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Lancaster Friday 04/12/2015

Posted Friday, 04 December 2015, 3.39pm

Store Cattle
The current market trends show that the store cattle trade is slightly on the decline nationwide. The trade remains ok at Lancaster especially taken in consideration the cattle forward today with many consignments of better cattle holding off for next week’s Christmas show. The trade for black and white bullocks saw good types and well fleshed bullocks good too sell along with young ones a good trade but plain lean types with steers topping at £1040 from A & E Clarkson of Cock Hall. The trade topped at £1260 for a Limousin bullock from EC & A Shuttleworth of Ulverston with Angus steers from the same home.

OTM Cattle
A good entry of 90 cast cows forward this week at Lancaster but like other market centres a depressed trade for cast cows and OTM cattle. The current poor export trade a few meat wholesalers not bothering buying cast cows at the moment. A poor show in terms of quality with many parlour and lean cows forward this week. Black and white cows topped at 111.5ppk with many black and white struggling to get 100ppk with a lean entry of cattle averaging 68ppk. Good beef cows sold between 108-112ppk. Cast heifers and steers sold between 145 and 170ppk demanding on the quality and the finish of the cattle

A smaller show of calves this morning in anticipation of the Christmas show next Friday, 4th December. Beef calves sold to a top of £365 for an 8 week old Blue Bull from JB & JB Lawson, Cockerham. Native bred calves sold to £325 from TD & V Whitaker, Winmarleigh with an Angus Bull. Friesian calf trade remains similar with the best sorts achieving in advance of £100, topping at £128. Nice rearing calves £50-£75 with younger sorts a shade easier. Overall average of £64 for Black and Whites, a fraction dearer than other local centres.

Store Lambs
A small entry of medium keep store lambs sold to a strong trade with plenty more could have easily been sold with an active ring full of buyers looking to purchase lambs. Texel lambs sold to £59 from PG Thornton of Clifton Farm with Suffolk’s from the same home selling to £58.50. An overall market average of £56.

STORE BULLOCK – LIM: £1260 Far Mount; £1100 Foredales Farm; £1090 Dunningwell Farm. AA: £1230 Far Mount Barrow; £1190 Low House; £1180 The Bungalow. BRB: £1180 Far Mount Barrow Farm; £1180 Hawkrigg End; £1120 Throstle Grove Farm. MO: £1160 Dunningwell Farm; £1110 Cock Hall Farm; £970 Croft House. BA: £1160 Nook Farm. SIM: £1150 Langthwaite Farm; £1050 Fern Lea; £970 Throstle Nest Farm. SLR: £1130 Cock Hall Farm. HE: £1080 Bouthwaite Farm; £930 Squires Gate Farm; £890 Singleton Grange Farm. FR: £1040 Cock Hall Farm; £990 Ninezergh; £980 Walmsley Fold. MRI: £1030 Littlewood Hall. AY: £880 Low Groves Farm. SHO: £820 Cock Hall Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – CH: £1170 Langthwaite Heights; £1080 Toulbrick Farm. LIM: £1160 Bouthwaite Farm; £1130 Foredales Farm; £930 Toulbrick Farm. BRB: £1140 High Underbrow Farm; £1080 Hawkrigg End; £1080 Toulbrick Farm. AA: £1150 Low House; £1070 Mill Farm; £920 Langthwaite Heights. BA: £1040 Nook Farm. HE: £980 Low Hundhowe; £780 Singleton Grange Farm. FR: £880 Throstle Nest Farm.

CAST COWS – HE: 154.5 Moss House Farm. FR: 131.5 Bannister Farm; 111.5 New Brows Farm; 99.5 Gibraltar Farm. LIM: 111.5 Holme Field; 109.5 Barbon Fell House. BRB: 109.5 Nook Farm. AA: 94.5 Moss House Farm. MON: 94.5 Lane House. MRI: 91.5 Littlewood Hall Farm. CH: 89.5 New Hall Farm.
CAST HEIFER – BRB: 144.5 Barn Owl Farm. FR: 134.5 Holme House Farm.
CAST STEER – LIM: 164.5 North Farm. HE: 159.5 North Farm. MO: 159.5 North Farm.
CAST BULL – AA: 151.5 Barn Owl Farm. FR: 139.5 Barn Owl Farm.

BULL CALF – BRB: £365 Bank End Farm. AA: £325 Park Lane Farm; £265 Bank End Farm. FR: £128 Blackleach House Farm; £100 Westfield House Farm; £95 Park Lane Farm. MON: £105 Park Lane Farm.
BULL STIRK – FR: £200 Sandvilla. SRW: £190 Sandvilla.

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