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J36 Thursday 05/02/15

Posted Thursday, 05 February 2015, 11.41am

Weekly sale of Calves & Stirks
The weekly sale of Calves and Stirks at J36 saw a brisk trade for all classes forward. Black and Whites rearers sold to a strong trade topping at £205 from HJ Robinson & Son of Elm Tree with others to £195 from JW & D Robinson & Sons of Hollins Farm with better sorts selling for £100 plus. Medium rearing sorts selling £60 plus with an overall average of £64 throughout for Black & Whites with a strong proportion being killing calves selling between £15 and £22.
A good show of beef bull calves forward with plenty of purchasers in the market. Blue bulls twice sold to £460 firstly from JW & TE Sharp of Flodder Hall and then from HJ Robinson of Elm Trees with others selling to £450. Plenty of beef bulls selling for £350 plus. Younger beef bulls and medium types sold easily between £250 and £300. Heifer calves were in strong demand with many farmer buyers around the ring looking to purchase heifers with cow making potential. Heifers twice sold to a top price of £370 for Limousins from JW & TE Sharp of Flodder Hall and Brian Wilson of Spout House. Best sorts of heifers sold £320 plus with younger types selling in the early £200’s.
Interest is beginning to grow for Stirks with spring just around the corner and more buyers attending the market. Limousin heifers at six months old sold to £490 from B & HM Wilson of Ashteads. Eight month old Black and White steers from DJ Clarke sold to £430 with others at £300.
Please note introduction of the New Monthly Stirk Sale at J36 on Thursday 26th February.
For more information please contact Ian Atkinson 07766521472
All dairy cattle forward sold to full value once again ahead of vendors expectations with an abundance of buyers ringside with many leaving empty handed. A top price of £1750 was paid for Cotegill Poppy 119, bred from 3 generations VG/EX from E & K Bland, Gaisgill with W & CW Dent, Kirkby Stephen achieving £1580. An entry of Friesian type heifers from GM Sedgwick & Son, Sedbergh attracted keen interest selling at £1380, £1350. New calved heifers to £1750 av. £1495.
Thursday 19th February – Anniversary Show & Sale (5 Classes).
Entries for catalogue close Thursday 12th February.
Cast/OTM Cattle
Cast/OTM cattle sold to 137p/kg for Aberdeen Angus x and British Blue x from J Kitching & Son with others generally 120 – 130p/kg. Dairy cows peaked at 129p/kg from DE & SM Moorhouse. Top price per head was £1030 from B Butterfield & Son. All cows sold to average 111p/kg. OTM heifers sold to 179p/kg from CF Hoggarth & Son and £1031 from HJ Robinson & Son. Increasing numbers of prime cattle saw steers sell to 217p/kg (£1117) and heifers 209p/kg (£1045)
Store Cattle
Store cattle saw a top price of £1110 achieved by Low Moor Howe Farm Ltd for Simmental cross bullocks with £1070 paid for Limousin cross from Coward Bros. Yearling suckler bred types regularly £850 plus topping at £965 for Limousin cross from J & M Wilson. Native steers sold to £950 for Luings from Low Moor Howe Farms Ltd with yearling Aberdeen Angus x £920 from JJ & J Towers.
Heifers sold to £1000 for Lim x from Coward Brothers. Yearling heifers sold to £835 from GM Redmayne with others £815 from DJ Clarke. Young bulls sold to £795 for 8 month old Limousin x from J Alderson & Son. Beef breeding cattle sold to £1620 for a Simmental heifer with bull calf from JD Loftus.
Next sale of store cattle Thursday 19th Feb to include Anniversary Show.
Early entries include dispersal sale of 15 cows in-calf/with calves at foot on behalf of the late WE Parker.
Store Hoggs
The weekly sale of store hoggs saw best Continentals continue to sell to a premium topping at £75 from JH Barker, Haverthwaite with others regularly £69-£74. Mules sold to £69.50 from A Hodgson & Son. Tup Hoggs sold to £69.50 from J Atkinson & Son. All sold to average £59.64.
Sale of store hoggs next week (Thursday 12th Feb) at 11am followed by in lamb sheep to include 50 Texel/Chev ewes due April to Texel, further entries anticipated.
North West Auctions awarded prizes at J36 today for the highest priced Limousins in each section.
The calf class was for the highest priced bull or heifer calf 56 days or younger. This was won by Brian Wilson of Spout House selling a 32 day old Limousin Bull calf for £380. The winner for the pen of store cattle (2 or more) was Messrs Coward Brothers of Kirkby Hall selling a pair of 20 month old Limousin heifers for £1000 per head. The highest priced Limousin OTM was awarded to HE & RB Taylforth of Riddings Farm selling a ten year old cow to 134.5ppk.
BULL CALVES – Fr: £205 Elm Tree Farm, £195 Hollins, £130 Langley Park, £125 Hagg Farm, £100 Espford. Lim: £380 Spout House, £340 Halforth, £270 Paddock View, £220 Langley Park. BB: £460 Elm Tree Farm & Flodder Hall, £450 High Foulshaw, £360 Middle Birkby.
HEIFER CALVES – Fr: £260 Langley Park. AA: £430 High Foulshaw. Lim: £370 Spout House & Flodder Hall, £215 Halforth. BB: £345 Flodder Hall.
STEER STIRKS – Fr: £430 Orphan Crag Barn. Stab: £340 High Foulshaw.
HEIFER STIRK - £490 Ashstead
CAST COWS – Fr: 129.5p/kg High House, 119.5p/kg Moss House, 117.5p/kg Tranthwaite Hall & Strickland Hill, 114.5p/kg Low Stanger Thwaite, 109.5p/kg Natland Park, 107.5p/kg Greaves Farm. AYR: 107.5p/kg Sunny Bank. AA: 137.5p/kg Chapel House, 114.5p/kg Low Hundhowe, 107.5p/kg Tongue House. SHO: 124.p/kg Greenbank, 109.5p/kg Strickley. LIM: 134.5p/kg Riddings, 114.5p/kg Greenbank Farm. Here: 134.5p/kg Gowan Bank. Blo: 129.5p/kg Capplethwaite Hall. BB: 137.5p/kg Chapel House, 124.5p/kg Low Barrows Green.
CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 161.5p/kg Elm Tree, 144.5p/kg Cracalt Farm. BB: 179.5p/kg Low Hundhowe
PRIME STEER – St: 217.5p/kg Kit Cragg.
PRIME HEIFER – St: 209.5p/kg Kit Cragg.
PRIME BULL – Lim: 164.5p/kg Oakfield Farm.
CAST BULL – Fr: 99.50p/kg Moss House Farm.
STORE STEERS – AA: £920 Low Stennerley, £895 Orphan Crag Barn. Sh: £460 Borwick Fold. Lim: £1070 Kirkby Hall, £930 Cooper House, £915 Low Groves Farm, £870 Gowan Bank, £865 Ashstead. Lu: £950 Low Moor Howe Farm. Ch: £920 Low Groves. Sim: £1110 Low Moor Howe.
STORE HEIFERS – AA: £825 Kirkby Hall, £790 Orphan Crag Barn, £780 Cooper House. Sh: £710 Broad Oak. Lim: £1000 Kirkby Hall, £835 Gowan Bank, £815 Orphan Crag Barn. Lu: £740 Orphan Crag. Ch: £770 Low Groves Farm. Here: £745 Cooper House.
STORE BULL – Sim: £795 Beckfoot.
STORE HOGGS - Suff: £70.50 Stribers, £65 Borwick Lodge, £63.50 Great Brunthwaite. Mule: £69.50 Borwick Lodge, £63.50 Cragg House, £63 Stribers. Swale: £48 Mouse Syke. SB: £57 Stribers. Tex: £75 Stribers, £72.50 Common Farm, £71 Steel Croft, £70 Lupton High.

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