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J36 Tuesday 1st December 2015

Posted Tuesday, 01 December 2015, 1.21pm

Christmas Show & Sale of Pigs

The Christmas show and sale of pigs had a bumper entry of 186 forward.  The pre-sale show was very kindly judged by  John Stott of Crosscrake. There were two classes, with the pair of prime white pigs being won by Peter Woof of Staintion and Pair of Coloured pigs won by R Strong of Dearham.  The trade was very selective with an extremely large number of pigs forward for the day’s sale.  Buyers were looking for finished pigs with good conformation with store pigs and pigs lacking finish very difficult to sell.  The trade was topped at £150 from Peter Woof of Staintion with his Pietrain selling to £150. Good conformation prime pigs selling over £100.  A lack of interest in weaners, especially with this wet weather, saw better types sell in the thirties with others struggling around the twenty pound mark.

Christmas Pig Show Results

Judge - Mr John Stott

Class 1 – Pair of White Pigs
PK & R Woof, Stainton £150 to Westmorland Ltd
2nd A Horn, Appleby £115 to Westmorland Ltd
3rd A Sunderland, Keighley £75 n/s

Class 2 – Pair of Coloured Pigs
R Strong, Deerham £115 to B Holland
2nd R Strong, Deerham £95 to B Holland
3rd A Sunderland, Keighley £88 to Westmorland Ltd

Weekly Sale of Prime Lambs & Cast Sheep

Prime Lambs
The weekly sale of Prime lambs had a smaller entry of 1896 forward this week but sold to a stronger trade than the previous week with SQQ selling to an average of 167ppk and a market average of 164ppk. An active ring of buyers all keen to purchase lambs meant that all lambs sold to their potential. Better quality lambs sold between 180 and 190ppk topping at 190 from the Thompson Family of Poopy Farm. The top price of the day came from J & R Waller of Hallbeck selling Texel lambs to £83. Mules continue to sell well with heavy weight inside Mules selling in excess of £75 topping at £78 from F & SA Edmondson of Netherhouses with all Mules selling to an average of 154 pence per kilo.

Cast Sheep
The weekly sale of cast ewes had 382 head forward. The sale topped at £88 for a Beltex Tup from S & A Gardner, Arnside. Ewes sold to a top of £83 for a Texel ewe from DB & D Cook, Ulverston and Suffolks to £82 from the same home. Mules topped at £77 from WJ Barker, Arkholme to average £56 for all forward. Buyers still cautious of over fat ewes. Horned sheep sold well, topping at £60 for a pen of 3 Roughs from BJ Bainbridge, Shap. Swales sold to £50 for a ewe from GA Guy, Lunsdale House. Others to £49 on two occasions from Bob Lawrence, Holme Farm, Rough Fells averaged a respectable £52 with Swales averaging £43.

PRIME LAMBS – Texel: £83 Hallbeck, Penrose Cottage; £82.50 Ashfield; £81 Millom Castle. Char: £81.50 Gibraltar Farm; £78 Myers Farm; £76.50 Ninezergh. Suff: £80.50 Netherhouses; £79.50 Strickland Hill; £78.50 Low Brundrigg. Lleyn: £76.50 Low Foulshaw Farm. Mule: £78 Netherhouses; £76 Middle Sadghyll; £75.50 Strickland Hill. Herdwick: £73 Red Scar, Poppy Farm; £66.50 The Galleon. Masham: £70.50 Cobbley Hey; £66.50 Middale Farm. Swale: £70 The Galleon; £54 High Loanthwaite. Chev: £64 Howriggs. Jacob: £54.50 High Mill Farm.
CAST SHEEP – Suff: £82 Smithy Green Farm; £78 Dawson Fold; £70 Ninezergh. Texel: £83 Smithy Green Farm; £75 Brow Head. Liecester: £78 (ram) Brown Edge; £74 Boundary Beck; £64 Brown Edge. Char: £87 (ram) Bull Bank; £86 (ram) Middale Farm. Mule: £77 Brown Edge; £75 Smithy Green Farm; £70 Cinder Barrow. Masham: £68 High Swinklebank; £59 Middale Farm. Rough Fell: £60 Steps Farm; £56 High Swinklebank, Johnscales Farm; £55 Boundary Beck; £55 (ram) Poppy Farm. Chev: £57 School House. Horned: £53 Saltcotes Hall. Swale: £70 (ram) Sykes Farm; £50 Lunesdale House; £49 Holme Farm; £48 The Blands. Herdwick: £48 Troughton Hall; £47 Bowkerstead Farm. Beltex: £88 (ram) Saltcotes Hall. Teeswater: £70 (ram) Middale Farm. Jacob: £59 (ram) Birkwray.

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