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J36 Tuesday 29th December 2015

Posted Tuesday, 29 December 2015, 6.25pm

Young Handlers Show Results

Judge - Mark Curr

Class one – Single Lowland Lamb Under 10 years

1st Alfie Dawson & Alyssia Price, Redhills, Texel – Champion £200 Plumgarths Farm Shop
2nd Abigail Winn, High Underbrow, Texel £86 Higginsons Butchers
3rd Jonathan Winn, High Underbrow, Texel £84.50 Pickstocks

Class two – Single Lowland Lamb 11-16 years

1st Robyn Allen, St Annes Farm, Texel £100 Plmgarths Farm Shop
2nd Emma Winn, High Underbrow, Texel £90.50 Pickstocks
3rd Taylor Daniels, Redhills, Beltex £77 Higginsons Butchers

Class three – Single Lowland Lamb 17-26 years

1st William Atkinson, Mosergh Farm, Texel – Reserve Champion £130 Higginsons Butchers
2nd Bradley Thompson, Poppy Farm, Beltex £150 Plumgarths Farm Shop
3rd Matthew Atkinson, Mosergh Farm, Texel £110 Higginsons Butchers

Class four – Single Upland Lamb Under 10 years

1st Maddie Watson, Middleton Hall, Cheviot £80 Pickstocks
2nd Elizabeth Wilson, Ashstead, Mule £65.50 M Lomax
3rd Thomas Wilson, Ashstead, Mule £58 Lancashire Direct Halal Meats

Class five – Single Upland Lamb 11-16 years

1st George Wilson, Ashstead, Mule £57 Lancashire Direct Halal Meats

Class six – Single Upland Lamb 17-26 years

1st Tom Fishwick, Bank House, Cheviot £84 Plumgarths Farm Shop
2nd Amy Harrison, Boundary Beck, Mule £72 Dunbia
3rd N Strickland, Borrans Farm, Mule £66 Dunbia

Class seven – Single Horned Lamb Under 10 years

1st Harry Huddleston, Overhouses, Swaledale £55 Plumgarths Farm Shop
2nd Anne-Marie Huddleston, Overhouses, Swaledale £52.50 Lancashire Direct Halal Meat
3rd Thomas Wilson, Ashstead, Herdwick £60 Lancashire Direct Halal Meat

Class eight – Single Horned Lamb 11-16 years

1st George Wilson, Ashstead, Herdwick £56 Lancashire Direct Halal Meat

Class nine – Single Horned Lamb 17-26 years

1st John Fishwick, Bank House, Rough Fell £73 M Lomax
2nd Amy Harrison, Boundary Beck, Rough Fell £60 Dunbia
3rd N Strickland, Borrans Farm, Swaledale £58 Dunbia

North West Auctions held its weekly sale of prime sheep which saw an entry of 1,907 forward selling to a market average of 156p/kg for all lambs sold, todays sale saw a rise in numbers of light lambs forward with this section exceeding 200 for the first time this season. These sold to a top price of £67 achieved for best well bred lambs from J Hartley & Son, others 175p/kg – 190p/kg. Hill lambs sold to £51 for Swaledales with others in the mid to late £40’s dependant on weight.

The sale topped at £85 for heavy Suffolks for DE & J Waine with other heavy lambs £75 - £79. Well bred lambs which fall within spec were easiest sold generally achieving £25 - £30 over weight. Mules sold to £74, Swaledales £65, Rough Fells £73 and cheviots £70

Today’s sale included the annual young handlers show and sale of individual prime lambs which saw the championship rosette and John Geldard Challenge Cup awarded to Alfie and Alysssia Price of Red Hills, Kendal showing a 47kg ¾ Beltex Lambs which later sold for a final price of £200 (425p/kg) purchased by Plumgarths Farm Shop.

Cast Ewes

The cast ewe trade was not as strong as the previous week with many pens selling ten pound less but in keeping with the day’s national trends with large numbers of cast sheep out throughout the country. Buyers very cautious of over fat ewes especially fatty Mules very hard to sell this week with plain and lean ewes the easiest sold and in by far the strongest demand. Vendors are strongly advised not to over fatten ewes. Big Continental ewes sold to the late seventies with big Mule ewes selling to the late sixties. Best horned ewes sold to the sixties with real lean types looking dearest with lean Swales regularly in the mid-thirties.


An additional sale of calves had an entry of 16 forward. The trade was strong for the quality and age of calves forward. Beef bred calves regularly in the late two hundreds topping at £295 for a month Simmental bull from the Morris-Eyton family of Beckside.


PRIME LAMBS – Beltex: £200 Redhills; £100 Cross Hill; £82 High Underbrow. Texel: £150 & £100 Poppy Farm; £130 & £110 Mosergh Farm; £100 St Annes Farm, £90.50 & £86 High Underbrow Farm; £85 Bank House Farm, Hill Top Farm. Suffolk: £85 Murthwaite; £79 Brown Edge; £78 Smithy Green; £77 Masongill Hall, Dunningwell Farm; £75 Birks Farm. Mule: £74 Brown Edge; £73 Nurthwaite; £72 Boundary Beck, Fox Howe; £71.50 Low Hall, Well Foot. Char: £83 Middleton Hall; £75.50 Birks Farm; £74.50 Low Foulshaw Farm, High Foulshaw Farm. Chev: £84 Bank House Farm; £80 Middleton Hall; £70 Greenhills Farm; £68 Brow Head. Dorset: £59 Brow Head. Swale: £65.50 Middle Sadghyll; £60 Well Foot, Boundary Beck; £58 Braida Garth, The Borrans. Rough Fell: £73 Bank House Farm; £59 High Borrowbridge; £56.50 Boundary Beck. SBF: £63.50 Greenhills Farm. Horned: £56 Ashstead. Lleyn: £72.50 Low Foulshaw Farm. Leicester: £77.50 Brown Edge. Jacob: £60 Bark House. Herdwick: £72.50 Holmelands; £69 Fern Lea; £64 Millness Hall; £60 Ashstead. Zwart: £75 Birks Farm

CAST EWES - Tex: £76 (ram) Cooper House; £75 Arklid Farm, Low Tarn Green, Fox Howe; £74 Hill Top, Scale House; £71 Ivy House. Char: £78 Brainda Garth; £66 Red Scar. Chev: £58 School House; £49 Stoney Gill. Suff: £80 Murthwaite; £69 Thwait Rigg End; £65 Hill Top. Cont: £56 Birks Farm. Masham: £60 Low Audlands. Mule: £71 Scale House; £69 High Wray, Standsfield Farm; £65 Hill Top, Low Row. Swale: £60 Whinfield Farm; £42 Wall End; £41 Murthwaite. Rough Fell: £64 Scale House; £54 Low Deepslack; £47 Boundary Beck. SBF: £52 Greenhills Farm. Lleyn: £68 Low Foulshaw. Leicester: £70 Murthwaite; £52 Boundary Beck. Jacob: £36 Bark House. Dales: £45 Middale Farm. Teeswater: £66 Murthwaite. Herdwick: £50 Brow Head; £41 The Galleon. Zwart: £59 Ivy House. Beltex: £69 (ram) Braida Garth.

BULL CALVES – Sim: £295 Beckside Farm. Fr: £48 Beckside.
HEIFER CALVES – BRB: £280 Sunny Bank; £260 Hawkrigg Farm.

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