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Lancaster Friday 18/12/15

Posted Friday, 18 December 2015, 2.22pm

Store Cattle

A good show of store cattle forward this morning, achieving a 100% clearance. A pleasing trade for all classes. Topping the sale was a smart pen of 4 Limousin bullocks realising £1340 from J Capstick & Son, Millom. Heifers sold to a top of £1200 for a smart Charollais from BN Greenwood, Catterall. Native bred bullocks sold to £1230 from A & E Clarkson, Cock Hall. Native heifers to £1140 from J & M Maudsley & Son, Raw End Farm.

Cast Cows

A very small show of cast cows and OTM cattle forward this morning. All prices sharper on the previous week, topping at 174.5ppk or £1076.67 for a British Blue cow from Mssrs Scott. Diary cows sold to a top of 104.5ppk for a Brown Swiss from EJ Hodgson & Son, Lambrigg Head. Friesian cows topped at 89.5ppk from J & M Robinson, Hoggetts Lane Farm.


A good show of 43 calves this morning, with numerous beef calves forward. Trade topped at £370 twice, both for Blue Bulls from Steven Robinson, Burton in Lonsdale. Angus Bulls to £285 from Walbank Farms Ltd, Abbeystead and Limousin Bulls to £255 from JM & MH France, Littledale. Black and whites a touch easier than previous weeks, topping at £105 from TD & V Whitaker, Winmarleigh. Best sorts in excess of £80 with smaller nice rearing calves £42-£58.

Store lambs

A good show of store lambs this morning with 107 passing through the ring. Trade topped at £60 for a pen of 25 nice Texels from DNO Scott & Sons, Morpeth. Mules to £55.50 from Peter Thornton, Scorton. Overall average of £58.56 for all forward.

North West Auctions would like to wish all customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS – LIM: £1340 Whicham Hall; £1110 Daniel Fold Farm; £1080 Bull Bank Farm. AA: £1230 Cock Hall Farm; £1170 Kitchen Ground Farm; £1160 Billinge Hall. BRB: £1280 Kitchen Ground Farm; £1240 Pasture House Farm; £1090 Church Street. HE: £1200 Hill Top; £1090 Windy Hill Farm; £990 Billinge Hall Farm. BA: £1150 Beaumont Grange Farm. MO: £1040 Billinge Hall Farm. CH: £980 Low House. FR: £980 Braeslacks; £910 Walmsley Fold; £860 Park Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – CH: £1200 Daniel Fold Farm; £1070 Aughton Hall Farm. BRB: £1170 Greenlands Farm; £1170 Fell End Farm; £1170 Beaumont Grange Farm. LIM: £1150 Low House; £920 Whinney Garth; £890 Middle Ridge Farm. AA: £1140 Church Street; £1140 Raw End Farm; £1090 Manor House Farm. SIM: £1100 Manor House Farm; £880 Whinney Garth. CON: £1110 Church Street. FR: £840 Elm Tree Farm; £780 Hallbeck.

CAST COW – BRB: 174.5 Newton Villa Farm. FR: 119.5 Low Sizergh Farm; 89.5 Hoggets Lane Farm; 87.5 Endmoor Farm. BS: 104.5 Lambrigg Head Farm. JE: 99.5 Low Sizergh Farm. AA: 87.5 Eskew Beck. LIM: 84.5 Mireside Farm.

CAST HEIFER – MO: 124.5 Lane House.

CAST BULL – FR: 77.5 Breedy Butts Farm.

BULL CALF – BRB: £370 Longber Farm; £350 Tills Farm; £225 North Farm. AA: £285 Tills Farm; £255 Park Lane Farm. LIM: £255 Newhouse Farm; £210 Booth Hall. FR: £105 Park Lane Farm; £90 Cocker House Farm.

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £315 Longber Farm. AA: £270 Longber Farm; £200 Tills Farm. LIM: £195 North Farm.

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