store Cattle was judged by Mr Andrew Smith of Westhouse and we thank him for his time and expertise. After judging the two classes, he awarded the championship rosette to a cracking, 9 mo British Blue bullock, shown by S G Benson of Horrace Farm, Ulverston. This went on to be bought by the judge for £1,100. The reserve Champion ticket went to a very stylish 10 mo British Blue heifer from R H & C Ayrton of Abbeystead, which sold to Mr John Bowling of Wigan.
Store Cattle Results
Store Heifers
1st R H & C Ayrton, Ouzelthorne £1110 to J Bowling
2nd S G Benson, Horrace Farm £990 to Messrs Lumb
3rd R H & C Ayrton, Ouzelthorne £950 to J Bowling
Store Bullocks
1st S GH Benson, Horrace Farm £1100 to Messrs Smith
2nd R H & C Ayrton, Ouzelthorne £990 to D Barker
3rd D Nicholson, Birchbank £995 to D Barker
Champion: S G Benson (British Blue Bullock)
Reserve: R H & C Ayrton (British Blue Heifer)
Cast Cows & Clean Cattle
A full ringside of buyers competed very strongly for a good show of cows. Black and white cows topped at 129.5p/kg, with the majority of black and whites carrying flesh 120-125p/kg.
All black and whites averaged 110.46p/kg/
A great show of Cont cows saw these top at 224.5p/kg for a pure Blue cow from R T & J Gorst of Killington, with another at 214.5p/kg from the same home.
A good run of Lim x cows from Chris Case of Dendron topped at 199.5p/kg and his 5 cows averaged 171.54p/kg, leaving a fantastic overall market average of 124.26p/kg.
Only the one prime bull forward today, selling to 229.5p/kg.
More cattle are required each sale for a full ringside of buyers.
Dairy Results – Judge Mr D Moorhouse, Natland
Class 1 – Heifer
1st Lot 4 J M Barton & Son (reserve champion)
2nd Lot 2 E & K Bland
3rd Lot 8 R Lawson & Son
Class 2 – Cow
1st G M & A M Wilson & Son (champion)
The Anniversary Show of Dairy Cattle was judged by Mr David Moorhouse of Natland, who awarded the Championship Tankard to Raven Manifold Mabel, a 2nd calved cow from G M & A M Wilson. The reserve rosette went to Luptonhall Steady Sallyann 4 from J M Barton & Son.
Heifers sold to £1600 for both pedigree and commercials, with others £1520. All sold averaging £1445.
Next sale – Thursday 26th February and then fortnightly thereafter.
Calves & Stirks
The pre-sale show of calves 60 days and under was kindly judged by Callum Taylor of County Durham. The beef class was very close with the first prized rosette being awarded to JW & D Robinson & Sons of Hollins Farm. In the Holstein Friesian class in was a clean sweep of 1st, 2nd and 3rd for J & O Galbraith & Son of Endmoor Farm. The overall champion awarded to the British Blue Bull from JW & D Robinson & Sons of Hollins Farm.
A shortage of numbers forward today with many more needed to fill the demand of buyers old and new, with fresh faces around the ring today from as far afield as Worcestershire. The trade for beef calves continues to be consistently good and plenty more could have easily been sold to vendor’s advantage.
The Champion calf sold to £485 from JW & D Robinson & Sons of Hollins Farm at 60 days old to the judge of Callum Taylor. A few older calves in the market today between 60 and 90 days of age selling to a top of £510 for a British Blue Bull from JW & TE Sharp of Flodder Hall, who also had calves to £490. Also selling into the late £400’s was HJ Robinson & Son of Elm Tree realising £485 with British Blue bull calves. All Blue bulls sold to an average of £448. Heifers topped at £395 for a British Blue from JW & TE Sharp of Flodder Hall. Rearing Black and White bull calves, once again, selling well at J36 to a top of £130 from JG & BJ Escolme of Low Stanger Thwaite. Other rearing types sold between £70 and £110, and all Black and Whites averaged £72.
A handful of stirks in the market were once again wanted by buyers. Five month old british blue heifers sold to £580 from Mike and Neil Strickland of The Borrans.
Store Hoggs
The weekly sale of store Hoggs at J36 had a reduced number forward as hoggs begin to dry up. The overall sale average was £56. Texel lambs sold to a top of £64 from RL & J Crowe of Hall Farm. Swaledales sold to £40.
BULL CALVES – Fr: £140 Elm Tree Farm; £130 Low Stanger Thwaite; £110 Endmoor Farm; £95 Stubb Place Farm. AA: £285 School House; £215 Sunny Bank; £210 Low Stanger Thwaite. SH: £70 Strickley. SIM: £395 Todds Farm; £205 Wall End Farm. BB: £510 Flodder Hall; £485 Hollins & Elm Tree Farm; £400 Stubb Place Farm. SRW: £100 Wall End Farm.
HEIFER CALVES – AA: £240 School House. LIM: £420 Moss Side; £330 Town House. BB: £395 Flodder Hall; £250 Ravens Lodge.
HEIFER STIRK – BB: £580 The Borrans.
STEER STIRK – AYR: £410 Borwick Fold Farm. SH: £385 Borwick Fold Farm.
CAST COWS – Fr: 129.5p/kg Bradley Farm; 124.5p/kg Lowgill Farm, Ackenthwaite Farm & Tranthwaite Hall; 121.5p/kg Jenkin Crag Farms; 119.5p/kg Beck House; 117.5p/kg High Barnes, Stubb Place Farm & Myers Farm. AA: 124.5p/kg Bellart Howe. SLR: 151.5p/kg New Hall. LIM: 159.5p/kg Thwaite Farm & The Parsonage Farm; 157.5p/kg Tottlebank; 154.5p/kg Far Barsey Farm; 147.5p/kg Dendron Farm. BB: 224.5p/kg The Coach House. SRW: 124.5p/kg Cinder Barrow. LU: 114.5p/kg High House Farm.
CAST HEIFER – Fr: 109.5p/kg Birks Farm. LIM: 199.5p/kg Dendron Farm; 194.5p/kg Bank Ground. SIM: 194.5p/kg Jenkin Crag Farms. BB: 159.5p/kg Dendron Farm.
CAST BULL – Lim: 229.5p/kg Meathop Court.
STORE STEERS - Fr: £820 Arklid Farm. AA: £985 Bank Ground; £890 The Parsonage Farm; £850 Low Stennerley; £830 Thwaite Farm. SH: £1000 The Parsonage Farm; £710 Castle How. LIM: £1400 Lowgill Farm; £1325 Riddings Farm; £1225 Moors Farm & Lane Head Farm; £1195 Mountain View; £1145 Ford Farm. CH: £1360 Mountain View; £1100 Barker Knott; £1040 High Wray Farm; £960 Tottlebank; £930 Tock How Farm. HE: £830 Gowan Bank. BB: £1300 Lowgill Farm; £1100 Horrace Farm; £965 Ouzelthorn Farm; £910 Barker Knott; £825 Riddings. MON: £775 Audlands Park. BLO: £1035 Poppy Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – AA: £990 Lockbank Farm. LIM: £1180 North Lodge; £1170 Lane Head; £1150 Lowgill Farm; £1095 North Lodge; £1085 Mountain View; £1065 High Loanthwaite Farm. CH: £1140 Mountain View; £965 Arklid Farm; £870 Tottlebank; £860 Barker Knott; £820 High Wray Farm. BB: £1110 Ouzelthorn Farm; £1040 Lockbank Farm; £1005 Birks Farm; £950 Birch Bank; £900 Burney End. BLO: £1100 North Lodge.
STORE BULL – LIM: £975 Fold Farm; £970 Patton Mill Farm. BB: £1005 Greenwood Haw.

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