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J36 Tuesday 22nd December 2015

Posted Tuesday, 22 December 2015, 4.36pm

Prime Lambs Sell To A Rising Trade at NWA J36
North West Auctions held its weekly sale of prime lambs on Tuesday 22nd December. A competitive ringside of buyers saw lambs sell to an improved trade with an overall average of 165p/kg achieved. First cross lambs generally selling in excess of 170p/kg with Mules 155p/kg upwards. A top price of £85 was achieved for heavy Suffolks (52kg) with other lambs 45kg upward selling in the mid £70’s with Mules generally a few pounds either side of £70. Hill lambs sold to £67 for Rough Fells with Swaledales to £66.

Light lambs sold to keen interest from buyers achieving £60 for first cross lambs with pure hill lambs to £58.

Next sale of prime sheep at NWA 36 is Tuesday 29th December to include Show of individual prime lambs to be shown by Young Handlers. Show to commence at 11am prompt

Cast Sheep
Cast ewes sold to a noticeably stronger trade as the festive break is fast approaching. Continental ewes sold into the nineties for bigger cross bred Continentals. Mule and Masham ewes sold into the seventies topping at £77 from Gibson and Berry of Low Audlands for a pen of 21 Mashams with Mules ewes topping £74. All Mule ewes forward averaged £69.54 with Mashams averaging £75.34. Rough fell ewes sold to £67 twice from TLB & J Knowles of High Borrowbridge and M Bateman & Son of Moors Farm and all forward averaged £60.17. Swaledale ewes topped at £54 from £52 from TA & J Dixon of Yoad Pot with all Swaledale ewes for averaging £43 a strong trade for the ewes forward. A market average of £58 for all ewes forward.

Cast Cows/Clean Cattle
There was a smaller show of cast cows and clean cattle forward this morning at J36 for this additional sale.  Top price was 150p/kg (x2) for Lim Heifers from A Dixon & Son, Kit Cragg, Selside. 
Next Sale of Cast Cows & Clean cattle will be held on Thursday 7th January.

PRIME LAMBS – Suff: £85 Smithy Green; £78.50 Brown Edge; £75.50 Meadow Oaks; £75 Beckfoot Farm Cottage. Texel: £84.50 Steel Croft; £84 Arklid Farm; £83.50 Meadow Oaks; £81.50 Red Lodge. Mule: £78 Barrowfield; £76 Brown Edge; £75.50 Stud Ford Gill; £75 Heaton Hall, Arklid Farm. Chev: £78 Crooklands Farm; £71.50 Seedhowe Cottage; £65 Howriggs; £64 Brow Head. Char: £77 Flodder Hall. Rough Fell: £67 Seedhowe Cottage; £64.50 Boundary Beck; £60 Clarfe Avenue. Swale: £66 Mill Farm; £64 Town End; £63.50 High Loanthwaite. Lleyn: £73.50 Low Foulshaw. Herdwick: £60 Moors Farm. Zwart: £82.50 Crooklands Farm.
CAST EWES - Tex: £94 St Johns Kirk; £82 Underley; £80 Main Street; £79 Red Scar. Chev: £89 Green Head. Leicester: £75 Moors Farm; £68 Nook Farm. Mule: £74 Underley; £74 Nook Farm; £72 St Johns Kirk; £69 Holme Farm, Bowston Hall. Masham: £77 Low Audlands. Dorset: £75 St Johns Kirk. Suffolk: £50 High Biggarsbank. Rough Fell: £67 High Borrowbridge, Moors Farm; £60 Boundary Beck. Swale: £54 Yoad Pot; £53 Middale Farm; £48 St Johns Kirk. Dales: £48 Low Audlands. Herdwick: £56 Bowston Hall; £41 Nook Farm. Zwart: £62 Bowston Hall. Goat: £46 The Coach House.
CLEAN HEIFERS – Stab: 150p/kg, 144p/kg Kit Cragg.
CAST COWS – Stab: 124p/kg, 118/kg Kit Cragg. Fri: 92p/kg, 84p/kg Bridge End.

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