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Lancaster Christmas Show & Sale Store Cattle & Calves - Friday 11th December

Posted Friday, 11 December 2015, 4.25pm

Store Cattle

The annual Christmas show and sale of pairs of store heifers and bullocks show an impressive line-up of ten pens of bullocks and five pens of heifers out to show. The show was expertly judged by Andrew Ashford of Bedale. In one of the strongest show classes of show bullocks at Lancaster the first prize rosette was awarded to David Moorhouse of High House Farm with a couple of Limousin’s and was always awarded the champion rosette and took home the Tom Owen Memorial Trophy for the champion pair of bullocks. The first prize pair of heifers was awarded to David and Maggie Kelly of Nether Hall Farm.

Credit must go the vendors of store cattle at Lancaster for the quality cattle on offer today and was fantastic to see such a busy ringside of vendors and buyers throughout the sale. The current prime cattle trade continues to fall with many meat companies dropping dead weight prices over the next few weeks but this was not reflected in trade with prices continuing to be strong. The trade topped at £1470 for the Champion pair of bullocks from David Moorhouse selling to Rod Owen of Widness. Plenty short keep heavy weight bullocks sold between £1200 and £1350. Heifers sold to a top of £1240 for an Angus Heifer from Neil Davis of Nateby. All classes of cattle eagerly bid for today with vendors leaving pleased with their trade.

OTM Cattle

A lot smaller entry of just 47 cast cows and OTM cattle sold to a lot stronger trade then expected with more cattle could have been sold. A lot better market average of 102.53ppk. Cast steers sold to 199.5ppk for a Limousin steer from EJ Wards & Son of Intack. Beef cows sold to a top of 154.5ppk from BD Gill of Yarlsber who also won the prize for the highest priced beef cow per kilogram. The highest priced black and white cows was awarded to GA Atkinson of Abbotson farm selling to 111.5ppk. The awarded for the top price cows overall per head was awarded to J E Bracken of New House Farm.

Calves & Stirks

The Christmas Show and Sale of calves saw a good number put before Judge Neil Davis, Nateby. Credit goes to all vendors for turning out a cracking show of calves but most of all to market regulars David and Eileen Wallbank, Abbeystead for taking both Champion and Reserve with a Blue Bull and Blue Heifer. These flashy calves went onto realise £450 and £350 respectively, both being purchased by the judge.

Away from the show trade held firm for all classes, with another two Blue Bulls from Messers Wallbank realising £400. Other beef calves sold to £285 for a Simmental bull from JR Newsham & Son, Galgate and Hereford Bulls to £262 from Steve Mason Birkland Barrow. Black and White calves to £205 from Messers Drinkall, Catshaw Hall. With strong calves in excess of £120. Overall average of £82 for all black and white calves.

A good run of stirks forward saw Black and Whites sell to £245 for a pair at 4months from Woodtop Livestock Services, with the best sorts in excess of £180 a life.

Thanks again go to all vendors for supporting NWA Lancaster over the year, to the days judge Neil Davis and the show sponsors Massey Feeds.

Show Results

Store Cattle

Pair of Bullocks

1st DE & SM Moorhouse, High House - £1470
2nd E & CA Shuttleworth, Mount Barrow - £1190
3rd EW & A Bradshaw, The Old Stable - £1310

Pair of Heifers

1st D & M Kelly, Nether Hall Farms - £1170
2nd PE & M Capstack, Whicham Hall - £1120
3rd R Capstick & Son, Fell End - £1180

Champion - DE & SM Moorhouse, High House - £1470


Beef Bull

1st Wallbank Farms Ltd, Tills Farm - British Blue - £450 - CHAMPION
2nd Wallbank Farms Ltd, Tills Farm - British Blue - £400
3rd Wallbank Farms Ltd, Tills Farm - British Blue - £400

Beef Heifer

1st Wallbank Farms Ltd, Tills Farm - British Blue - £350 – RESERVE CHAMPION
2nd JR Newsham & Son, Sellerley Farm - Char - £238
3rd R Newsham & Son, Sellerley Farm - Char - £270

B&W Bull

1st Wallbank Farms Ltd, Tills Farm - £150
2nd Wallbank Farms Ltd, Tills Farm - £105
3rd Wallbank Farms Ltd, Tills Farm - £120

Cast Cows

Highest Price Overall

JE Bracken, New House - £932

Highest Price Beef Cow ppk

BD Gill, Yarlsber – 154.5ppk

Highest Price Dairy Cow ppk

GA & A Atkinson & Son – 111.5ppk

Top Prices

Store Cattle: FRI: £1030 Throstle Nest Farm; £950 Cock Hall Farm; £920 Intack Farm. ANG: £1180 Northwoods Farm; £1150 Low House; £1140 Low Levens. SHO: £880 Cock Hall Farm. LIM: £1470 High House Farm; £1310 Brabiner House Farm; £1310 Whicham Hall. OTHER: £1120 Cock Hall Farm; £760 Middle Ridge Farm. HERE: £1140 Cragg Farm; £1000 Rowell Farm. SIM: £1230 Brabiner House Farm; £1030 Throstle Nest Farm. BRIT BLUE: £1190 Mount Barrow Farm; £1190 Pasture House Farm. BAZ: £1310 The Old Stable. FKV: £980 Throstle Nest Farm. BLO: £820 Throstle Nest Farm.
STORE HEIFER: FRI: £640 Higher Shuttling Feilds; £400 Throstle Nest Farm. ANG: £1240 Cragg Farm; £1120 Ripon Hall; £1050 Pasture House Farm. LIM: £1170 Cross House; £1170 Nether Hall Farm; £1120 Whicham Hall. CHAR: £910 West View Farm. HERE: £900 Cross House Farm.STAB: £1050 Peel Hill Farm. BRIT BLUE: £1180 Fell End Farm. MON: £1070 Low House. BAZ: £1130 Church Street. BLO: £1120 Rowell Farm.

CAST COWS: FRI: 111.5 Abbotson Farm; 109.5 Westfeild House Farm; 104.5 Coventry Farm. ANG: 124.5 Nether Hall Farm; 107.5 Upp Hall. LIM: 131.5 Overthwaite Farm.HERE: 104.5 New House Farm. SIM: 144.5 New House Farm. BRITBLUE: 107.5 Mireside Farm. BAZ: 154.5 Yarlsber. SRW: 104.5 Docker Hall Farm. BB: 87.5 Overhouses.
OTM HEIFER: FRI: 149.5 Endmoor House. SIM: 179.5 New House Farm. BRIT BLUE: 194.5 New House Farm.

HEIFER CALF: ANG: £235 Tunstall Hall; £215 Tills Farm; £150 Gibsons Farm. LIM: £190 Norbreck Farm. CHAR: £270 Sellerley Farm. HERE: £180 Catshaw Farm. BRIT BLUE: £350 Tills Farm; £300 Norbreck Farm; £245 Gibsons Farm.
BULL CALF: FRI: £205 Catshaw Farm; £180 Tunstall Farm; £150 Tills Farm. ANG: £300 Tills Farm. LIM: £260 Tunstall Hall. CHAR: £200 Sellerley Farm. HERE: £262 Birkland Barrow. SIM: £285 Sellerley Farm. BRIT BLUE: £450 Tills Farm. MON: £135 Sellerley Farm.
BULL STIRK: FRI: £245 Woodtop; £195 Hyning Home Farm.

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