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J36 Tuesday 15th December 2015

Posted Tuesday, 15 December 2015, 5.17pm

Prime Lambs Sell to £82 & 182p/kg at NWA J36

North West Auctions had an entry of 1,895 prime lambs forward at its weekly sale with a market average of 150p/kg achieved for all lambs sold ranging from 27kg - 65kg. Best lambs sold to 182p/kg for a pen of Beltex x lambs from J Allonby & Son, Green Head with others achieving 158p/kg – 165p/kg depending on weight. A top price of £82 was achieved by K Richards & Son, Crook o Lune Farm selling heavy Suffolks with Texels £81 from K Little. Lambs generally achieving £18 - £25 over weight dependant on breed.

An increasing number of hill lambs now coming forward each week with well finished horned lambs selling at £64.50 with well finished horned lambs easiest sold regardless of weight.

Light lambs once again falling short of buyers requirements. Light lambs ranged from 130p/kg – 165p/kg and between £37.50 and £60.50. Light lambs need to be finished, not store.

Prime Pigs
An additional sale of prime pigs saw an entry of 32 forward. Best bacon pigs sold to £100 from J Stott, Cutters £82 from A&F Bennett with porkers selling to £65 from AP Smith.

Cast Sheep
A slightly larger entry of 580 cast ewes and rams forward today. All types of ewe eagerly bid for and a good trade considering how the current sheep market is. Lean types and straight ewes good to sell but over fat ewes continue to be harder to sell. Cast ewes and rams sold to a top of £99 with buyers cautious of going over £100. Texel tups topped at £99 from F & CE Bentley & Son of Hill Top Farm with Texel ewes from J Allonby & Son of Green Head selling to the same price. Big white faced ewes regularly selling £85 plus, with lesser white faced ewes selling £65 to £75. Mule ewes sold in the late fifties and to sixties with a lot of fat ewes forward today. Horned ewes saw Dalesbred sell to £58 from JA Bennett of Middle Farm with better pens of horned ewes over fifty pounds with plenty of horned ewes in the late forties. Herdwick ewes sold to £48 from Ross Greenwood of Skipton with an average of £38 for all the Herdwick ewes forward.

PRIME LAMBS – Texel: £82 Crook O Lune Farm; £81 Wood Broughton Barn; £79.50 Millom Castle; £77.50 Mansrigg Hagg. Char: £78 Low Foulshaw Farm; £69.50 Netherhouses Farm; £67.50 Smithy Green Farm. Suffolk: £76 Mansrigg Hall; £75 Netherhouses Farm; £74.50 Low Tarn Green; £73.50 Green Lane End, Meadow Oaks. Mule: £69.50 Netherhouses, Middle Sadgyll; £67.50 Cuerdale Hall, Burton Hill; £62 Fellside Farm. Masham: £64.50 Cuerdale Hall. Dorset: £65 Brow Head. Chev: £65 Crooklands Farm; £64.50 High Borrowbridge; £60.50 Brow Head. Swale: £64.50 Brown Edge; £60.50 Stoney Crag; £57.50 Well Foot; £55.50 Yoad Pot. Rough Fell: £63.50 Low Fold. Lleyn: £68 Low Foulshaw Farm. Dales: £49.50 Fell End Farm. Herdwick: £70 Netherhouses Farm; £53.50 Cockley Beck Farm; £44 Low Fields.
CAST EWES - Tex: £99 Green Head; £95, £93 Ashtree Cottagee; £87 Low Tarn Green. Char: £94 Low Gregg Hall; £88 Low Foulshaw Farm. Chev: £89, £87 Green Head. Suff: £71 Ninezergh; £61 St Johns. Lleyn: £60, £59 Low Foulshaw. Mule: £60 Myers Farm; £58 Hodgson Green Farm, Ninezergh. Dales: £58, £50, £47 Middale Farm; £49 Fell End Farm. Mash: £53 Ewan Mill. SBF: £50, £43 St Johns. Swale: £49, £45 Westwood; £47 Kirkby Hall; £41 Low Deepslack. Zwart: £49 Ninezergh. Herd: £48 Westwood; £44 Meadow Top Barn; £41 Low Mill House. RFell: £42 Westwood.
CAST RAMS - Tex: £99 Hill Top Farm; £82 Causeway Farm. Leic: £79, £69 Thursgill; £76 Middale.

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