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J36 Thursday 12/02/15

Posted Thursday, 12 February 2015, 11.37am

Weekly Sale of Calves & Stirks
The weekly sale of Calves at J36 saw all classes sell to a strong trade with all types eagerly bid for and all vendors leaving pleased with their trade. Beef calves once again keenly sought after at J36 with three month old British Blue bulls selling to a top of £520 from RJ & KR Wilkinson of High Foulshaw with others from the same home selling to £450 and £440. All Black and whites forward this week were bobby calves selling between £15 and £30.
Stirks at J36 sold in line with the strong prices achieved at local markets with 3 to 4 month old Limousins out of suckler cows selling to a top of £520 for heifers from A Brown of Low Laithe Barn with Belted Galloway x bulls of the same age selling to £450.
Thursday 26th February 2014 at J36
entries for catalogue close Thursday 19th February
Sale of Store Hoggs
The weekly sale of store hoggs saw best short keeper sell to £73.50 for Texel x from I L Dixon of Cantsfield and £70 for Suffolks from BJ Bowness of Kendal. Mashams sold to £71.50 from PG Thornton, Scorton with Mules to £68 from G & ID Postlethwaite, Howgill. Hill lambs sold to £50 for Rough Fell, Herdwicks to £46 and Swaledales to £44. Medium keep hoggs generally £55 - £60 with smaller sorts £42-48. Tups sold to £60 with most achieving £52-£57 A few gimmer hoggs forward saw Mules sell to £102 and Mashams to £78. All hoggs sold averaged £54.25.
Special Sale of Breeding Sheep
A special sale of in lamb breeding sheep including the flock dispersal of breeding ewes from W Huddleston & Son of Borrans Farm. The flock dispersal created plenty of interest with all classes of ewes selling very well. Mule ewes especially in strong demand with one and two crop ewes selling to a top of £190 with others at the same age selling to £180 and £175. Aged mule ewes sold to £148 with all in-lamb Mules selling to a market average of £143. Texel ewes slightly harder to sell but still selling to a strong trade topping at £150 for shearlings and one crops and other pens achieving £140 (x2) and £137 with all ages of Texels forward selling to an average of £118. A selection of a geld Mule hoggs sold to £102. Plenty more sheep could have been sold on the day to vendor’s advantage with many potential buyers in the market looking to purchase in-lamb sheep of all classes to replace out-going geld ewes.
Thursday 26th February 2015
Entries to date include:
80 Mule & Texel Gimmer Hoggs scanned in lamb due Mid March
20 Mule & Texel Gimmer Hoggs Geld

STORE HOGGS – Suff: £70 Blea Tarn; £64 Crabtree Farm; £57.50 Gowan Bank. Masham: £78 (gimmers), £71.50 Cliftons Farm. Mule: £102 (gimmers) Kiln Croft; £68 Riddings; £62.50 Kirkby Hall; £62 The Lodge; £60.50 Lincolns Inn. Swale: £44 Kirkby Hall; £41.50 Bridge Stone; £39 Murthwaite, Longstripes. Rough Fell: £50 Lincolns Inn; £46 Riddings. Texel: £73.50 Cantsfield Hall; £69 Haveriggs Farm; £64.50 Kirkby Hall; £64 Fold Farm. Herdwick: £46 Tongue House.
BULL CALVES – BRB: £520, £450, £440 High Foulshaw; £250 Low Sizergh. Lim: £220 Wraysholme Tower. Stab: £410 & £300 High Foulshaw. Fr: £30 Wraysholme Tower; £28 Toadpool.
HEIFER CALVES – AA: £130 Low Sizergh. Mont: £190 Low Sizergh.
BULL STIRK – Lim: £450 Low Laithe Barn.
HEIFER STIRK – Lim: £530 & £450 Low Laithe Barn.
IN-LAMB SHEEP FROM BORRANS FARM - Mule Ewe 1 & 2 crop: £190, £180, £175. Mule Ewes Aged: £148 & £135.
Texel Shearlings & 1 crop: £150, £140, £137. Texel Ewes Aged: £120 & £105.

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